The 33 Most WTF Moments In Lifetime Movie Petals On The Wind

Petals on the Wind Lifetime movie May 2014

Last night I watched Lifetime movie Petals on the Wind, and now I need an adult. This was the sequel to January’s Flowers in the Attic. That’s right. The first one was in January and there’s already a sequel, based on the next book in V.C. Andrews’ series. If there were an Emmy for “fastest turnaround,” Lifetime would win it every year. Just to catch you up, the plot of the first movie went a little something like this: Evil mom. Evil Grandma. Locked in the attic. Incest. Little brother dies. Escape.

If you thought that was an insane plot, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Unless you watched last night’s movie, in which case you’ve seen a lot. (Want to start a support group?) Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any more ridiculous or disturbing, ten years pass and it does. I will say that, just like the last time, the 1970s costumes and sets were great, if you could ignore the sibling makeout sessions long enough to appreciate them. But those makeout sessions barely scratch the surface of my WTF moments list. Brace yourself.

1. When the movie starts with a viewer discretion message.

Okay, so I guess they’re gonna continue with that incest thing then. Good to know.

2. When Heather Graham shows up with her dead starey mannequin eyes.

I’d already seen them in the last movie, but that doesn’t mean I was any less disturbed to see them reappear.

3. When incest sister Cathy (Rose McIver) is introduced to ballet dancer Julian (Will Kemp), a walking advertisement for the 1970s.

Sure, I enjoyed the period clothes, but nothing could prepare me for those bell bottoms. Or that hair. Or that low-cut T-shirt. Or that British accent.

4. When Cathy returns from a date with Julian and promptly has sex with her brother Christopher (Wyatt Nash).

You just had a date with a walking ’70s Halloween costume. What do you do now? Sleep with your brother, of course. What kind of dumb question is that?

5. When Chris asks Cathy “What’s the matter?” afterward.

Ummmmmmmmm…… she just had sex with her brother. Maybe that has something to do with it?

6. When Cathy talks about the miscarriage she had after being impregnated by her brother.

They almost had an incest baby. And yet they continue to have incest sex. Glad they learned from that experience.

7. When little sister Carrie (Bailey Buntain) eavesdrops on Cathy and Chris talking about their incest baby.

And she can hear the conversation because the door is ajar. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the first rule of having sex with your sibling is to close the door. And lock it. And maybe not have sex with your sibling in the first place.

8. When Cathy moves to New York with 1970s Julian to become a ballet dancer.

At least he’s not related to her, but has she seen that hair?

9. When Chris walks in on Carrie undressing.

Great, just what we need. Incest with another sister.

10. When Carrie asks Chris if he thinks she’s pretty, then acts jealous of Cathy.

Even Chris looks weirded out by this. And he slept with his sister. Multiple times.

11. When Julian drunkenly slams Cathy into the wall and gives her a black eye.

I told you that haircut was bad news.

12. When Cathy attends Chris’ med school graduation and is jealous of his girlfriend.

Honey, he is your brother. And you told him to move on. Take a step back and look at your life. Really look at it. Yeah, I know, I told you it was insane.

13. When Cathy goes back to New York and forgives 1970s Julian.

It’s not clear whether she forgives the hair, but it’s implied that it’s a package deal.

14. When Cathy has Julian stick broken glass in her rival’s toe shoes.

He uses a very fancy-looking red scarf to protect his hands while doing it, though. Always 1970s fabulous, that Julian, even when he’s plotting to injure someone.

15. When the mean girls at school lock Carrie in the storage closet.

OH NO! She’s not good at being locked in small spaces! We learned that from the last movie!

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    • Marbolous

      Jesus Christ.

      • Jill O’Rourke


    • elle

      Believe it or not the book is so much wtfier….they left out SO much of the most insane stuff! I wanf them fo start being 2 night events so they can leave more in!. And Jory is indeed Julian’s baby not Chris’ in the book at least. Also in the book Julian is left paralyzed after the accident and kills himself which is a pretty big plot point in the fourth book so I wonder what they will do there….

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Oh wow. Maybe they thought two suicides would be too much. Not that it stopped them from including both pregnancies.

    • Katie

      In the book I think Cathy ends up sleeping with the guy who takes them in after the attic.

      • capoupascap

        Yep she totally does. I assume they took it out because 4 men in 2 hours is…..a lot. They do end up marrying in the book though and he’s the father of her youngest son, not Bart.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I cannot believe this is a book that exists.

      • Melissa

        The best part, at least for me, is that I read it when I was like 12. As did a lot of people I know. Craziness.

      • chris

        15 years old. this stuff was/is insane!

      • Jenni

        I read an interview that was like, we thought jumping from attic rape to pedophile incest relationship was a little much. And if Lifetime says it’s a little much, it’s a little much.

      • FauxRealFaux

        She marries the dude!

    • ES

      I cannot get enough of this series! Cathy turned into a little whore lol but I still love her character (it’s complicated). Awesome recap and can’t wait to see what happens next (maybe I should read these effed up books).

      • capoupascap

        You definitely, definitely should. They are amazingly insane.

      • joanne

        At the very least read the summaries in Wikipedia so you have a true sense of how completely insane.

      • Michell McLeod

        Read the books….the movies are nothing like the books. The movies are awful.

      • chris

        yes read them all. awesomely campy read. Read them in order with GOS at the end, it will make you go WTF? It all circles back to the grandmother. Loved it.

      • ES

        It is on my reading list!

    • Ashleigh

      I hope they do a ‘Garden of Shadows’ version – the prequel to this whole melodrama. That’s where the biggest bomb of the series was dropped (for me, anyway) re just how tiny the gene pool, from which these characters sprung up from, was.

      It’s funny to watch these movies and remember how popular these books were. This was the equivalent of Twilight for the generation or two preceding it. I wish the movies were done with more camp, expression and more sweeping Southern-heavy dialogue. It starts to fall apart when it takes itself too seriously. I was missing the ‘bite’ of Cathy’s character in Petals. In the book she’s pretty fierce with revenge and delicious overconfidence and not as sombre and serious as Rose McIver played her.

      Still – wayyyy too much plot to cram into a single movie. If you miss five minutes chances are you missed some shocking sex, scandal or death scene. Oh, and the death by donuts scene was unintentionally hilarious!

      • Jenni

        Garden of Shadows was the first time I learned that a villain could have a backstory that made me feel bad for them. So thank you VC Andrews for teaching me about three dimensional characters!

      • Ashleigh

        I absolutely agree. It was one of the stronger books of that series. And ironically it was either finished/edited or written entirely by a ghostwriter after VC Andrews passed away. It’s still uncertain how much of a hand Andrews actually had in that book. In a way it had a more mature feel to it, even beyond the fact that the narrative was coming from a more serious character. I loved Olivia’s story far more than the last two books of the series that mostly focus on Cathy’s kids. They were not nearly as interesting and complex as Olivia Foxworth.

      • Jenni

        By the last FITA book, Cathy was just so annoying. Like hire a therapist and get over it.

      • Ashleigh

        Haha – exactly! She went from this fun “watch out b*tch” campy female-power figure in Petals to this weak shell of a woman/mother who spent the last two books wringing her hands, fretting over the past and bowing to her obnoxious son, Bart Jr. It’s like her backbone just evaporated completely after she “faux-married” Chris.

      • Francine Smith

        I know, it’s like, who knew VC Andrews could write an intelligent, three dimensional, well developed character and an intelligently written (for the most part) storyline until that book?

      • chris

        YES!!! GOS would be awesome! that book still haunts me to this day.

    • Madison

      I honestly didn’t like the adaptation. It was nothing like the book, but then again what is? It was just too off for me. I still loved the overall movie though not comparing it to the book. If you really want to re think your mind then read the book. It’s much worse and Cathy sleeps with more men. She’s got daddy issues, and mommy. Overall it was alright, I just wished they could’ve stayed to the book.

    • AndreaG

      Many of these moments were created by lifetime and are not in the book. This is the worst book to movie adaptation I’ve ever scene. The first scene of the movie had at least four flaws and it only went downhill from there.

      • Andreag

        Seen…not scene

      • Dogface

        So you haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook then?

    • Francine Smith

      The biggest problem with this movie is that it glosses over so much, and ignores so much, yet still manages not to have enough time to develop any plot buildup or any of the relationships. Things happen one after another but they are like random snapshots, so it’s really hard to care about what’s going on.

      And Madame Marisha was supposed to be Russian, I believe, while Julian was raised in America. Yet for some reason, they are both English here. It’s never shown that Cathy and Julian ever got married, much less even had a relationship. Suddenly they’re roommates from the minute they land in New York.

      No Paul, yet there is this useless new character of Chris’ girlfriend, when the book makes it very clear he was too creepily obsessed with his sister to ever get seriously involved with anyone else.

      So many UGHS!, so little time.

    • C

      A few things:
      1. Due to the discussion of miscarriage, we know that after the first time in the attic, they kept sleeping together… so, when he asks her what’s wrong in bed, I don’t think it’s so obvious that what’s wrong is them sleeping together, since they have many times already.
      2. I don’t think Corrine thought she was having her sons baby, she went insane and thought he was her dead husband. His name was Christopher, too, and that’s why she said “we can have a baby and name him after you”, because that’s just what happened when Corrine&Christopher had their son, Christopher.
      3. As for the craziness of it all… read all the books. THAT’S crazy :P. I’m still not okay after getting through the whole series (coincidentally only a month before learning their would be a FitA movie).

    • hollie

      I agree with most of u! I was very disappointed in this movie “petals” I read the book and it was my favorite in the series! The movie was completely rushed!!!! I was aggravated from the beginning seeing Paul’s funeral… When clearly he had a huge part in the book!!! And they left out sooooooo much! I also thought the acting was horrible. Sorry :( just how I felt and … Also felt like Cathy’s true emotions and heartache wasn’t displayed like it should have been!!! Ugh!!!! Flowers in the attic was way better at sticking to the book!!!! :(((((

      • chris

        annnnnd how in the world do they make two sequels (which I will watch) after that ending with Corrine? well, maybe she gets rehabbed? how many people on this post have actually READ the books??

    • Michell McLeod

      What an awful awful movie! It did the book a grave injustice. If Lifetime wanted to do this movie, it should have been a miniseries. Terrible terrible movie. Shame on lifetime.

    • bree

      Doctor Shefield was big part of their lives…shame left him out since Cathy has a relationship with him too. Too many diffetences from the book. And wasnt Corrinne’s husband named Chris also…

      • chris

        May e tbe network felt her relationship withthe good dr would too risqué for tv, which is hilarious considering what the did keep….

    • Ladyjames123

      The biggest WTF is how little these two movies followed the books. I read the entire series before lifetime decided to adapt this and aside from getting the story lines mixed up as far as book to movie goes, it in no way comes close to the book. Not exactly sure how I feel about it. The first movie downplayed pretty much everything from the evil grandmother, the mother and then the “rape” of Cathy. Haven’t even started on the sequel.

    • Trevor

      Jill, you forgot one last WTF moment. The end when Heather Graham is freaking out in the mental hospital! That was REALLY crazy!

    • Not Happy

      This was terrible from the beginning to the end. They should have gave this movie a different title if they were going to not go by the book. Paul was a huge part of the book, but he’s dead as soon as the movie starts. The grandmother couldn’t speak in the book yet she won’t shut up in the movie. Some of the best parts of the book were left out for a bunch of bs filters. Lifetime if your not going to do it right don’t do it at all. This was tragic.

    • Susy

      Lol. I’ve never read or watched the movies but this article is making me rethink that.

    • Dee

      This movie was AWESOME! I loved every second of it.

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    • chris

      you have obviously never read the books to compile such a stupid list!