Harry Styles Is So Pissed At Zayn And Louis For That Video That It Might Break Up 1D

Harry Styles raising his eyes GIF popped collarWhen I first saw the video that One Direction member Louis Tomlinson took of his band mate Zayn Malik smoking weed, it somehow didn’t occur to me that any of the rest of the lads might not be thrilled about it. But apparently Harry Styles in particular is so pissed at his bandmates that he won’t even fly on the same jet as them, and what we’re seeing right now could be the early signs of a breakup.

After all, one of the most appealing parts of 1D is watching the guys interact, because they seem like such a great group of people who genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. Friends, basically. Really famous friends who you pay money to watch sing and rib each other onstage. Nice work if you can get it.

But all that changed with this video, with Harry calling Louis and Zayn’s behavior ‘reckless and stupid’ according to The Daily Mail. Apparently he’s worried that their actions could jeopardize 1D‘s upcoming tour, with thirty-nine stops across the United States, and with good reason. Not only could Zayn and Louis be banned from the US by immigration authorities for their documented drug use, but even if they get through, they’ve already upset the fans. After seeing the video, many took to Twitter to voice their disappointment, some posting footage of themselves burning or otherwise destroying their concert tickets. Yikes.

It’s apparently gotten to the point where Harry won’t even fly on the same jet as Zayn, as his smoking bothers him. It’ll be Harry, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne on one plane, and Zayn and Louis on the other. It could be just a spat, but it’s also the kind of divide that can easily destroy a band. More established bands than One Direction have been taken out by far less.

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    • J_Doe5686

      I read on blindgossip .com that on the video they were talking about “chicken” and chicken is slang for cocaine. So it’s sad to see what fame and fortune does to people. These are young guys who are throwing everything away. Sad.

    • Immortal Illumined

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    • Olivia Wilson

      I like how they can afford to fight with their friends in the form of separate aircrafts. I’m much more familiar with the ol’ avoid-bumping-into-each-other-at-CVS tactic.

    • guest

      Finally, somebody writes about this (Thank you Alexis!) Everyone is going on about how this is okay or not okay but nobody thought to think about the other guys. I’d be PISSED OFF if my best friend decided to do something that could hurt everyone and so stupidly at that. I hope Zayn and Louis get their act together and figure it out before they ruin it for everyone

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, it has potentially huge ramifications for the rest of the band, which was very selfish of them.

    • Alyssa

      Harry is the Justin Timberlake of 1D. He’ll be just fine with or without the band.

      • Diana

        So true

    • Rachel

      well all boybands do have a shelf life…

    • The Actual Devil

      My plan is working…

      • lizzy walker

        why is your plan working If it’s about them splitting apart I will never go to there concert ever!!!

    • Lara

      It’s fantastic to know that the Daily Mail can just come up with a ‘source’ that delivers great ‘quotes’ for a headline and a story and people talk about a band breaking up. Two of my best friends are smokers and I love them very much but I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a closed space with them /while they’re smoking/.
      Also, this is from the concert the night after the pot video was published, Harry doesn’t look particularly pissed to me but hey, what do I know, clearly I should believe a tabloid’s ‘source’ instead.

      • Lara

        (apparently you can just upload one pic per post)

    • lizzy walker

      I beg them not to split apart I haven’t been to there concert yet I love niall and Louis but Louis broke my heart when he started smoking it made me upset :’( so upset my heart felt like it was in half. :’(

    • What’s up

      So much for Larry. I think what Louis and Zayn did was a little wrong, but I don’t think it’s that extreme. I think that the fans who are burning the tickets and destroying them are just overreacting. I hope Louis and Zayn figure everything out and the rest of the band members reconcile with them.

    • Hanna Lin

      What people don’t understand is that Zayn and Louis are just people, they made a mistake and I’m sure they regret what they’ve done. Us fans need to learn to forgive them and cut them some slack…besides, what were you expecting? Them to be angels? They made a mistake. Move on.

    • Emilyy

      Harry,liam and Niall are all annoyed at Zayn and Louis but they are all getting along fine and Harry can ride on the same jet as them!!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’ll let them know!