Rob Kardashian Did Not Attend The Kimye Wedding, Cried In An Airport Instead

Rob Kardashian arrives at LAX

Oh boy. And I thought Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s snub of the Kimye wedding (don’t worry, Queen Bey blessed their union via Instagram) was a big deal.  Not even close.  Rob Kardashian, sole male Kardashian and living, breathing punching bag of Kris Jenner when Khloe is unavailable, left Florence before his sister’s wedding was underway.  He was reportedly crying in the Florence airport, trying to secure a flight home to L.A. No word yet on the status or whereabouts of his “personal trainer”, but I suspect this person is probably out of a job and combing nearby Italian villages, drowning his sorrows in pasta.

He supposedly skipped out on the elaborate, pre-wedding festivities too. TMZ is reporting that some “major family drama went down”, and I don’t know about you but I am dying to know what it was.  Did Rob accidentally refer to Valentino as “Mr. Armani”?  Did he eat all of the mini-quiche appetizers, leaving none for Oprah and Steadman?  Did he shout something like “Oh yeah, Kim knows allllllll about this song!” when “Golddigger” started playing?  Did he hot box an entire airbus full of guests en route to Florence, ala Justin and Jeremy Bieber?
The good thing about not knowing the answer to any of these questions right now is that the answer will most assuredly be presented to us during the 4-part miniseries Keeping Up With The Kardashians special sometime later this summer. (Oh, did you think there weren’t television cameras involved in this wedding? Bless your heart.)
Either way, something is going on with Rob Kardashian and I don’t know whether to roll my eyes over his blatant, public pouting or feel slightly concerned about the possibility he needs more help than his family is willing to give him.
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    • Alyssa

      He definitely needs more help than the family is willing to give him. I feel bad for this poor kid, because Kris obviously plays favorites, and being that he can’t sell his T&A like the others can, she doesn’t care. If only he were a cash cow! Thinking about Rob makes me sad, he has so many issues and his family is too self absorbed to help him. I just hope it doesn’t come to the point where he kills himself and they decide to sell the story to the tabloids.

    • J_Doe5686

      I don’t like the Kardashians but I have a soft spot for him. I feel like he doesn’t belong with those people. Even if they are family. He needs someone who cares for him on a deeper level. So sad.

      • Jenni

        I have such a soft spot for him, he’s clearly the neglected Kardashian…first he doesn’t get a K name, then he doesn’t get a spin-off and finally, he doesn’t even get a good brand — socks!

      • J_Doe5686

        LOL I know, right?!

    • FauxRealFaux

      Oh my gosh! This is majorly un-amazing. Poor Robste

    • FantasyWriter

      I bet he is on a ton of methadone

    • The Great Seymour(Butz)

      that phone is huge!! looks like a shoebox with camera

      • Alyssa

        It’s only an HTC One M8. I have the same phone. It’s not that big (a little under 5 inch screen), unless you’re comparing it to an iphone, then it’s a shoebox. hahaha

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