Game of Thrones Tried To Cast Lily Allen In A Sex Scene With Her Real-Life Brother

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Game of Thrones attempted to up its incest factor a little further by trying to cast Lily Allen, for an intimate scene with her real-life brother, Alfie Allen. And, according to Lily in her Reddit AMA, her approximate reaction was, “Ew, yuck, no no no.” Because DUH. The show might be able to get away with the tons of incestuous sexy times that go down on the regular. But casting Lily as Theon Greyjoy’s sister, Yara, would officially cross over into actual, non-fictitious incest territory. And can you just imagine how silent the car ride home would have been after shooting their scenes together?

“I’ve been asked to do a Game of Thrones cameo, they asked me if I’d be interested in playing Theon’s sister, and I felt uncomfortable because I would have had to go on a horse and he would have touched me up and shit. Once they told me what was entailed, I said no thanks.”

I’d like to imagine that that “no thanks” was said a lot more intensely than Lily wrote it. Because I’m completely uninvolved and even I don’t know if I want to vomit or cry. Although, if I imagine Lily and her brother in that scenario any longer, I might do both.

My biggest question is isn’t it anyone’s job to tell the producers to slow their rolls when casting ideas like this pop up? Or, at least, wasn’t there one solitary human in the room who has a sibling? Because that would have done the trick at shooting this idea way, way down. But, if there wasn’t, allow me to do so right now: RELAX guys. There’s plenty of fictional incest sex to go around on this show; there’s no need to drag actual siblings into this mess.

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    • Yakumtsaki .

      I competely agree with the last paragraph, I loved the books but the series is really starting to get on my nerves. First they change the Dany-Drogo sex scene to rape in season one, then they do the same with Cersei and Jaime and now we learn this. They’re trying so hard to create controversy in a tv show that DOESN’T NEED IT. It’s good tv in it’s own right, it has a global audience, the books are filled with shocking moments and incredible storylines, when will they stop assuming that the viewers are perverts who tune in to watch rapes? Are the producers still on the idiotic stereotype that fantasy fans are sexless nerds? I don’t know about other people but in my social cyrcle the most devoted fans are girls and from what I’ve read around online this persistance on gratuitous acts of violence against women is allienating the female audience and I just hope the show doesn’t end up becoming a sad joke.

      • Olivia Wilson

        You make a really good point. It’s always sad to see a genuinely well-liked show to alienate its audience like that.

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