Kimye’s Wedding Pictures Prove Marriage Hasn’t Improved Kim’s Fashion Sense

Kim Kardashian I don't like it GIF(via)

I was hoping that being married to Fashion Innovator and Egoist Kanye West might do something to improve Kim Kardashian‘s fashion sense, but after one glimpse of her dress in the newly-released photos from their wedding, it’s clear that my hopes were in vain.

As I’m sure we all know, Kimye got married this weekend, and by some miracle, there were no video cameras at the wedding. Meaning A. we’ll just have to take Beyonce and Jay Z‘s word for it that they showed up, and B. that we aren’t seeing the actual wedding dress until right this very second.

There were some pictures going around beforehand of a plunging ivory number with a whole bundle of cleavage that I assumed was the real thing, but now we have pictures of those crazy kids actually exchanging their first kiss and walking down the aisle together, so we know that that was merely a costume change. (I mean, this is Kardashian – West wedding after all. Surely you didn’t think she was going to wear ONE THING the entire time? How very Kris Humphries that would’ve been.)

But anyway, a full set of photos has been released to E! by the family, and oh my god you guys, Kim’s dress. Boy are you gonna love it — but only if you like handkerchiefs.

Would you just look at that. It’s like someone told Kim that the more skin she covered up, the classier her dress would be. The girl is nose-to-toes in doilies right now. They’re Givenchy Haute Couture doilies, but still — who let this happen?


AND WHY ISN’T KANYE IN WHITE TIE? This is a wedding, okay? Not a Grammy award. You need to pull it together, you guys, because it’s honestly only gonna get harder to dress each other from this point forward. (Way fewer parties.)

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    • The Redhead

      I think the dress is ok aside from that weird bib action going on in the front, I don’t get it.
      I really expected for her to go much bigger than this so maybe I was just pleasantly surprised.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Did they force all of their guests to wear black?

      And is one of those flower walls THE flower wall? Meaning that it wasn’t a Mother’s Day present so much as a wedding decoration that arrived a little early?

      Anyway, these pictures are beautiful. Okay, I’m done now.

    • Brittany

      I think the dress was lovely, tasteful, modern, and a reflection of her change in style and self since her marriage to Humphries. She looks happy, in love, and beautiful.

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    • FauxRealFaux

      Kanye looked nice.

    • FauxRealFaux

      Everytime I see North with Kris Jenner I am reminded of Dr. Donda West and how much she would have loved her little granddaughter. I’m genuinly sorry for Kanye’s loss of his mama.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        If she hadn’t been so vain, she’d have been here to see her grandchild. This IS the woman who raised this blight-on-the-world narcissist in the first place.

      • FauxRealFaux

        Your comments makes me wonder what type of long- suffering woman gave birth to you? Dr. West had a undiagnosed heart condition and died during liosuction and breast reduction surgery- nothing vain about that. Kanye West is talented- but he chang after the death of his beloved mother.

        Kanye is egotistical but no more so than the next celeb.

    • gayle

      I have never regretted my People Magazine subscription than I do this week.

    • Katie

      I think they both look amazing.

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    • Jessie

      I’m not liking the weird bib-thing going on in the front, but otherwise the dress really isn’t that bad. Honestly I expected her to be half naked, so I’m pleasantly surprised that she covered up. Maybe this is a sign that she actually likes this one and it’s not a publicity stunt? (Long shot, I know, but maybe?)

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    • Jessie

      I don’t get it. There are several other sites calling her dress “absolutely gorgeous” and comparing it to the beautiful gown Kate Middleton wore. Really?!?! In my opinion Kim’s dress is anything but! It is, in my opinion, for lack of a better word, very ugly and cheap looking and looks NOTHING like Kate’s wedding gown. Now, to be fair, I saw a B&W photo of the back and that was really pretty, But as far as the rest goes, again, I just don’t get it.

    • dana

      spending so much money but still people are sitting on plastic chair with no cushions.
      and you know what, her dress is ugly. shes wearing baby apron just to not split food over it. very ugly design just for the sake of being different and edgy.