Trophy Wife Got Canceled Because Amurica Doesn’t Appreciate Nice Things

kate freaking out on Trophy Wife

In case you woke up this morning feeling good about the state of this country, let me ruin that feeling for you. Trophy Wife, this year’s only good comedy, got canceled by ABC. And while I’d love to blame ABC, I can’t. They’re just a bunch of stupid old people in dumb suits who wouldn’t know quality if it walked into their conference room and yelled “whatever you do, don’t trust the B in apartment 23.” These are the same idiots who moved Happy Endings around on the schedule every single week and then had the audacity to complain that no one was watching. So yeah, I place no faith in those guys when it comes to appreciating good TV. The only thing they can appreciate are ratings. And apparently Trophy Wife didn’t have the ratings they wanted. It’s not their fault that no one taught them to read letters in addition to numerals.

So way to go everybody else. Way to not watch this show! What’s that? You did watch the show? Way to not force everyone you know to watch it! While Trophy Wife wasn’t 30 Rock or Arrested Development, it was funny and it was getting into its groove and it was one of the few new shows this year that I liked. Warren playing girls field hockey was comedy gold. Gold, I tell ya! Now I’ll throw The Goldbergs a bone. And even The Blacklist because I’ve heard good things. But no other new show gets a bone this year. NONE!

Assuming that next year’s pilot season brings the same level of trash to our TV (hello, remember Dads?), I will officially be without a must-watch network comedy when the fall rolls around. Now, now, I love shows like Veep and Episodes, but there’s something really special to me about watching a network comedy. It probably has to do with the fact that it usually means more than just six people watch it. Seriously, I have yet to find anyone who shares my love of Episodes. And sure, it’s great for my DVR’s horrible decision making skills if I’m watching less shows, but it’s incredibly sad for me. (But really DVR, man up and just know which shows to record. If you only have space for one, just pick the one that won’t be online. Duh. So much duh.)

All of this brings me to my battle cry. It’s up to us — and by us, I mean people who like good network comedies – to band together next year and make sure this doesn’t happen again. If there’s anything at all that shows promise or goodness, we must make sure that we force people to watch it. Not at gunpoint, because violence is the worst. But definitely at verbal gunpoint. I honestly don’t think I can handle one more good show being canceled. It’s too hard on me and it’s too hard on my keyboard when I got off on these rants. Seriously, I just typed each and every one of these letters as if it was my last letter.

So who’s with me? And/or scared of me? And who peed their pants when Warren dressed up like Ellen DeGeneres?

Warren dressed as Ellen Trophy Wife

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    • capoupascap

      I was really holding out hope that this show would be renewed. Super disappointing

    • Myndee

      The networks haven’t been giving much time for shows to try and make a fan base, and networks are forgetting how many people watch the shows on Hulu the day after. A lot of my favorite shows were cancelled and it’s super disappointing. There’s already limited things to watch on tv, now there’s almost nothing to watch.

      • Jenni

        But really, there’s so little TV that I actually look forward to watching now.

      • Myndee

        After flipping through channels at least three times, I hand the remote to my husband and tell him to pick something, and it usually ends up on a hunting channel which is still more entertaining than most of the stuff on prime time

    • Charliebug

      So Trophy Wife (awesome show) gets canceled and yet Two Broke Girls (yes, I know it is a different station but still), arguably one of the DUMBEST shows I have ever watched, aside from Jennifer Coolidge being awesome as usual, is still going. Perhaps CBS should pick up Trophy Wife from ABC and scrap Two Broke Girls and we can all live happily ever?

      • Jenni

        Two Broke Girls is so unfunny and so borderline/overtheline offensive. The fact that those shows live on and the good ones don’t makes it extra upsetting.

    • PaintingChef

      ME!! I share your love of Episodes!!!

      • Jenni

        OMG thank you. I just got into it this year and have yet to find anyone else who watches it. It is so, so funny.

    • Vera

      It was very funny and very well-cast. Goddamnit, ABC.
      I’m gonna miss little Bert worst of all (;_;)

      • Rubyred

        My husband and I could always agree on Trophy Wife. Cute show, unfortunate name. Bert was the best, I am totally going to miss him.

    • Ria

      It’s not that people weren’t watching it, it’s because the stars were too expensive.

      • Jenni

        Stars are too expensive in general? Or on this show specifically?

      • Ria

        I read that it was Malin Akerman and Marcia Gay Hayden who were very expensive because they figure they can make more in movies. I heard Rebel Wilson talking about the same thing, whether it was worth struggling along in a t.v. show when you can make as much in one movie. Sigh…wish I had those worries! I did think Trophy Wife was very good though, maybe they can recast it with unknowns?

      • Jenni

        Interesting. I always hate to hear about actors wanting more money because they already make such an obscene amount.

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