We Want You To Go See Obvious Child So Badly That We’re Giving Away Tickets To 50 Lucky Readers

Obvious Child Poster Jenny Slate AbortionObvious Child is not only the best abortion rom-com I’ve ever seen, but it’s also the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. (Yes, even better than Endless Love).  It somehow manages to be both incredibly funny and incredibly poignant all at the same time. And in addition to that, it manages to address abortion realistically. That’s three more things it manages to do than the average movie — which explains why it was such a hit at Sundance this year.

Seeing the movie recently was the first time in a long time that I’ve left a theater and felt like I watched something that was written by real live humans who’ve recently spoken to other real live humans. At no point did it feel like a PSA or a very special episode or an underhanded political campaign. It’s just the story of Donna Stern (Jenny Slate), a 20-something comedian who gets pregnant and doesn’t want to keep the child. Which, believe it or not, happens all the time to 20-something women. As much as I’d love to spoil the ending for you, I won’t do that because I want you to see the movie. I’ll just say that it’s exactly the ending you’d want.

While I plan to do a much more exciting and much longer review when the movie comes out in the beginning of June (hold on to your hats!!!), I’m sharing my mini-review with you now because we’re teaming up with Obvious Child to give away tickets. YOU READ THAT RIGHT! We have 50 tickets to give out to Crushable readers in select cities. And it gets better. Each ticket comes with a PLUS ONE. So we’re not just giving you a free movie, we’re giving you a free date night. Or free platonic friend night. Or, if you’re daring, a free night to meet up with someone from Tinder (eeeeek! DOOO ITTTT!).

Want in? Duh, double duh. Click here and click here fast. These tickets are going to go faster than that infamous f-word that flew out of Jenny Slate’s mouth during her very first episode of SNL. (Yeah, remember that?) After you get your ticket, cruise on back here to Crushable and check out the trailer. Then get excited because you’re in for a real treat. The realest treat if I may be honest.

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    • JulesInFL

      The contest doesn’t apply to my area, but this looks phenomenal. And I can’t help but applaud the use of this under-recognized Paul Simon song. Can’t wait to see it.

      • Jenni

        So great, can’t wait to discuss after everyone’s seen it.

    • Kate

      I’m really really sad that I’ll be out of town at a work event on the 3rd, but not really because for once this is a movie I’m super excited to spend money to see. Which is SO NICE

      • Jenni

        I rarely recommend that people spend money on movies (mostly because I see filth), but this one I 100% would tell you to go see.

      • Kate

        You know when a movie is so bad that you’re like “ugh literally how did this even make any money???” 9 times out of 10 the answer is because I bought a ticket to see it by myself while shame eating popcorn in the back row.

    • AlbinoWino

      Yay, I scored tickets! I am not used to this getting thing for free business

      • Jenni

        As someone who hates using my own money, it’s kinda the best!

    • Beth

      Abortion cannot possibly belong in a rom-com. It’s selfish and disgusting. It’s evil. Basically, it’s the legal murder of someone who doesn’t have a voice yet. When did it become entertainment?


      • Barry

        That’s your belief, Beth. Others believe that an embryo that cannot survive outside of the womb is not a person. Let the carrier decide!

      • Beth

        I understand that others believe that the embryo is basically an extension of the mother until it is born. I know many others don’t feel the way I do. Hell, it wouldn’t be legal if they did. I don’t condemn those who choose to abort, because I don’t know their story and we are called to mercy rather than judgement. BUT – I believe that abortion being used as entertainment is terrible. It’s not entertaining. It’s a strike against another human being. And even if you don’t believe that, it’s still a gut-wrenching choice made by a woman in trouble (to use an old-fashioned term), and it can have life-long consequences. How on earth can it be part of a “rom-com”?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Murder is used as entertainment in movies all the time though, right?

      • Beth

        I don’t think there’s anything funny about THAT, either. In a thriller, a scary movie, it makes sense. As a comedy, no, thank you. It all comes down to personal taste and values, I suppose.

    • Melissa Hanifan Freeman

      I think this would be one of those movies that you need to be very opened minded when you go see it & then see if it was good or not!

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