J-Law Befriended Justin Bieber At A Party, And That Sensation Is Your Heart Sinking

Jennifer Lawrence attending Vanity Fair and Armani party for Cannes Film Festival May 2014Please have a seat and try to make yourself as calm as possible, because what I’m about to tell you is going to have an immediate and devastating effect on your heart – Jennifer Lawrence and Justin Bieber met at a party this past weekend, and now they’re…friends. I’m sorry.

Are you okay so far? Feeling healthy? If your heart is still feeling alright, it might be because that information manifested elsewhere in your body, maybe as a gag reflex or a sadness blackout. Everyone’s body is different. In any case, the calamitous meeting took place at Vanity Fair and Armani’s Cannes Film Festival Party, held at the Hotel du Cap. It was hosted by Giorgio Armani and Graydon Carter, who is on strike two at this point, after first betraying us by pulling that Gwyneth Paltrow expose last year. Now he’s facilitating Bieber-Lawrence meetings? What’s next, Graydon? You gonna get Katy Perry and John Mayer back together? BLEGH.

Jennifer was always supposed to attend, alongside other fancy people like Russell Crowe, Josh Hutcherson, Naomi Watts, and Rob Pattinson, but Bieber was a late addition to the list, rolling in in all his diaper-pants glory to practice ruining a party before the Miami High prom this Friday. Except he didn’t ruin it! People were acting like somehow it was a pleasant surprise, posing with him for photos, exchanging phone numbers with him, and in J-Law’s case, entering the party and immediately crowing, “I want to meet Bieber!!” Facepalm.

There are no pictures of Jennifer and Justin ‘exchanging pleasantries’, as she apparently declined a photograph, saying she wanted Justin and herself to ‘meet as real people’. As real people, huh? Good luck — this kid has left quite a trail of international offense in his wake, and I don’t think he’s hit France yet, so everybody watch out.

(Photo: Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment)

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    • M_G

      I think we’ll just have to trust that Jennifer Lawrence is a well-adjusted human being who won’t be swept up by his antics……but let’s have Taylor Swift and Seth Rogen on stand-by, just in case an intervention becomes necessary.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, good call. But why did she want to meet him so badly? I guess I can hold out hope for her because she wouldn’t let them be photographed.

      • M_G

        In my fantasy, it’s because she’s working as an undercover agent for the police and wanted to sidle up to him to discretely plant a recording device, hence why she said no to photos.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        “I have Diaper Genie, repeat — I have Diaper Genie.”

      • M_G

        Aaaaaaaand now she’s gone and made a rape joke. *sigh*……*double sigh*……BIEBER NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED!!! We can’t afford to lose the J. Law’s of the world to his douchy influences!!!!

    • Jenni

      I don’t get how he’s even still getting invited to civilized events.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The term that Richard Lawson used in the Vanity Fair article was him being ‘shepherded’ around the event, and I’m completely obsessed with that.

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    • Kelly

      Or, here’s a guess: maybe he’s really trying to clean up his act? I know he’s been a jerk and made really bad decisions, but let him grow up and learn from it. And obviously Jennifer Lawrence is a nice persion, and not such a judgmental bitch. Plus, I’m sure she understands the level of intrusive fame he deals with. You guys really need to find something better to write about, cause even when Bieber is staying out of trouble, you guys insist on going after him.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Are you calling me a judgmental bitch?

      • Nbl

        Own the title, Alexis! That’s just the (I hate myself for saying this) “basic” way to say opinionated, strong woman. ;)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh I’m all about it, I just wanted Kelly to say it outright instead of hiding it in a paragraph about Jennifer Lawrence.

    • violet

      hey, can you stop being a child and stop bullying him? im sorry, do you know him? do you know how hes feeling? do you realise how ignorant you can possibly be to base your opinions on the tabloids you read and then feel confident enough make an article on how you think hes not worthy to be friends with another celebrity just because you dont like him? if i can get suspended by making an article like so but using names and people from school, id probably get suspended, and i know myself how rude and obnoxious that is. so why is it okay if you do it? because their celebrities? they shouldn’t care? what your doing by posting this article would be just as bad if i did it using people i knew from school. how would you feel if a colleague
      made a blog about how you dont deserve any friends because clearly everyone else is higher than you? wouldnt feel so good, would it? if she wants to meet him, SO WHAT, she clearly sees something in him that you dont and thats okay, its her friends. she can decide who she wants to hang out with and honestly its none of our business but you feel like you need to make an actual article hating on it, thats sad. please put yourself in his shoes and then try writing this article again. im not saying hes perfect, hes made mistakes but if those mistakes are the only things you use to make an opinion on him, i feel sorry for the people around you. if we’re taught how to not judge someone and listen to rumours , why is it suddenly okay to do it with celebrities, im not just saying this about justin, about every celebrity. it makes me sick to know people dont feel ashamed by posting such hateful stuff on the internet, and if this site apporoves of it, well you just lost a reader. i used to be a fan but if stuff like this, shading celebrities for no reason, is what this site is really about, you can count me out.

      • Mystik Spiral

        What time zone are you in? Has your middle school even let out for the day yet? I can only hope you’re not missing a sorely needed grammar/spelling lesson to post your Bieber love on the internet…

      • Nbl

        “if i can get suspended by making an article like so but using names and people from school, id probably get suspended, and i know myself how rude and obnoxious that is.” What. The. Actual. Fuck did I just read?

      • fantasymother

        Obviously, you read something by someone whose school has failed to teach basic grammar. You’d think our education system would start to focus on classes such as, “Intelligent Online Postings – The Correct Use of Contractions and Those Slippery Homonyms.

      • Nbl

        If I ever develop musical talent and start a band, we shall be called Those Slippery Homonyms.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • fantasymother

        I’m waiting for the first Twitter comment claiming that’s an obscene band name. :-)

      • Nbl

        Ha! The opening act will be a new group I will form, P-Diddy style, called the Dangling Participles. It’s time to start a grammatical musical movement!

      • fantasymother

        We can certainly add some tried and true printing references, like widows, orphans, scumming…

        “The Dangling Participles were entertaining the widows on Friday night, having just finished a gig with the orphans. Unfortunately, someone had to clean up the clear evidence of scumming from Bieber’s earlier escapades. Will Smith promised he’d have another talk with him as soon as Protective Services finished their investigation.”

        Keep in mind, the Dangling Participles must be all male, and they absolutely can’t wear diaper pants. The proof is in the pudding, or something like that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        “do you realise how ignorant you can possibly be to base your opinions on the tabloids you read and then feel confident enough make an article on how you think hes not worthy to be friends with another celebrity just because you dont like him?”


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        And another thing! People tell me I deserve no friends all the time, and that’s their right. They don’t know me, just like I don’t know Justin Bieber. You probably don’t like me very much, which is why you took the time to comment on here, right? (Although in re-reading my post, I honestly don’t know which part in particular you found so ‘hateful’.)

        But regardless, I don’t mind you expressing your opinion about me on here, because it’s you using information available to you in order to make a judgement. What’s so wrong with that?

    • happy1ga

      I don’t understand what we are supposed to be totally faux over-reacting about…? Famous people meeting and hanging out? They all do that, all the time, so I am assuming this is more of the same. Lawrence likes to party pretty hard, I guess she thought Bieber would be fun to roll with for a change of pace.

    • fantasymother

      Ignoring the bizarre rant above…

      Jennifer Lawrence is known for her exuberant antics with all celebrities. She makes them all her “friends” at these parties but who knows what happens when the open bar closes. Even she says she drinks too much.

      So I shall chalk all of this up to… a few too many while overheard by a few too many.

      As for his appearance, his management is making sure he gets every opportunity to be seen with grownups. Perhaps they’re hoping the exposure will make him question his behavior.


    • lapaditte

      Wanting to meet him means she’s friends with him now?
      You really have got issues.

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