Pretty Sure Taylor Swift’s Rep Just Started The Rumor That She’s Dating Zach Braff

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Taylor Swift‘s rep wants to be very clear that she is not dating Zach Braff, okay? So get that idea out of your head. Unless it wasn’t in your head to start out with, in which case, get it on in there!

You know that thing where you have something you want to happen, but you don’t want to suggest it yourself, so you just shout it out in a crowded area? And then as soon as someone goes, “Wait, who said that?”, you go, “Wait, who said that?” too? I feel like that may be a tactic that Taylor Swift’s team employed just now, except the slightly fancier version.

Yesterday, a website called Sugarscape posted a story about Taylor and Zach getting closer after Zach’s recent break up with his girlfriend, who’s named Taylor Bagley, confusingly enough. They were photographed hanging out backstage at Zach’s current Broadway show last month, but Sugarscape claims to have a source via Heat alleging that things go back way further than that:

“Taylor [Swift] and Zach have had a flirty relationship for a while, and [the other] Taylor was always jealous – it was part of the reason they broke up. She and Zach were even posing for selfies and posting them online while Zach and [the other] Taylor were in the process of split up.”

How scandalous! But don’t worry, this ‘insider’ tones it down a little bit for the description of their supposed relationship, bringing it back to a nice comfortable vanilla:

“Zach likes Taylor and is keen to pursue a romance. She’s into it, too. They’ve been hanging out in New York while he’s in the play Bullets Over Broadway. He’ll head to her TriBeca apartment after the show, and theyre often spotted at Union Square Farmers’ Market. They like going to see bands at warehouse parties, too. Zach’s keen to keep this out of the public eye – he doesn’t want to be part of her songwriting – and Taylor says she’s ready for something more mature now.”

Let me tell you, as someone who’s read quite a few rumors of new celebrity relationships in my day, that’s A. very tame and B. pretty flattering. The farmer’s market? Bands at warehouse parties? Taylor being ready for a more mature relationship? This has all the earmarks of a planted story, and even more so because her reps actually responded to it, telling Us Weekly:

“Despite the rumors, Taylor has never been on a date with Mr. Braff, and he has never been to her home. Like, never. Ever.”

Again, based on my experience, it’s extremely rare for a spokesperson to respond to a rumor running on just one site. That’d be like if we wrote a story suggesting that Taylor and Chris Pine were seen ‘canoodling’, and Taylor’s reps released a statement to People denying it. That would never happen, right? I mean I think we’re great and smart and funny, but her team has nothing to gain from engaging us, y’know?

It gets way less coverage if they ignore it, so why are they making such a big deal unless they want to get the thought into our heads? INCEPTION. SWIFT-CEPTION.

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    • itpainsme2say

      My problem with this is the use of the word keen TWICE

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah that reeks of her team. I’m surprised they never went with ‘neato’.

      • MFoley

        Actually, saying “keen” reeks of British people or Aussies…and Sugarscape is all Brits.

    • Myndee

      I can’t picture these two together, nor do I want to! I actually really like Zach Braff, and slowly but surely dislike Taylor Swift more and more daily. She’s now ready for a more mature relationship because no one wants her anymore! Girlfriend is a wee bit crazy. Plus he doesn’t fit her criteria for a man so I don’t know if this will even get past the hand under the shirt, but above the bra stage.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I never thought I’d say this, Myndee, but I’m actually liking her more and MORE as days go by. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?

      • DamnImGood

        It’s because if you notice she’s dropped the faux dating men drama and has come across as human for a while now. Good for her, hope it continues. Plus she’s a woman now, not a girl anymore.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, her team is kind of killing it, I have to admit. I’m ready for her to date someone for real whenever she is!

    • lilly

      I thiiiiiink this is how her new PR agent works. Nipping it in the bud!

    • taylor

      She just got a new PR! I think this is how they are going to handle all the stories from now on,

    • DamnImGood

      I’ll give props to Taylor Swift because since the ridiculous last showmance she had going with a certain boybander she has done her best to avoid PR-ing herself about as some chronically deranged nympho, which her own press was managing to spin her into a corner as seeming. She has seemed more mature this year by being really lowkey, no drama at all.

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    • AlarTruve

      This is because her last pr person just sat on her ass and did nothing when those made up dating stories flew like every week. Kind of creates this crazy maneater persona of her when its not even close to being true. She has basically been single since the end of 2010. Kennedy boy thing was obviously not serious and the latest 1D kid was the most obvious promance pairing i have ever seen. Her new publicist clearly has orders not to be this careless with all the lies.

    • sue

      Stories about taylors life never just die on their own. Hopefully now that her team is starting to get into the mix hopefully the gossip sites will find someone else who needs these stories (and wants them). They probably will not stop though because taylor drives trffic to their sites because her hater are so passonate, its like they want to keep the cycle of negative and false stories going.

    • Jenny

      Actually, Taylor’s new publicist has been responding to each rumour as quickly as possible, no matter how small. And this story was going around on a lot of websites, not just one. Just FYI.

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