Rob Kardashian Didn’t Want To Be In Kim’s Wedding Photos, Chose Airport Pap Photos Instead

Rob Kardashian LAX May 24 2014

The “Poor Rob Kardashian” saga continues as reports start swirling about just why he decided to bail on Kim and Kanye’s wedding this weekend. Rob flew from Florence home to Los Angeles without attending the wedding, and he was photographed by paparazzi arriving at LAX. TMZ originally reported that “major family drama went down,” but it wasn’t clear exactly what that drama was. Now they’re reporting it was all over some wedding photos.

According to sources close to the Kardashians (my money’s on the Kardashians themselves), Rob didn’t want to appear in wedding photos because he feels insecure about his weight. The family tried to convince him he looked fine, but “the more they insisted, the more Rob dug in his heels.” And he eventually chose to just leave entirely… to be photographed (above) by paparazzi, in what are no doubt much more unflattering photos than would be taken and retouched by a fancy wedding photographer.

Given all the stuff that’s been going on with Rob lately, from his suspected rehab stint to his alleged secret kid to his depressing tweets to the fact that he’s gaining weight despite traveling with a trainer, and the fact that his family seems to forget he exists on a regular basis, I have a feeling there’s something deeper going on here than just not wanting to be in some photos. They already left him off the Christmas card; would they really be that insistent on him appearing in wedding photos? Here’s how I imagine that conversation would go:

Rob: Hey guys, I don’t really feel comfortable being in the family photos. I’m not happy with my weight, and I’d prefer to sit it out.

Kim: Who are you?


And would this issue really be enough to get Rob to fly all the way home? How did they not have the wedding photo conversation before arriving in Florence in the first place? I know the Kardashians have plenty of money to buy plane tickets willy-nilly, but this just doesn’t make sense. I supposed we might have to wait for the very special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to air in order to understand.

Meanwhile, Rob’s cleared out his previous tweets and started posting inspirational messages about God and America. Oh dear.


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    • M_G

      Ok….I am conflicted on this. On the one hand, if this is 100% true, I feel really bad for Rob. But the more this goes on and on, I feel like it’s just gearing us all up for “a very special episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

    • The Redhead

      This whole thing is sad. Obviously he is not cut out for the public life, but because of his family he has no other choice. Imagine every family event you attended being a circus like this? Struggling with your weight is hard enough without all the added pressure.

    • markmywords

      He flies from the States to Italy just to realize, his overweight will be visible in those pictures? Yeah, right. And this family, who is the definition of shallowness, insists on having him in the pictures and tried to talk him into it? Sure they did. Not. The conversation in my head goes like this:
      Kris Jenner to Personal Trainer: “You’re fired.”. Personal Trainer leaves.
      Kris Jenner to Rob K: “You can’t be in the wedding pictures looking like this.”
      Rob cries.
      Kris keeps on: “I’m sorry but you know how Kim is. She’ll be afraid, people would be looking more at you than at her. And she’s the bride.”
      Rob: “Ok, I’ll go back home then.”
      Kris: “No, stay. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time. But don’t go near the cameras. They’re shooting for the show and you’re not a part of it.”
      Rob: “No, I’m off.”
      There were reportedly 600 people on that wedding. That’s enough to hide an elephant. They didn’t just want him in wedding photos, they also did not want him on the footage for their show. I’m sure they fear Rob’s weight could “hurt their brand”. Isn’t that always their thing?

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