Lea Michele Addresses Those Pesky Glee Rumors By Diverting The Entire Conversation


Lea Michele David Letterman 5-16-2014I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this from Lea Lovers United, so I’ll be sure to state my solitary pro-Lea point early on in this post.  Deal?  Good.  Okay.  So Lea Michele was a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, and of course he got right down to business and asked her directly about the “Glee feud” rumors.  While I’m sure he primarily did this because he lives for salacious, shitty teen show gossip, I’m assuming he also asked her because a lot of inquiring minds want to know.

“It’s really unbelievable the amount of things that can just be completely made up. And it’s really frustrating. The way people like to pit women against each other… is really annoying and it’s sad.”

Okay, I see your point.  And I agree, you don’t as often see tabloid covers or gossip blogs shouting about fights between male co-stars.  (Just holding up my end of the deal here.)  Buuuuut because rumors can easily be based on just a smidge of truth, I’m gonna need to hear more from you on the possible blow-out with Naya Rivera who was maybe fired for five minutes before being un-fired.  Crazy!  So could you please clarify?

“For me, if there were ever really a cat fight on the show, you’d know about it because I’d get a ring, and I’d put Jell-O in it, and I would make it fun for everyone and it would be super hot.”

Oh.  Um, okay.  Great. You do you, Lea.  Even if it means trying desperately to divert the attention away from the reports of you being uppity/spoiled/fake/annoying/mean by pretending you’re down with cliche ’80s frat party shenanigans.  I was with you on the woman-power thing until you totally blew it by being all “I’M SUPER HOT EVERYONE!”

Is it just me, or is she super fidgety during this entire interview?  Rubbing her leg, toying with her Heidi hair, etc. I think it’s either the behavior of someone who is uncomfortable with the topic, or uncomfortable because she’s lying.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • gayle

      Considering this is the first time she has addressed these rumors after multiple opportunities and she did not even say Naya’s name…I am going to say she and Ryan Murphy are lying through their teeth denying any fights.

      • Cassandra Hough

        Completely agree. The only other scenario I’d believe is that the whole thing was made up to get people interested in Glee again.

    • Guest

      What do you want her to say? Naya Rivera, new plastic surgery Queen/Kim K clone, on the decline from being dumped by her fiance and called a crazy, violent person by his team, dropped by her record label, lost it and mouthed off to producers and pissed them off so much they kicked her off set and wrote her out of the finale they were shooting? Sure that would go over well.

      • Cassandra Hough

        It might make people actually want to watch Glee again, though.

    • Hello

      LOOK! Pinocchio in a red dress!

    • Liar Liar legs on fire

      It’s not just you Cassandra … it was bugging the hell out of me trying to watch this interview while she constantly caressed and rubbed her legs. At first I assumed she thought it made her look more sexy but now that you mention her being uncomfortable because she’s lying that makes more sense. She’s not a good enough actress to be a good liar and the Naya news comes on the heals of Dianna Agron not being brought back for the Cory goodbye segment because Lea & Ryan didn’t want her there. Ryan apparently blindly loyal to his Diva star and there’s just too many stories out there about her behavior on the set to all be false.

      • Cassandra Hough

        Right?! It was so uncomfortable.

    • Texasismyhome

      I think Letterman is such a wierdo that anyone would be nervous around him. I think she answered sincerely that stuff is just made up then she tried to lighten the topic a bit with the jello comment. Everyone wanted to believe the Kate Hudson rumor as well and that was totally false.

    • Misenhammer

      Omg she is SO uncomfortable and acting exactly like every person acts when they’re being questioned on something they don’t want to talk about. Of course there’s actually a feud, this particular brand of discomfort only seems to arise when something has gone down– this comes off as “I’m frustrated with people butting in on our hate-time,” not “I’m frustrated with all the lies about me and Naya hating each other!”

      Anyway, fight totes confirmed, awkwardness palpable.

      • Cassandra Hough

        But it’s okay because Jell-O fighting is like, so hot!

      • markmywords

        Yeah, cause Lea makes it so hot! Nobody hot like Lea! *eyeroll*

    • Lola

      Did all the Crushable writers take a blood oath to Satan swearing that they would forever hate Lea Michele and take every opportunity to make her look bad? What is it about her that makes you come at her with such bitterness and hate? It’s kind of weird how you guys zero in on her but never ever hold her co-stars responsible for any of the shit they say? Darren Criss can trash his co-workers as being lazier than him, Chord can throw shade, Naya can take a few cheap shots, and so can Chris, but only Lea is the worst person ever? At this point, it’s just pathetic. This will be the last sorry excuse of an article I ever read on here.

      • Cassandra Hough

        I’m sorry that my opinion of a celebrity on an opinion-based celebrity news blog upset you to this extent.

      • I’m with Cassandra

        Lola – Cassandra is just expressing what many of us feel. If you want to really see someone pick on Lea Michelle just watch Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. My guess is that like many who claim they’ll never read these articles again you’ll be checking them out even more. Lea gets more attention than her co-workers because (1)She is the star of the show (2)There are a helluva lot more stories about her behavior on the set than any other cast member and even guest stars(Kate Hudson) have commented on her Diva behavior. I couldn’t care less what Chord does because he is barely a blip on the Glee radar. Keep the material coming Cassandra … I love your style.

      • Guest

        Kate Hudson supposedly commented on her behavior yet let her stay at her guest house after Cory Monteith died? and went to see a show on Broadway with her last night (cabaret)? Was Lea holding a gun to her head to take that picture with her that was just posted? If I hated an actress I worked with on the show, why would I go see a Broadway show with her during my free time?

      • I’m with Cassandra

        I’ve called my friends out before for rude behavior but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be friends with them. I never said Kate hated Lea and maybe Kate is a Diva too for all I know. Bottom line … Lea is a lightning rod for gossip and opinions. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer aren’t. There are going to be a lot of false rumors and some that are true. There was certainly much talk before Cory’s death that the Lea/Cory relationship was manufactured to try to help the Glee ratings. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that trick was used to try to drum up ratings for a show in ratings trouble.

      • Cassandra Hough

        And I love your username! (<—Narcissist)

    • markmywords

      I’ve never heard Lea speak and frankly, she sounds as dumb as KimK. If she appeared fidgety, she’s supposed to be a cokehead. Allegendly. And caressing her legs had the same intention like the jello thing – distracting people (guys get turned on by behavior like this whereas girls react irritated – q.e.d. on here) with her “hotness” from all the things she does not want addressed. Did you notice her leaning forward and pushing her butt out, being in DL’s face, when he was trying to ask about the feud? That’s also to distract DL and the guys, because, you know, she’s the sexiest thing, ever!
      She was clearly lying and her answers sounded rehearsed to me. From what I read abut her, even if only half is true, she must be an awful human being.
      Btw, she looks like an olympic russian figure skater from the eighties here.

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