If Jennifer Lawrence Really Told Justin Bieber He’s Cute, Let’s Go Ahead And Throw Out All Faith In Humanity

Jennifer Lawrence attending Vanity Fair and Armani party for Cannes Film Festival May 2014

Earlier this week we heard the report that Jennifer Lawrence had met Justin Bieber at a party during the Cannes Film Festival… on purpose. As in they didn’t happen to both reach for the same pizza bagel (what I assume they serve at fancy celebrity parties), bump into each other, and introduce themselves out of politeness. Jennifer apparently requested to meet him. Once again, on purpose. And according to the latest reports about the encounter, things got even worse from there.

The ever-trusty Hollywood Life is reporting that, according to witnesses, Jennifer was “dying to meet” the Biebs during the party. And I’m dying to know how anyone would ever be dying to meet Justin Bieber, for any other reason than to force him to wear a belt. But that’s not all. Jennifer also apparently said she was a “big fan” and that she thinks he’s “cute.” Excuse me while I bleghhh.

Look, I know a lot of us have already become disillusioned with Jennifer Lawrence, and even Jennifer Lawrence has said she’s over Jennifer Lawrence. But I still had more confidence in her than to think she’d find Justin Bieber cute, let alone tell him that to his face, let alone want to meet him in the first place. She’s always telling stories about being starstruck around her fellow celebrities and trying to impress them (J.Lo, for instance), but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Celebrities are cool and all, but some of them are just the worst. Mostly Justin Bieber. So reign in that in, okay J.Law?

Of course Hollywood Life is taking this a step further and reminding us that wink wink, nudge nudge, Selena Gomez is out of the picture now and Bieber’s making his way through the ladies, but we probably shouldn’t be worried because Jen and Nicholas Hoult seem really in love, and she wouldn’t do anything to compromise that. RIGHT? RIGHT?? Ugh, don’t do this to me.

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    • Jenni

      If this isn’t a cry for help for her to get out of the spotlight for a bit, I don’t know what would be.

    • dan

      She ”allegedly” said this, ”reportedly” she said that. JFC ENOUGH ALREADY

    • Jane

      So because she “allegedly” said Bieber was cute that means she’s having a mental breakdown and wants to leave the spotlight forever? Well at least the public has yet another reason to hate this chick… The days of gaining public scorn through criminal behaviour, drugged out/alcoholic antics and crotch shots are long gone. Apparently all you have to do now is pay Bieber a compliment and you’re certifiably a pariah by association.

    • Mary Devlin Millar

      Yes, Hollywood Life…that bastion of fine, truthful reporting. Anyway, I haven’t become “disillusioned” with Jennifer Lawrence (LOL!)…why?…what exactly has she done that would warrant feeling disillusioned??. I think of all the actors/actresses that Lawrence has worked with, the directors, producers, etc., and all they do is rave about working with her…never a diva report..never anything unprofessional, no drug scandals, bad behavior, etc.,just cynical assholes who can’t believe that an actress might, just might be genuinely nice, is certainly talented. So, then come articles where the the words “if true” don’t even have to appear anymore so that entertainment websites like this can write whatever they want.

      Who cares if something that Lawrence ALLEGEDLY said boils down to hearsay…it becomes truth. Who cares if a tweet is written calling Lawrence a liar then deleted, obviously it’s true. And if Hollywood Life writes that Jennifer Lawrence absolutely without a doubt said that Bieber is cute…then it is beyond the shadow of a doubt true. I’m not disillusioned with Jennifer Lawrence because she really hasn’t done anything to disappoint me. I do think that entertainment sites like Crushable where you pass yourselves off as serious journalists (even though you can’t be bothered to investigate any facts, check sources, etc.,) are problematic.

      • Nbl

        Where does the Crushable staff ever say they are serious journalist? Last time I checked they always maintain the stance that they are bloggers and that’s it. If you want “serious journalism” go to CNN. The problem isn’t them “passing themselves off as serious journalist” (which they aren’t). The problem is you coming to a celebrity gossip blog expecting Pulitzer worthy research and material. And clearly you care about hearsay and tweets because you clicked the article, read it, and took the time to comment.

      • Jo

        I think the problem is this website gets picked up in news feeds and so people expect it to be more then a gossip blogging site. We understand its a gossip blog but those pulling it through a news feed don’t. I could be wrong though.

      • Nbl

        I would hope that after reading the article they would realize what it is though. I was directed to a site that was clearly directed for teenagers once. After about two sentences I figured that out and closed the tab.

    • Hahaha

      What I want to know is who in the world actually believes any story written by Hollywood Life? The answer to this new rumor was put to bed the moment it is said to be from them.

    • SynthiaAvallone

      Jennifer Looks Gorgeous and beautiful .

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Well, the cold hard truth is that Justin Bieber IS cute – physically, anyway. In every other way, still a douche. And cute will be his kryptonite – it’s why tattoos and hookers and all the low-slung pants and gold chains in the world will never help him appear as anything other than the pretty boy he is.

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