In A Proud Moment For Canada, Justin Bieber Reportedly Mocked Rob Ford About Crack At A Nightclub

Justin Bieber confused head shake

Yesterday reports surfaced of a new video depicting Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking a pipe that allegedly contains crack. Ford announced he’s taking a “leave from campaigning and from [his] duties as Mayor to get immediate help.” But in addition to that news, there’s also a new story from the Toronto Star detailing the mayor’s recent alleged drug and alcohol use. And obviously it involves Justin Bieber allegedly taunting him about crack at a nightclub. Of course Justin Bieber is involved. When is he not?

According to the Star, on the night of March 15, Ford and four men took a taxi to his Toronto home from city hall. He then ordered a party bus to take them to a club called Muzik in the city. Apparently Ford left his private booth and went into the common area, where he saw Bieber. Bieber allegedly said jokingly, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” Ford reportedly returned to his booth angrily and drank heavily. He also reportedly vomited in the club’s bathroom and said, “My wife and children hate me. I am in over my head.” There were also incidents a few weeks later in which he was reportedly banned from the executive lounge at the Air Canada Center for being drunk, and was then seen allegedly doing cocaine back at Muzik. He apparently really likes Muzik. Not quite as clear if he also likes music.

Sigh. Of course Justin Bieber is involved in a story about Rob Ford. Isn’t he involved in every scandalous or generally negative thing that happens in the world? I’d personally like to extend my deepest condolences to Canada. They’ve produced a lot of wonderful things besides these two idiots, and I think we should focus on the positive. Like Ryan Gosling. And Ryan Gosling. And mostly Ryan Gosling. Let’s just focus on Ryan Gosling, okay?

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    • Jenni

      I’ll take any excuse ever to link my most favoritest Rob Ford gif

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’M ON MY WAY.

      • Jenni

        I’m going to be honest with everyone here. I upvoted myself. It’s such a good GIF.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Sick burn, local middle schooler, Justin Bieber.

      • Emmet Willis


    • Emmet Willis

      Riiiiight Crushable. Because the whole world “hasn’t” been mocking Rob Ford for — ooh — YEARS.

      But now that Bieber’s done it, it’s a problem!?*#$!

      Loving your work – and the smug hypocrisy.

    • bluesbingo

      Best Canadian Joni Mitchell!!!!!!

    • ivan

      Why the usual smear of Justin Bieber; he has not been involved in anything bad in two months now and been doing a lot of good things. Why the constant reference to his mistakes when there are celebrities doing mush worse and not reported? Why are writers in gossip sites using them as a forum to bash him-will it ever end?

      • bluesheart

        i love you

      • benjitiger30

        Why? Bcuz Beiber is a fucking tool!

    • ivan

      Poor foul mouth, vulgar, alcohol, crack smoking Mayor! Guess some Canadians are not embarrassed to elect this boob yet are not proud of the biggest pop idol they probably ever had. I guess some, including this mayor, have no sense of humor especially when it is directed at them.