Ronan Farrow’s Blue Eyes Are Allegedly Fake, So Frank Sinatra’s Probably Not His Dad

Ronan Farrow Eyes

New reports say that Ronan Farrow’s eyes as we know them are allegedly big, fat, contact-lensed lies, which is important when you consider that whole paternity situation of yore. If you recall, while we were in the thick of celebrities taking sides in the “Is Woody Allen Appalling?” debate, Ronan made it publicly clear that he wanted exactly zilch to do with him. And, with Mia Farrow’s claims to Vanity Fair that Frank Sinatra’s probably his dad and Ronan’s cheeky tweet alluding to the same, we were all like, “sure, why not?”. Because the EYES, they’re BLUE like the Mediterranean and also blue like Frank’s were. Except apparently, they’re allegedly just really believable colored contacts.

Page Six is reporting that, at the Time 100 Gala, it was obvious that his piercing blues are liars, liars, pants on fire.

“‘You could see the outline of his contacts,’ said a spy.”

And, while it’s tempting to write that off as someone who just may not be sure what human eyes look like, a friend of Ronan’s also allegedly confirmed the contacts story.

“He’s blind as a bat, they are prescription contacts. They are tinted white, but they do make his eyes brighter blue.”

Is it just me or does the fact that they’re tinted white sound like a deliberate attempt to pull the wool over all of our own eyes? And it’s like, cool, make your eyes literally whatever color you want. But it feels like it was done on purpose to make the public buy into the whole Sinatra story, which would be so fake and icky. That’s like people speculating that I’m the child of Barney the Dinosaur and I dance around the topic, but go around wearing a purple dinosaur Halloween costume every day.

Ugh, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, Ronan. You’re an actual genius and you’re so witty, not a phony Hollywood type! Except, if your intentions were how they seem, I totally feel like you fit right in there. Excuse me while I go weep from my non-phony eyeholes.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      What kind of stalker notices things like “the outlines” of contact lenses? And is there such a thing?

      • capoupascap

        There is such a thing but you have to look really close….it kinda creeps me out how hard “the source” must have looked for the lines

      • Isabelle

        Not necessarily. I remember when my friend was wearing contacts and I would notice the lines when I spoke to her. You can notice the contact lines pretty easily

      • loser_sneeze

        My lenses are clear but the outlines are pretty easy to see as I’ve got very light eyes.

    • Maitri

      I have unusually colored eyes and I wear contacts, so I get asked all the time if my contacts are colored. Nope, they’re not.

    • loser_sneeze

      The friend said it makes his eyes brighter blue which would indicate that they are indeed blue, just darker than they seem with the lenses.

    • tatiana

      Dear Olivia,

      1st: there is no such thing as “tinted white” contact lens. there are only transparent and visibly tinted lenses. (I have visibly tinted, and those aren’t make my blue eyes bluer, but the outline can visible.)

      2nd: even if he has brown/grey/green eyes, a blue eyed man could be his father. you must have missed biology class, when you learnt about the inheritance of the eye colors. let me google it for you:

      • M_G

        Dearest Tatiana,

        While your condescending quips and Googling skills are second to none, I feel you have missed the entire point of the article. It’s not so much that Olivia believes blue-eyed parents produce blue-eyed children, but that Ronan may have purposefully enhanced his eye color for the purposes of propagating the rumor. To quote the article, “But it feels like it was done on purpose to make the public buy into the whole Sinatra story, which would be so fake and icky.” So I feel like your top-notch research attempts may have been in vain.

    • JenH1986

      He is still far more attractive than Woody Allen. And while Farrow is a gorgeous lady I just don’t see that Woody Allen could help produce a man this attractive. Sinatra may not be his dad, but I doubt Woody Allen is. While I’m not a huge fan of the colored contacts to perpetuate the rumor, in the grand scheme of fucked up Hollywood nonsense, this is absurdly low.

      • ameliacoco

        “I just don’t see that Woody Allen could help produce a man this attractive”

        LOL totally agree

    • Mary Boyles

      you can he looks a tom like Sinatra, his eyes don’t have to be blue to see that, they could be purple!

    • ameliacoco

      Even without the eyes he still looks like Frank to me. Damn he is sexy too.

    • Mandy

      Before lasik, the brand of regular ol’ contacts I wore for years were slightly tinted the palest aqua colour, to make them more visible floating in their little contact case. They did lighten my eye colour from a mossy green to a more blue-green, and the effect was highly dependant on what I was wearing or the direction I was facing. They reflected rather well.

    • hithere55

      Whatever, he’s adorable and looks like Sinatra in black and white, so who cares what color his eyes are.