Justin Bieber’s Ex-Bodyguard Defends His Racist Joke By Saying We All Make Them

Justin Bieber attending a party at Cannes May 2014

Ready to continue being amazed by how quick people are to defend everything Justin Bieber does? Good, because I’ve got an example for you. After video emerged this weekend of a 15-year-old Bieber telling a racist joke that included the N-word, he released an apology explaining that he didn’t know any better then and he’s since grown up and learned from his mistakes. (Haaa, yeah right.) But he’s not the only one commenting on it. His ex-bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, posted a string of tweets in Bieber’s defense.

Here’s how it starts out.

Really, Kenny? We all make jokes about people’s appearance and race? Maybe you do, and maybe Justin Bieber does, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us do. And no, comedians don’t make millions of dollars from using racial slurs. That’s generally the kind of thing people get upset about. I’m not even going to mention the fact that you should be using “prejudiced,” not “prejudice,” except oops, I just did.

Okay, so I guess it wasn’t just a typo. The assertion that Bieber wasn’t raised to think racist jokes are okay is debatable if you believe, as a lot of people do, that the woman offscreen laughing and encouraging Bieber’s little stand-up set is his mother Pattie. Either way, it sounds like an adult who should be reprimanding him for his comment and not approving of it.

I’m sure he does regret saying it, since he’s been caught now. I explained this morning why the whole “grown a lot in 5 years” argument is idiotic. He’s shown no signs of growth or maturity, and he still uses his youth as an excuse. He doesn’t get to pick and choose when he’s an adult and when he’s a kid.

Ah, yes. Blaming it on the media. Classic. The media didn’t force him to use the N-word on camera. Or to make any of the other stupid decisions he’s made.

The fact that one black person who knows Bieber personally isn’t offended by his comments doesn’t mean other people aren’t, and it doesn’t make what he said any less racist. Just like Bieber having black friends doesn’t make the N-word fair game, contrary to what a lot of Beliebers seem to think.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Do you think he calls himself a biebyguard or just a regular bodyguard?

    • FauxRealFaux

      Welp, I’m a human and I have never told a racist joke. My parents did not raise me or my siblings that way.

      • disqus_GG97vFEXEG

        Keywords: Parents! Your parents did not raise you that way and parenting……is what is lacking in many of the idiots coming to Justin’s defense not to mention his own.

    • mary

      I think it’s ridiculous that you’re judging one 20-year-old on something a lot of kids do. At least he apologized, whereas Louis and Zayn from One Direction have NOT. I don’t see anyone writing about that. I’m not a “belieber”, but I do know that you, and everyone else who’s judging a kid, are a hypocrite. He needs to grow up, and I don’t think whining and complaining and condemning is going to help him at all.

      • The Actual Devil

        I’m not sure what kind of kids you know, but most of us are NOT making racist jokes. It’s good he apologized, but that doesn’t make it okay, and he sure hasn’t seemed to change much. Being 20 is not an excuse for the stuff he’s done. 20 is really not that young.

      • ok_then_now

        What does Justin being 20 years old have to do with this incident that happened when he was 15 years old?? Are you suggesting that 15 yr olds and 20 yr olds are the same mentally or physically? Is a 15 yr old as experienced in life as a 20 year old?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        …we wrote about it, Mary.

    • ok_then_now

      Let me guess, the author of this crap article must be a frustrated white woman? The fact is that Justin has apologized publicly and the black community has for the most part accepted his apology.. I noticed Jill that you conveniently left out the years of flack that Justin has been on the receiving end of for having black friends and being so enamored by urban culture with some going so far as to accuse him of being “black” and not realizing what color his skin is.. This reverse racism towards Justin for having black friends has also escalated to the point where they are blamed for leading Justin down the road to ruin, so to speak. How ironic it is that some people are now accusing Justin Bieber of being racist and trying to be “black” at the same time.. How is this even possible? Another thing there Jill you fail to realize is that it is society as a whole whom decides that teenagers are not yet full grown adults mentally or physically and gives them the slack for making mistake and learning from them.. This is what most parents hope will happen so their teens can grow into mature adults.. I don’t know what kind of parents raised you Jill, but they obviously missed out on a lot judging from the self righteous tone of that entire article you wrote! We as a society do not hold teenagers accountable for the rest of their entire lives for something stupid they said when they were 15, as long as they have apologized and have since learned from it.. Hopefully you never procreate Jill, it will be society that has to deal with the messed up kids you will no doubt raise.

      • M_G

        Wow. Just…..wow. So first, let me just say: regardless of race, Justin Bieber is a certified douchebag. He might be talented (his music sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me personally, but obviously others really like it), but his behavior insofar as he’s demonstrated in his public life is obnoxious, immature, and ignorant. I don’t care if he’s 20 or 80, his behavior is unacceptable, and apologists who cry “but he’s so young and he’s learning and boo hoo hoo” are twice as ignorant for excusing his behavior. Justin made a stupid comment when he was 15. He has since apologized for it. Fine. If that had been the entirety of what he said, that would be one thing. However, in “his” apology (which I put in quotes because if you think that came from him and not his publicist, you’re an idiot), he claims that he has grown and matured and learned a lot in the past 5 years, which is great, except he has shown absolutely zero growth as a human being or proven that he is capable of mature actions. And NONE of these points have anything to do with racial issues. Bieber could be black, Latino, Chinese, or purple, and he would still be just as big an asshole as he is today. So dial it down, and most importantly, stop being a hypocrite. Don’t harp on the author for judging Bieber and then in the SAME SENTENCE judge the author for what she wrote. Not that I expect a well-reasoned, articulate argument from a Bieliber, but still.

      • CaitSel

        OMG. I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you for your beautiful articulation

      • disqus_GG97vFEXEG

        Correction: As a black person I definitely would like to let you know that the “black community” has not accepted Justin’s apology. By black community are you referring to Little Wayne, Usher and the other Hollyweirdos that would obviously come to his defense since he is in their same circle and at the end of the day it’s a money game? The fact that you equate a few celebrities as being an entire black community further explains your reply. So if a 15 year old murders another person do we just forgive them because after all they are only 15? What about if they mistreat the elderly or better yet beat up kids younger than them? The answer is NO. The reason why a lot of you whether black, white or purple are so quick to forgive is because at the end of the day it was just a joke right!? I mean let’s be honest how many of the posters coming to his defense here use the N word on the regular? I wonder if he made a comment about a Jewish person how forgiving would our society be? What about a gay joke? NOT VERY FORGIVING I would bet! These excuses about him being a child and not knowing any better are ridiculous. I don’t know what kind of parents you had or you are with your kids but I hold my kids responsible for their actions. While kids will make mistakes ( adults as well) there is a code of ethics that has been taught and I expect for my child by the age of 15 to know better than to say anything demeaning about anyone’s color, religion or creed. If they do you better believe I will not be the idiot in the background yelling “lay off my kid is only 15!!!!” But thanks for the lesson. I didn’t realize there were so many out of touch people in this world. I certainly never knew that a few celebs from Hollyweird the highest of moral highground made up the black community. Guess I learned something new………NOT!!!!

    • Michel92

      I don’t know anyone 15 who would make a racist joke. TMZ has a video of someone trying to ask Usher what he thought of Bieber’s “joke” and everything. Usher ran, jumped into his car and drove off.
      Usher mentored Justin and made his career. Justin owes everything to that man. Yet Justin was making a vile racist joke like that when he was 15? I don’t get it. I don’t get how it was just reckless. He hasn’t said “I didn’t know using that word was wrong, I didn’t know how racist and objectionable that word is.”

      Usher jumping into that car says it all for me. Justin disrespected the man who gave him everything. Justin has a lot of money and influence, which could explain why someone like an ex bodyguard and others would defend. I’m saying that might be the reason.
      But Usher jumped into the car, refusing to say a word–that says it all. And Bieber sits in his hideaway in Mexico. Arrogant brat. I want to see him fly to see Usher and ask for forgiveness. He disrespected that man in the worst imaginable way. Get your little baby butt in an airplane and go talk to Usher, Bieber.

      • Birk

        You must live in an alternate universe if you have never heard teens laughing at or making racist jokes . You do not hold what a young teen said in a moment of stupidity over their heads for the rest of their lives either.. Grow up yourself!

        It is a parent’s role to discipline and change their kids behavior, not the nosy neighbor next door and definitely not the public.. His mother handled this and he since then changed his behavior and shown genuine regret.. Case closed!