Kendall Jenner Reveals She Can’t Read During The Billboard Music Awards

Kendall Jenner Billboard Music Awards teleprompter fail 2014Just when I thought the Billboard Music Awards would be boring, Kendall Jenner took the stage to introduce 5 Seconds of Summer (which is now a band and not just a measure of time). At first I was like, “boooo, get off the stage you wannabe celebrihuman!” But then she started speaking and I was like, “stay right where you are and never leave the stage ever you beautiful Adele Dazeem you!”

Why the sudden change of heart? Well turns out Momager Kris Jenner forgot to teach Kendall Jenner how to read! Or least read real good. Which makes sense. Who has time for literacy when you’re launching a career as a model/KardashainSpawn/ TokenAwardsShowPresenter/WomanWithManySlashes2DescribeHerCareer?

Kendall Jenner, that’s who! After failing the teleprompter reading test — second in difficulty only to the eye doctor test — she confesses, “guys, I’m the worst reader.” After seeing this, it will be hard for you to disagree with her. Or to understand what she was possibly reading. No seriously, whaaaattt? One Direction is NOTHING like 5 Seconds of Summer. Any real music fan knows that.

Kendall Jenner introducing 5 Seconds of…

She attempts to explain her illiteracy by pulling the whole “I forgot to wear my contacts” card. Which is offensive to me as a contacts wearer and to her contacts who never asked to be dragged into this whole mess. Because we all know that no one who needs contacts can possibly forget to put them in. It’s kinda the difference between being able to see and NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE ANYTHING.

Also, I have to ask, who told Kendall which letters to press to type this tweet?

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    • carrie thompson

      Kris Jenner pulled them out of school years before they hit high school, so yeah…this seems about right.

      • Jenni

        I think we’re lucky if they graduated middle school.

      • itpainsme2say

        but i don’t understand how were they on the cheer team then?

    • Gabrielle Hanson-Moore

      My issue lies in the fact that she says she’s the worst reader and then says she left her contacts at home. Like, I need you to pick ONE excuse and follow through on it, Kendall. If you don’t have your contacts in, it doesn’t matter how well you can read, YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. I’m willing to bet money that she was told to fuck up in hopes of harnessing some of that “Jennifer Lawrence is famous for being kind of ditzy in a cute way” popularity.

      • Jenni

        I also feel like it might’ve been a “Remember that time I hooked up with Harry Styles from One Direction” PR stunt gone wrong.

      • Gabrielle Hanson-Moore

        YES. YES to all of that. I smell a rat, Kendall Jenner, and I’m calling BS.

    • NicholHoosier

      I can not believe in the reaction of Kendall Jenner reading .

    • Ria

      At least she’s incredibly gorgeous! I’d give up my ability to read if I could look like that. Much prettier than her Kardashian sisters.

      • loser_sneeze

        Funnily enough you can be both beautiful and literate. Dreams do come true.

      • Jenni

        All the touches in the world.

      • mjim21 .

        It’s extremely rare to find a person with more than two of the following attributes. Brains, beauty, sanity. So, pick two. Or in this case, I think one.

      • poop

        yes gurl yesssssssssss

    • ES


    • anonymous.

      I think all of you should fuck off. so what if she can’t read? leave her the fuck alone , it’s not her fault. I think she felt very embarassed and thought people would laugh at her. which you are doing. you’re all very pathetic. everyone makes mistakes.

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