Dean And Tori Are Supposedly Swingers, Which Oddly Never Came Up On Their Reality Show

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attending book signing for CelebraTORI April 2012So according to sources, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling are into swapping partners, and whether it’s true or not, I’m just shocked that it never showed up on their reality show.

Oh yeah, and I might as well tell you — I’m now fully invested in True Torithe discomfort-inducing Lifetime docu-series that supposedly paints a truthful picture of Dean and Tori’s struggle to save their marriage after he was revealed to have cheated on her with a Canadian woman named Emily Goodhand. I resisted getting addicted for as long as I could, but it was no use.

The show is just such a manufactured look at their lives that I can’t help being mesmerized by it. It’s not how they are, it’s how they want to be seen, which is way more telling than they realize. For example, you can learn just as much from the things they take out than the things they leave in, like this rumor from Life & Style about Dean and Tori being a coupla regular swingers!

According to an ‘insider’, Tori and Dean ‘were into swapping partners!’ He or she describes an alleged incident that took place a few years ago, at a pool party hosted by the McDermott-Spellings. They were supposedly both getting pretty drunk, and at one point, after calling Tori the love of his life, they claim that Dean oh-so-graciously offered her to a friend of his. Y’know, just being a good host.

“He said, ‘Try her!’ and proceeded to push Tori onto his friend’s lap.”

I’m obsessed with that phrasing — I LOVE HER, YOU TRY HER! And according the the source, Tori was into it, as they claim she ‘eagerly tried to kiss Dean’s friend’, who was so embarrassed that he made an excuse and left the party.

Who knows whether it’s true or not, but if so, it’s easy to see why no suggestion of it was included on True Tori. For one thing, that’s a very personal part of anyone’s life, and even though consensual partner-swapping is nothing to be ashamed of, most people wouldn’t want that aired out on national television. But for another thing, it really doesn’t fit with the show’s narrative, which is that Dean messed up, Dean cheated, Dean lied, Dean was at fault…and Tori was not only blameless, but completely blindsided because she was never anything other than Grade-A faithful.

If this is a thing that the two of them are into, good for them, as long as next time they find someone who’s slightly more into it. At least enough to stay for the end of the pool party. But regardless, all this does for me is mentally confirm that their show is nowhere close to the full truth, and make me more determined than ever to get to the bottom of it.

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    • J_Doe5686

      I don’t know… sounds too good to be true. I can picture Dean as a swinger but not Tori. I don’t know.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah that’s true…but I also feel like she would do pretty much anything she asked him to.

    • Matt N Bianca

      As swingers ourselves, we’re not surprised by their actions. Many celebrities are into swapping partners. I’m not sure I believe that the friend excused himself from the party.

    • Rebecca Howell

      If they were into swinging- I seriously doubt that her trust would be broken to the extent it is now. I can’t imagine her being so devastated if they were more open sexually. I don’t buy it at all. Dean acknowledges being an addict. Some people need constant stimulation from sex, drugs and risk taking like motorcycles and car racing. This is a brain problem and unless Dean starts obsessing over healthy pursuits- like sports, his kids, weight-lifting and his career… then Tori is going to constantly be on edge. It’s obvious she already is. Been there. The kids are the only reason I hope that they can work through this. Both Tori and Dean need help- they are immature and make bad decisions- like an affair when both were married and four kids in less than 7 years.

    • Molly S Williams

      After having been married to an alcoholic for 19 years prior to his passing, sadly, I can relate to Tori. Alcoholics are very manipulative, and the partner is willing to do almost anything to keep peace in the relationship. Based on Tori’s behavior during the current series, I don’t believe for one minute she has cheated on Dean. However, I do believe he has manipulated her, sexually, for his own pleasure. In fact, on the last show, she made a comment about their sex life before the affair in Canada, and Dean refused to discuss the situation and left the therapist’s office. Personally, I hope she finds the strength to leave the relationship, but with four children under the age of eight, I can see why she might stay.