Willow Smith Isn’t In Trouble For That Scandalous Photo Because Her Parents Allegedly Couldn’t Care Less

Will Willow Jada Pinkett Smith NYC Premiere of Madagascar 3 June 7 2012

We should have probably guessed that Willow Smith’s parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, would allegedly feel that Willow is old enough to make her own bad choices. Like, okay, we freaked out about that inappropriate photo of her and a shirtless twenty-year-old, Moises Arias. That’s totally our bad. But, thankfully, TMZ is here to reassure us that Will and Jada allegedly feel super confident that their thirteen-year-old is of sound mind and judgement. Potentially harmful decisions without repercussions? Sure, why not?

Therefore, shut your figurative mouth, internet. You say that Moises’ twenty years on this Earth minus Willow’s thirteen makes you really, really uneasy? Well, Will and Jada might respond, “what, what, chicken butt.” You believe strongly that the photo, which is rife with inappropriate sexual undertones, is sketchy and eyebrow-raising? Will and Jada allegedly don’t give a heck. Because Willow is “very mature”, you see.

I just can’t wrap my head around how in the world Will and Jada saw the photo and didn’t promptly condemn Willow to a new life of 24-hour bedroom dwelling. Like, kids (would you look at that, she’s a kid!) do unfavorable things all day, every day; it’s just that most parents actually care and try to correct said behavior. And it’s possible that TMZ’s so-called “sources connected to the family” accidentally left that part out, and Willow’s sitting in a TV-less and phone-less bedroom right now. But, with the way that the world of rich and famous kids in Hollywood is set up, is it totally crazy to think that this didn’t interrupt either of their pulses in the slightest?

Maybe we can all take a lesson in how to do the parent from Will and Jada. The general rule seems to be that, once your kid stops wetting the bed, they’re all ready for adult responsibility, like making final decisions and paying federal taxes. Did I get that right?

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    • fantasymother

      Silly woman, you forgot the adults in this family mentor Justin Bieber – and what a fine job they’ve done.

      • Olivia Wilson

        You know what, that is a fantastic point.

    • FemelleChevalier

      “…once your kid stops wetting the bed, they’re all ready for adult responsibility, like making final decisions and paying federal taxes. Did I get that right?”

      You forgot voting. There’s also these super fun activities such as drinking and driving for these mature thirteen-year olds. Yay maturity!

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    • Nina

      what is inappropriate about the photo, maybe its cause im not american but they are not touching sexually, she is fully dressed and he is only shirtless. It just looks like they are watching tv on a bed, I do that with my friends or brothers all the time, I watched finding Nemo with my little niece on the bed just a couple of weeks ago, she was in a little nightgown and I was in a tshirt and underpants

    • Ayleah Bowser

      The sad thing is if she gets pregnant … SHE WILL BE JUST FINE they can easily pay for an abortion or a private Adoption. Or she can be one of the only teen moms with a full time Nanny. But hey thats what having rich and famous parents do to you

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