15 Selena Gomez Instagrams That Suggest She’s Really Going Through Something

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I keep a pretty good eye on celebrities as part of my job, so you need to trust me when I tell you that Selena Gomez is going through something right now. As if it wasn’t proof enough that she had a rehab stay, has been off-and-on with Justin Bieber, and fired her parents as managers with no warning, there’s also convincing evidence all over her Instagram.

Selena’s photos and videos may look inoccuous enough, but that’s how we felt about Amanda Bynes‘ social media posts for a long time too, until it became too glaringly obvious to ignore that she was going through something. And I’m not saying that whatever’s up with Selena is something similar, just that it’s definitely something.

Lately, it seems like the things she’s been putting up have been more and more cryptic, from selfies with inscrutable captions, to videos of random moments that she’s added music to. Maybe some of these things are inside jokes or comments that only her fans can understand, but some of them are so odd that I suspect they only make sense to her.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Only a few weeks after reportedly checking out of rehab early, Selena began posting photos of herself hanging out with other celebrities, looking inebriated. In one of them, she even called Vanessa Hudgens her official ‘party buddy’.

Whether she’s naked in this photo or not, it seems pretty clear that she wanted it to look that way. It’s great to own your body, but when a photo like this is posted publicly, it makes it feel like Selena is craving attention for her sexuality versus something like her talent or her success. Just makes me worry.

Same deal with the above photo, which was posted to announce a ‘secret project’.

Selena deleted all the rest of her photos with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, so I can’t include them here, but the simple fact of how quickly that friendship flared up and then fizzled is strange enough. And then to go around deleting the evidence and unfollowing everybody? What’s up, girl?

The caption on that one is ‘I go back to, black’. Nothing like inexplicable Amy Winehouse lyrics with commas in the wrong place to make me nervous!

Not even a caption on this one. Huh?

And thus begins her series of videos for seemingly no reason. This one is captioned ‘And they told me I don’t need to worry.. I might stay in bed all day.’ Eep.

What is this fascination with tea??

Caption: ‘Them is EVERYTHING tho allofme’ WHATTTTTTTTTTT. Can anyone explain this?

And of course we had to take a break for some cheesiness with Taylor Swift, which wouldn’t be weird except for the caption ‘And during.. sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets’. During what???

‘Where now and what now’. I would also like to know that, Selena.

And finally, from less than twenty-four hours ago, the crown jewel in my ‘WTF Selena’ tiara, this photo. Not that weird, right? Except for the caption, which is just the word ‘Ask’. I can’t even begin to understand what that means, but it makes me wanna say YIKES.

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    • Jessica

      Seriously? Nothing seems wrong with her at all like, most of your posts are a stretch but this one is just crazy.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Remember this moment in six months, Jessica.

      • Myndee

        Maybe she’s on one of her rumored coke binges? I hear Taylor dabbles in the Colombian nose candy too, maybe that’s the secret Selena refers to? Getting down with the powder…. And didn’t she put her parents house on the market? Craaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyy train is coming choo choo

      • Sarah

        Hey hey HEY!! Everyone has secrets that they need to keep. And why would someone want to poke in to see the life of someone else’s. Especially secrets. It is her life. Not anyone else’s life so she get to do what she wants, whenever she wants, and we do whatever we do. How would u feel if someone was stalking u and trying to suck out everysingle information about u and ur life???

      • Abby

        Your posts are always so fucking negative – you don’t know the real details. It’s just your bullshit opinions. I hope Crushable fires you because you’re honestly a fucking mess.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s so sweet, thank you Abby! And how helpful of you to point out that blogs are intended to based on the opinions of the blogger! Sometimes that fact goes over people’s heads, so I’m glad you’re fully aware!

      • George


    • M

      As a former HUGE Selena Gomez fan… I gotta say I can’t stand her. She honestly seems as if she’s going to go into an Amanda bynes/Miley Cyrus breakdown. It’s going to be catastrophic. She’s a nut job lost cause… I hope she somehow pulls herself out of this weirdness before it gets worse!!

      • Sarah

        Well i definitely hope she doesn’t become Miley Cyrus #2. I love selena but i dont want her to get out of hand
        Not like miley or Rihanna

      • Neil Patrick Harris

        So taking pictures with other girls is considered weird and catastrophic? In that case every individual on instagram is a drug addict by your logic. I don’t see that holding much water M. Seems kind of flimsy to me.

    • Kathy

      Maybe somebody has hijacked Selena’s Instagram account. They could be posting miscellaneous garbage and fake pix in her name. Ya think?

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    • J_Doe5686

      Maybe she’s going through a rebellious phase. God knows!

    • Sammy

      Nothing looks wrong to me except for this article. Why so negative. Why look so deep to try to find something wrong. What happened to looking for the good in people. I guess the person that posted this article is just as miserable as 75% of the rest of the world.

    • becca

      Lol you’re probably thinking too deep considering the whole breakdowns happening with these child stars around or you just needed something to write about – I don’t know what.
      Let me explain:
      1) the picture with Vanessa is from the Oscar’s night. They’re friends, and Vanessa does seem like a party person so yeah, maybe that’s why the caption.
      2) the picture that everyone keeps saying is “nude”. Maybe she just randomly wanted to share it because its a good shot, you know with all the curtains and stuff.
      3) the secret project. The caption explains it – its her new PROJECT. Even Ryan Seacrest said so, that she’s worked on a new video.
      4) Whatever happened between her and the Jenners is none of our business. She probably wanted to clean her “following” list lol. Chill lots of people do that. No biggie.
      5) “I go back to black” maybe thats what she was listening to at that moment or maybe it went with the picture etc.
      6) the picture about “Growing Pains”. She is going through a heart break which may have affected her in the worst way, lowering her self esteem. It happens. But she can get out of it. I don’t think she has some serious problem. Yea maybe she can go see a therapist to clear her head but it’s not like necessary I think. She’ll get past that
      7) The videos are all random I don’t see a meaning behind them.
      8) “them is everything tho”. That picture is from John Legend’s All Of Me video. She’s just a fan duh.
      9) Ah my favorite. Her video with Taylor. “And during…” that ‘during’ is probably the continued caption of her previous post which said “Pre MET”… so if you add the two its like “Pre MET… and during.. sometimes you just wanna…” etc etc.
      10) “Where now and what now”. That caption is probably for fun because she’s on a vacation and is probably teasing her followers about where she is. Nothing serious.
      11) “Ask”. I don’t know why she put that but her fans started asking her questions in the comments lol. But I don’t find anything fishy because I put random captions all the time… you know whatever that’s going on in my head I put that whether people understand it or not.

      • Guest

        We got a Selena fangirl over here, ya’ll.

      • KCrook

        We got a Selena super-fangirl over here, ya’ll.

    • Napoleon

      Alexis, if you think this is bad then you should check out what Miley Cyrus has been doing lately. She’s a couple of wigs away from a Britney style breakdown.

    • LochNess

      As, someone in the psychology field I can say this: Yeah, she’s going through something no doubt; but, not to the negative extent you’re thinking of. She’s simply growing up and finding herself, as an adult, not a teenager. We all go through ‘growing up pains’; however, we are fortunate to not have to go through it publicly. Furthermore, WE all use our social media to express ourselves, and she is choosing to do so through her instagram. She’s subtly opening up to her fans though. I find that interesting, because I think she’s doing this as they were the ones that have watched her from age 9 til now. I could go through all the pictures you mentioned and tell you I see nothing wrong. At some point in my life I even wrote on my facebook, with a picture, captioned ‘back to black’, not once, but three times within a two year span. My reasons? The first time 1) I was going though the worst breakup, my first heart break and I kept letting him lure me back when I knew better 2) I simply changed my hair back to black, HA! 3) I was actually listening to the song and posted “back to, black”. If she wants to be random, it’s her prerogative. The videos are beyond cute and adorable!

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    • Neil Patrick Harris

      No offense but this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. Only someone with no idea about what they’re talking about would base your opinion off of something as flimsy as instagram photos.

      This is a stretch.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hey NPH, just wondering what I could have possibly taken offense at in your last comment.

        Please write back!


    • Snap Trap

      Even for an opinion piece, this article is lame and idiotic. I’ve seen poorly written fanfiction that makes more sense than this.

    • Snap Trap

      But really your online psychology degree isn’t working to your favor.

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