Hilary Duff Responds To Those Pesky Scientology Rumors…Sort Of

Hilary Duff bitch please GIF rolling eyes shaking headEarlier this week, you may recall that we sent ourselves into a panicky tailspin when we saw reports that Hilary Duff might be dabbling in Scientology. According to a tweet she posted last night, though, we might have jumped the gun a little bit. Whatever. You can never be too careful.

This all got started because Hilary was seen at Coachella with her friend Alanna Masterson, who’s the sister of celeb-Scientologist Danny Masterson and a hard-core Scientologist herself. She took her first class at thirteen, and she hasn’t stopped since, so when we saw Hilary in her company, rocking a weird tattoo with triangle imagery, which is big in the Church of Scientology, we got understandably worried.

It’s not that we don’t think Hilary is a smart lady, it’s just that we’ve lost soldiers in this battle before (Laura PreponElisabeth Moss, etc.), which has taught us that resisting the powerful lure of Xenu is apparently a task that requires constant vigilance — at least for celebrities.

But apparently Hilary is still immune to the passion of L. Ron Hubbard’s embrace, as she’s saying her tattoo (whether permanent or otherwise), has nothing to do with the religion:

Okayyyy that’s fine, but forgive us if we aren’t totally relieved. Because if you saw that people were confused about your tat, you also saw why, and you know people are speculating you’re converting to Scientology…so why not respond to that? Why make it all about the tattoo, when it’s clearly not?

I’m glad she’s not sporting COS-ink or whatever, but it does very little for my peace of mind that she didn’t just come out and say she’s not converting. Meeeeep. Be strong, Hilary! Do it for Luca!

(Image: Tumblr)

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    • ashleymY

      Kudos to her so much BS made up about her because she isn’t sexing it up with anyone the second she announced separation, not airing out her problems, she is quietly working it out with her husband! Oh no the horror someone takes marriage seriously.

      She gives them nothing. HTF is a moon tattoo scieno crap??!

    • Jenni

      Scientology can have her, but can we have Luca?

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    • thebutlerdidit

      Errr, yeah. That’s totally a Scieno tat. Run, Hilary, run! The Masterson’s and the Ribisi’s have been big recruiters in LA, I would think the Duffster is too smart for that, but who knows, really?