Jennifer Lawrence Finally Talks About That Time Miley Cyrus Judged Her For Being Drunk

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Jennifer Lawrence’s latest schtick for late-night shows seems to be talking about things she did to embarrass herself in front of other celebrities while she was drunk. There was that time she tried to impress Jennifer Lopez into dancing with her, and then of course the time she got so drunk at Madonna’s Oscars after-party that she puked and Miley Cyrus judged her for it. Miley. Cyrus. The girl who lit up a joint on stage at an award show thought Jennifer Lawrence was a hot mess. If that happened to me, I’d probably never drink again.

J.Law told Seth Meyers all about it on last night’s show. If this story sounds familiar, it’s because a source from the show’s taping totally spoiled it by talking to Us Weekly. Ugh, isn’t it enough that we have to worry about spoilers for scripted series and dating shows? Now we have to be careful not to hear from audience members at late-night tapings? If you read that original story back at the end of April, people join me in being amazed at how far in advance this was taped. I have a hard enough time remembering that these interviews aren’t live, so knowing it was taped a month in advance really messes with me.

But back to the story. If you were amused reading an anonymous source’s account, just wait until you watch Jennifer Lawrence relay the information in her super-animated, fast-talking way. And then have your faith restored in anonymous sources, because this one actually told the truth. But don’t let that faith stay restored for too long, because anonymous sources are also the people who give us those stories about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant or heartbroken or hellbent on ruining Brangelina’s lives. But sometimes they get it right, especially when they know that a month later we’ll have video proof.

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    • Boo

      Miley should take her own advice.
      Jennifer however, should just keep on being herself. It’s clearly working. Can’t wait to see her on the big screen in a few hours!

    • Nick

      They tape this far in advance only very rarely, and only for huge star that they wouldn’t otherwise get at all due to their schedules. I guess in this case JLaw’s filming in Europe is the reason she pre-taped four or five shows in a day when she was in NY for the X-Men premiere in April.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Makes sense. And yeah, I’m so used to seeing photos of the guests leaving the studio the day of or tweeting about just being there, so it’s interesting to see how far ahead it’s sometimes planned.

    • TJ

      I find her so charming in this interview! I really like Seth Meyers and his show. It was off to a rocky start with him being new to this format of television, but I think he gets such good interviews out of people.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Totally agree about Seth! I mean, he got Kanye West to show a sense of humor, for crying out loud.

    • The Redhead

      This really has nothing to do with anything…but her hair is super cute at that length!

      • Jenni

        I know, it’s actually growing out really nicely. I didn’t love it when she first did it, but now I think it looks pretty good.

    • asdj

      have to say to the blogger this is not a new shtick, this is how she has always been in interviews even back promoting winters bone go youtube it, its clear to me that she has anxiety in front of large crowds and she uses self-deprecating humor to help put her at ease which is why people like her she can laugh at herself and her situation of being famous.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Oh I know she’s always been self-deprecating, I was just referring to the fact that just last week she told a similar drunk-meeting-a-celebrity story specifically.

      • asdj

        gotcha its probably because she just went thru the whole award blitz at the beginning of the year and drank a lot. lol i know i would if i was 23.

    • Annahita

      Hey since the rape comment post had over 250 comments I thought this wouldn’t be noticed and would be buried deep beneath the other comments there, but you guys! An excerpt from that post has been published in an Indian newspaper!

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