Kylie Jenner And The Smith Kids Might Be Following A Cult, So That’s Just Swell

Willow Smith Osho book Instagram

So you know how Jaden Smith and Willow Smith have been hanging out with Kylie Jenner and also a 20-year-old named Moises Arias? And you know how they’ve been making us really uncomfortable with their half-naked bed photos? Well, if you believe the newest rumors, we should also feel uncomfortable about them following the teachings of a cult leader. That’s certainly a new way to show you’re grown up.

Radar Online explains that the youngsters have been posting on social media about “meditation, philosophy and spiritual pursuits,” and that they’re calling themselves “the Orgonite Society.” But apparently the stuff they’re studying could be associated with a cult led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, or Osho. Willow recently posted a photo of herself reading a book by Osho (above). Star magazine alleges that Moises Arias introduced the younger celebs to Osho’s teachings. The problem? Osho was known as the “sex guru” and ran a commune of 2,000 people in The Dalles, Oregon that also dabbled in drug use. On top of that, Star reports, “Members of his cult were convicted of a bioterror attack after infecting 751 people in Dalles with salmonella.”

According to an insider (love those), the kids find Osho’s ideals “intriguing,” and Jaden has “dived headfirst” into it, even though he was raised Scientologist (oh to be a teen in Hollywood). Here’s a photo from Jaden’s clothing line of the siblings making orgonite pucks, which “balance energy and cleanse a space.” Or keep aliens away, whatever floats your boat.

And Kylie has gotten in on the orgonite trend as well, posting an Instagram photo of herself holding an orgonite pyramid and captioning it “love.”

How am I supposed to keep track of all these trendy celebrity belief systems? I already have to tolerate Scientology, be on the lookout for llluminati symbols, and try to understand Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet. Now Hollywood’s teeny-boppers might be involved in a kooky crystal cult? I eagerly await Jada Pinkett-Smith’s comments on the rumors. I expect it’ll amount to something like “I don’t care.”

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    • Tami

      I doubt they even read. Kylie is too busy taking selfies all day. Yawns. They are just trying to appear “enlightened” I doubt they even know about the Osho controversy but his books are actually interesting. These kids? Yeah good joke. The only sex cult that Kylie should worry about, is her mother.

    • Tara

      Why are you branding their little Orgonite Society a cult just because they like some of Osho’s teachings. Consider reading his writings before making baseless assumptions:

      As for the actions of Osho’s followers, that does not detract from the fact that there is truth to many of his teachings. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • jo

      You’re going to get a bunch of pissed-off Oshites on here now! We can see how much they sound to scientologists when they try to convince people that they’re not a cult

    • sweetlove

      cool, i love osho :-)

    • Punjabi Munda

      I love Osho.
      People like author of this article spread negative propaganda about Osho from ever. But Guru is shining like a moon in this dark world.
      Do not use Osho’s name for the crimes and acts committed by other people?
      Acts of Judas are not acts of Jesus even Judas was the closest disciple of Judas.

    • Savannah K

      I don’t know how anyone could admire the teachings of a man who literally said this: Rajneesh claimed that Jews “are guilty people, and their guilt is very great” because they crucified Jesus;
      out of this guilt, they are “always in search of their Adolf Hitlers,
      someone who can kill them”. He asserted that only when Jews “reclaim
      Jesus”, “they will be healthy and whole, and then there will be no need
      for Adolf Hitlers”.
      and this:
      “Hitler’s violence was far more peaceful” …
      Hitler “killed people in the most up-to-date gas chambers, where you
      don’t take much time. Thousands of people can be put in a gas chamber,
      and just a switch is pressed … Within a second, you evaporate. The
      chimneys of the factory start taking you, the smoke – you can call it
      holy smoke – and this seems to be a direct way towards God.”
      and this:
      “homosexuals, because they were perverted, created the disease AIDS.”
      “They can live in their own world, in their own way, and be happy, but
      they should not be allowed to move in the wider society, spreading all
      kinds of dangerous viruses.”
      and this:
      “As a homosexual, you are not even a human being … You have fallen from dignity.”

      But then preach about peace and acceptance. Not to mention the guy was deported from the US for an immigration violation and lying on his visa. Yes, let’s trust a convicted liar to show us the way to God. That sounds like a fantastic idea.