21 Taylor Swift Songs That Are Better Than ‘22’

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I won’t even lie, you guys, I’ve become a hardcore Swifter over the years. I’ve got the sparkly guitar and the will to completely crush my ex’s ego. Now all I’m missing is the blonde hair extensions and the svelte shape of a giraffe. But foreal, I wanna know her secrets… like ALL of them. Any woman able to nab as many men as her (real nabbing or otherwise) is one to be watched and emulated.

When she isn’t tied up with blackmailing Meredith or Selena Gomez into making videos, I like to imagine Taylor doing really regular stuff like sleeping or taking a bus or reading books having absolutely nothing to do with clever ways to emasculate an ex-boyfriend. No matter our differences, though, Taylor and I will always have this one single thing in common: We’re both going to be single for a very long time if we don’t stop stalking the boy next door. So in the spirit of trying to cope with the uncopeable, here are 21 Swift songs to make a life of solidarity seem a little less pathetic:

 1. Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat)

This was one of Taylor’s best songs, so why was it never on the radio again?

2. The Way I Loved You

If you’re wondering where my collection of tear-soaked pillows came from, here’s your answer.

3. You’re Not Sorry

Maybe I’m reading too much into the idea, but is it crazy to think she wrote this for me and no one else? Yes? Okay thanks, bye…

4. Enchanted

Even though my awkward encounters with the John Smiths of my life were far from enchanted, this song definitely is.

5. Speak Now

Totally feelin’ this track, Tay. I was only seconds away from not holding my peace at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s wedding but then that bitch Blair and her minions got in the way.

6. Better Than Revenge

I’m all for a good subliminal message so long as it’s tastefully done, and Taylor throws shade so well in this song that it’s obvious that Nene Leakes mentors her.

7. All Too Well

It’s clear this alleged relationship did not end amicably, and FTR: Taylor wants her scarf back. Looking at you, Jake Gyllenhaal!

8. Back To December

I like listening to this song on a breezy day, trying to match Taylor’s attitude in the video. The end result is usually me walking around my backyard with the grace of a walrus in an oversized flannel. I try.

9. Invisible

I want Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas to make my polyandric dreams a beautiful miracle too, Taylor!

10. Cold As You

You’ll probably want to get those tear ducts checked after listening to this one, people.

11. Jump Then Fall

Thanks for the offer Tay, but I’d like to jump then fall into the arms of Jesse Metcalfe instead.

12.  Change

I know people tell me my boring Barnes & Nobles-bound life will get better and change over time, but the idea is so much more promising when Taylor says it several times in a song.

13. The Story Of Us

P.S. I never want to hear about the story of us ever again.

14. Fifteen

Pretty sure this one was about me too, except I was 17 and he was 19 and played Yu-Gi-Oh or something. Lesson learned.

15. Love Story

I really wish someone would’ve told me to stay away from Romeo.

16. Long Live

The pacing of this song is pretty brilliant, one more reason to hate-love this woman.

17. Treacherous

“I’ll do anything you say if you say it with your hands.” What does this mean, Taylor?!!

18. Everything Has Changed

What happens when you pair a bashful blonde with an irresistible redhead? Only musical greatness of course.

19. White Horse

Its no wonder why I resent all things shining armor and unicorn-like these days.

20. I Almost Do

Arguably the most underrated song from Red.

21. Should’ve Said No

Let’s not even talk about why I said, “Yes.” I just can’t even deal right now.

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    • Jenni

      The hardest thing I have to reconcile with myself if that as much as Taylor Swift annoys the RhodeIslandMansions out of me, I like her music. A lot. IT’S JUST SO CATCHY!

      • parisc

        I think Meredith and I would agree with you.

      • Alyssa

        This is something I struggle with daily. I still turn the volume up and jam when “I knew you were trouble” comes on the radio.

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    • Pallavi Krauss-Patel

      Holy Ground!!! And Last Kiss and Sad Beautiful Tragic <3

      You know, whatever the deal is with her personal life I do think she's so talented. This is a girl who has written or co-written every single one of her songs, who has co-produced every song she's put out, who plays SEVEN musical instruments, who has worked her butt off since the age of FOURTEEN to reach the place she is at now, who wrote songs on her Album of the Year winning record when she was only 16/17 AND who has never had a management to control her actions, but is her own head. Very few artists today have that kind of drive and passion for success and the means to achieve it. Professionally, I think she's absolutely smashing it. Also, "Any woman able to nab as many men as her" come on! She's practically only had 6 boyfriends yet! The others are just rumours made up by the "sources" HollywoodLife supposedly has all over the place.

      • Pallavi Krauss-Patel

        I sound like a crazy, obsessive fan who spends all her waking time on the internet looking up facts about Taylor Swift, and that is absolutely true.

      • cam

        “Any woman able to nab as many men as her” come on!
        and yet this is coming from another woman. I guess we girls are not allow to date.
        But really, dating 6 men publicly in 8 years is a lot?. Damn, I dated 2 guys in HS and at least 5 in college. If it doesn’t work out, you move on.

      • parisc

        Fun fact: The author is actually a guy, and also me.

      • cam

        that’s funny.. Jenni a guy. and shading. It makes it worse.

    • Sebastian Rhyder

      Entertaining article!

    • reuters

      Long live <3 <3

    • cam

      You forgot. State of Grace, Come Back, Be Here, Girl at Home. Taylor doesn’t annoy me at all. I actually admire that she’s built an empire at such a young age. She’s a talented songwriter that can play several instruments. She seems very competitive. Every star that meets her say “She’s really smart”. The girl won the Pa state poetry contest at 10 years old and went on to finish in the top 10 nationally. Landed a songwriter contract with Sony at 14 years old. Her bucket list: a college degree, not placing #1 on Maxim’s hot list.

      • parisc

        I did forget “Come Back, Be Here!” I’ll give you that one! Totally could’ve made #22.

    • SynthiaAvallone

      The Taylor swift Looks Gorgeous and beautiful.

    • QuietDanTN

      Plus One on Holy Ground. Very perceptive song. Long Long Live Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville!

    • Trotter

      While Swift-bashers reveal their superficiality by only knowing Taylor’s singles, it’s obvious from the responses of these comments that her genuine fans know that much of Taylor’s most compelling music is found in her “deep tracks”. She is truly an “album artist”.
      I remember one comment by a fan who suggested a “track 5 club” — “Cold As You”, “White Horse”, “Dear John”, and “All Too Well”. Quite a group! Only “White Horse” was a single, but “Cold As You” is many fans very favorite Swift song, and the last two are simply epic.
      Think about: One of the world’s most popular artists, yet one with enough artistic integrity to release deeply personal, emotionally-powerful anthems like “Dear John” and “Last Kiss” in funeral march-paced songs at 6 or 7 minute long, virtually guaranteeing they won’t be played on AM or ITunes. There’s something really important happening in the work of this remarkable artist.

    • Jenny

      Treacherous has the best BEST lyrics EVER <3
      'All we are is skin and bone, trained to get along; forever going with the flow, but you're friction'. My GOD, how does she come up with this stuff.
      As soon as you think pop music will forever be ridden with annoying cliches, in come Taylor Swift and Lorde. Thank god for artists like them who actually stay true to their work.

    • olivia

      what about “a place in this world”. It is such a great song and it makes me cry every time I listen to it.