Jennifer Lawrence Made A Rape Joke, So The Honeymoon Is Officially Over

Jennifer Lawrence promoting Mockingjay Part 1 in Cannes 2014 (Photo:

My obsession with Jennifer Lawrence has been fading for quite a while, but up until this moment, it’s been a pretty lonely opinion to have. No matter how many times she flips off the paparazzi or hangs out with Justin Bieber, everyone is newly delighted every time she trips on an award show red carpet, and get mad at me when I don’t do the same. But now she’s gone and made a rape joke, so hopefully people will be slightly slower to jump down my throat when I’m not falling all over myself to compliment every word that comes out of her mouth.

Jennifer is in Cannes right now to promote Mockingjay Part 1although it doesn’t come out until November, and at a recent party hosted by Armani and Vanity Fair, she ran into Alfonso Cuarón, who most recently directed Gravity. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s this space movie that cleaned up quite a few nominations and awards at the Oscars a couple months ago, so Alfonso is quite the hot ticket right now. Which explains why Jennifer was so excited to see him, so excited in fact that according to Vulture, she wouldn’t stop screaming:

“I first spotted Lawrence, deep in protection of her posse, because she started screaming: “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!” Those were cries of joy; she’d just spotted Alfonso Cuarón in the crowd. “I broke out my rape scream for you!” she cried and grabbed his shoulders and screamed “Ahhhhh!!!” shaking her head like a crazed fan, or a woman in distress, into his face. Cuarón seemed quite pleased with his greeting. “

Ohhhh boy. I can of course acknowledge that J-Law probably didn’t intend for anyone to hear that, as she didn’t say it in an interview or something, but she did say it, and that’s really not great. By her blasé use of the terminology, it seems likely that she’s been lucky enough never to be in a situation necessitating that type of scream, or else I hope she wouldn’t throw it around so casually.

Jennifer Lawrence head shake whatever GIF


I’m not suggesting that Jennifer intended to be flippant about rape or assault, just that she was. She doesn’t think through the things she says or does, which is refreshing at first, but can only remain charming for so long. Sooner or later, her lack of a filter was bound to give some offense, and it looks like that day is today.

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    • Guest

      Lady, get over yourself. Am I an ardent JLaw defender? No. But I hate the holier-than-thou attitude that comes along with taboo jokes. We’ve all made tasteless cracks when we thought we were strictly among friends. And as far as taboo jokes go, Family Guy makes waaaaay worse jokes in the course of a single episode. It’s. A. Joke. (And I’m female so don’t go attacking me for being aligned with the patriarchy, blah blah blah.)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re right, I’ve been attacking A TON of people in this post for being aligned with the patriarchy. Excellent critical reading skills.

    • Winston

      Do you all hear that boys and girls? It’s the sound of your own irrelevance. Could the problem be you? Miserable. Self-righteous.Oversensitive. Humorless. Self-important. Could be…

    • boogieboo

      Honestly who gives a damn. “I broke out my rape scream”? This is news?

    • Hime_Takamura

      Oh, get the fuck over yourself

    • Death of Hallyu

      I fail to see the “humour” in someone screaming while being raped. Hopefully those who think it’s amusing will also laugh if ever faced with such a hilarious experience as being raped? Society is getting more and more brainless. The celebrity worship is so hard for people to abandon for 5 minutes so they can objectively analyze their idols’ wrongdoing.

      • JustJenna

        For me at least, my disregard for her comment has nothing to do with celebrity culture. I don’t think what she said is funny but I do realize it was a joke, and because of that I can ignore it and realize it was not meant to cause me, or any other survivor, pain. As a rape survivor, I am much more tolerant towards idiotic jokes than I am people walking on eggshells trying to not offend me. Plenty of women in my group therapy sessions feel this way also. We tire of people trying so hard not to offend us, that they actually manage to do the exact opposite. We aren’t delicate little flowers that will break the minute someone uses the word rape in a flippant manner. I am positive that J.Law – and most people really – are sensitive to women’s issues and that’s all that matters.

      • Death of Hallyu

        Everything is not about you. At no point was I trying to defend you. I personally do not see any humour in such stupid low-IQ “jokes”. I would like to know what people would say, if they honestly stopped to think about the mentality of people who make these kinds of “jokes”? It;s obvious that society is getting more and more idiotic if nonsense like that is now accepted as a “joke”. People are literally not thinking anymore. And if “most people” were “sensitive to womens’ issues”, then I don’t think there would be so many rapes. And certainly, there would be no WOMEN joking about anything to do with rape, either.

      • JustJenna

        I understand your point and I get where you are coming from. And of course you weren’t trying to defend me personally, and of course not everything is about me. No doubt. You didn’t even know I existed until you saw my comment, so how could I think you meant me personally? That’s why I prefaced my comment with “For me at least”. But I do think you were speaking up for survivors in general and as they are my peer group, I feel I have the right to speak about it. I was just giving my opinion as a member of that group. Just like you gave yours (and I truly hope you are not a member of that group as it’s not a pleasant place to be.)

        Regardless, I really do wish people would lighten up. Rape and sexual assault are serious issues, no question. But I wish people would realize that we don’t need to be treated with eggshells. We are strong. An off colour joke isn’t going to hurt us. What people say isn’t what matters. It is what they DO that counts.

    • KevinHR

      Ah, the PC Police are out in force. This is a non-event. People joke with their friends in public all the time and if you overhear something and it offends you tough luck for you. It wasn’t said to you, about you, or for you. You don’t like the comment don’t be friends with them, don’t follow them on twitter, don’t go see this woman’s movies, do whatever you like. But all the people in the world who are insisting that the rest of us have to act all Politically Correct go stuff a sock in your mouth. You walk around with your feelings on your sleeve and then cry a river whenever someone says something you don’t like. Boo Hoo to you. She is no different then any other 23 yr old young woman today and I dare you to go into a bar these days and listen to girls talk to each other. This is as trivial a statement as you will hear.

    • NYCNanny

      I thought Jennifer was the most boring person in Hollywood until she made this joke. Lighten up, people.

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    • oain

      so, louis c k can do it all the time and win awards for it, but if a woman does it…..u suddenly have a problem with that…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Which specific rape jokes are you referring to, in the case of Louis CK. And if you think I never take celebrity men to task for rape jokes, you haven’t read enough of my articles.

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