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Watching Emily Blunt Talk About Breastfeeding Will Remind You What An Underrated Girl Crush She Is

Emily Blunt Ellen DeGeneres Show May 2014

If you can get through this video of Emily Blunt’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show without contracting a burning desire to be her best friend forever and ever, then congratulations. But I must ask what’s wrong with you, because she this lady is absolutely delightful. We already knew she and John Krasinski were an adorable couple, but I feel like I haven’t see enough of Emily in interviews to fully grasp her awesomeness. Now that I’ve seen her talk about breastfeeding, I’ve been slapped back to reality.

She of course first talks about little Hazel Krasinski and how adorable she is. And really, can we just emphasize once again what a cutie patootie that little baby is? Emily says she and John really like old lady names, and that just makes her even cuter to me. Speaking of old lady names, Mabel is another good one. That happens to be the name of the lady Emily met in the hospital recovery room who told her how cute her baby was. Hearing Emily put away her lovely British accent for a moment and impersonate Mabel will make your day.

One burping baby impression and a silly Tom Cruise story later, Emily finally gets around to the piece de resistance of the interview, which is her story about breastfeeding. Apparently her boobs thought she’d “had twelve children,” and when the milk started it was like a horror movie, which she generously recreates right there on Ellen’s stage. I can just imagine her standing up and telling that story at a party and everyone laughing, and I really want to be invited to that party so badly now. Talk about an underrated funny lady. I used to be jealous of her because she snagged John Krasinski, but to be honest now I’m just jealous of John.

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  • Alexis Rhiannon

    She’s almost too likable. I want in.

  • gayle

    Emma Stone replaced her on my crush list while she disappeared to have the baby but she atop the list again.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Who else is on it??

    • gayle

      I have got Kerry Washington and Keira Knightly on there and Tatiana Maslany has been rising pretty steadily with each Orphan Black episode.

    • Jill O’Rourke

      You have excellent taste.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I MUST watch Orphan Black. I have a feeling there’s space for Tatiana beside current list-inhabitants Kristen Bell and Allison Janney.

  • wispy

    I went into this skeptical, as I have an undying love for John Krasinski and have always been jealous of this woman. However, she had me at “two enormous heads” lol I was DYING!!

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I loved that spin around!

    • wispy

      I know! Hilarious!

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