Julie Bowen Mentions That Her Sons Watch Her Shower, And Things Only Get Weirder From There

Julie Bowen Conan interview May 2014

You know how sometimes you’re watching an interview with a celebrity and it starts to seem like maybe that celebrity is a little too comfortable — with the interviewer, with the audience, with the chair they’re sitting in — and things take a turn for the weird? That’s what happened in this Julie Bowen interview with Conan O’Brien from last night. It started out innocent enough, but now I think I need an adult. Is there one available?

One of Julie’s favorite interview topics, besides her amazing imitation of Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara, is to talk about her kids. And she usually tells hilarious and delightful family stories that simultaneously make you giggle and vow never to have children. But this time things got strange when Conan asked what it’s like for her to be the only woman in a household of men, since she has three boys. Turns out her femaleness is very fascinating to her sons, because she possesses certain parts — and lacks certain other ones.

Julie just casually mentions that her sons have a habit of sneaking in while she’s showering and worrying about where the hell her penis is. Okay, that’s… not something I expected her to talk about. Maybe the rest of the conversation will be more run-of-the-mill and less “my sons watch me shower.” But then Conan of all people, who’s just commenting on the turn the conversation took, decides to encourage it and tells his own story about his son’s obsession with his wife’s boobs. Then there’s more boob talk and more references to wanting to return to the womb than I’m comfortable with. But hey, I’m not a mom and I’m not a little boy, so who am I to question it? Except I am questioning it. I’m questioning it so hard.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I feel like Julie Bowen gets pretty comfy cozy wherever she goes, but this has gotta be some kinda record as far as making me uncomfortable.

    • Guest

      Any mother knows that there’s no privacy in the bathroom. I agree that it’s not great talk show banter, but I bet every mother understands the ‘watching her shower’ (or anything else in the bathroom.

    • J_Doe5686

      I saw my mom, dad and older brother showering in different occasions when I was a kid. My mom had a masters degree in human sexuality and she tought me that I was a girl and have a vulva and when I get older I’d get boobs. My dad and older brother both have a penis and afterwards ask me if I noticed the difference and if I could please stop trying to pee standing up. Lol. I don’t think it is weird but it’s not something you go around telling everyone.

    • keanesian

      As a very tired mom, I would say that I have probably started telling similarly random/terrible/inappropriate stories without realizing it, but as soon as it is apparent, the only response is to just apologize and abort your rambling, unfortunate story. Julie Bowen tried to double down here, and…it did not work.

    • SunnyD847

      Depending on how old her sons are, I don’t see a problem. Kids are very curious when they realize there are physical differences between the sexes. The son of a friend was also concerned about her lack of a penis. He just couldn’t get over it. One day he even suggested she go buy one at the store :)

      • Buffy

        Just what I thought. Our daughter was wondering why daddy used to take a sausage in the shower when she was little. So not only sons get worried about naked parents ;-)

    • Butt Trophy Recipient

      I need to hang out with those boys

    • I just want a warm shower!

      My 2 year old has a tendency to yank back the curtain while I’m in the shower :/ I think it’s separation anxiety, though.. If I’m not in his direct line of sight, it’s game over.

    • Joye77

      I thought it was a funny interview. I enjoyed and wasn’t creeped out at all. I also have 3 boys. She didn’t mention the ages of her kids but by her description of them, they are probably around my kids ages. If they sneak in while she showers ( they aren’t just standing there watching her) and are curious as to why her body isn’t the same as theirs, it sounds like natural curiosity regarding different gender parts. Not anything gross. I am pretty easy going in my household regarding nudity because I don’t feel, and I don’t want my sons to feel, that nude bodies are gross. Of course I don’t wander around naked. It sounds like her kids are pretty normal to me.