Naya Rivera Has Been Fired From Glee, And Apparently Lea Michele Is To Blame

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If you read blind items, you would’ve had a pretty clear idea this was coming, but it’s finally happened – Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee.

For anyone who’s blindsided by this news, you should be aware that Naya and her costar Lea Michele have supposedly been feuding for quite a while, and things have intensified this month specifically. There have been repeated rumors of friction, which apparently came to a head on April 15th, when there was allegedly a ‘major altercation’ between the two of them on set. It’s not clear what exactly took place, but sources state that Naya was escorted from the set of the FOX series, and that even when filming resumed at a later date, the situation had apparently not improved. According to a source:

“They’re always icy to each other. Naya is jealous that Lea is the show’s main star… There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them. They talk behind each other’s backs – a lot.”

While it sounds like they weren’t outwardly hostile, I imagine that it amounted to a lot of drama that the producers could do without on set. And since Lea is the more popular and integral to the show of the two, Naya had to go. Apparently it really was a spur of the moment decision though, as according to reports, Naya was originally supposed to appear in the season five finale, which she’s currently being written out of.

Her status for the sixth and final season was always up in the air, but producer Brad Falchuk had previously confirmed that Naya would appear in episode twenty, to air on May 13th, with her character Santana singing alongside Mercedes, played by Amber Riley, and Brittany, played by Heather Morris, but that’s clearly no longer happening.

Not that surprising when you consider the fact that the episode is called ‘The Rachel Berry Project’. Removing Lea from that episode, and the series in general, would’ve been a way more ambitious rewrite, and nobody likes extra work. While it is upsetting, this is really the only way an on-set feud between those two actresses in particular could have gone, don’t you think?

Fans of the show disagree though, obviously, and have started #NoNayaNoGlee trending on Twitter. Sweet intentions, but all I have to say is ‘good luck with that’, given that when one of the show’s leads, Cory Monteith, died tragically of an overdose, not only did they continue the show without him, but they shot an entire episode exploiting his death. It was called ‘The Quarterback’, and it had more to do with saying goodbye to his character Finn Hudson than about mourning the actual man who played him.

But anyway, I digress. No matter how you feel about Naya, you have to admit that she’s having a helluva year, first with her engagement to Big Sean dissolving, and now losing the job that made her famous in the first place. Sucks.

And Lea Michele, what do you have to say for yourself?

Lea Michele smiling GIF (via)

Yup. That’s kind of what I figured. When all the world burns and there is nothing left, there will still be Lea Michele, and she will still be on Glee. It is known.

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    • Rachel Monroe

      Naya got herself fired.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • JLH1986

      I’ve been reading a lot of reports that Naya has gone off the deep end and has thought of herself as more important than she really is. Of course that could be bollocks, but I’m more inclined to believe where there’s smoke…

      • Nicole P.
        Lea slept with Naya’s fiance, that’s where all the drama is coming from

      • JenH1986

        Maybe? That doesn’t seem to really make any sense to me. But even if it were true. Naya’s behavior on set is not ok. Handle your personal business elsewhere not at work. If that happened I’m not mad at her for hating Lea. I have no feelings good or bad toward Lea (or Naya) but show some professionalism and show up for work, don’t throw a fit and leave your personal business at home.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • ceren

      I’ll never watch glee again.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think a lot of people feel that way!

    • gayle

      At this point I would think getting off this show would be a blessing. But I believe they are both a pain in the ass to deal with and I seriously hope there is an E! true Hollywood story about this show at some point.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oooh I would love that.

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Yikes. I don’t know anything about Naya’s personal life so I have no idea if this was truly necessary but Glee just lost one of its best characters.

    • J_Doe5686

      I don’t like Glee. I watch the first halh of the first season and that was it. I don’t like Lea Michelle and I don’t like Lea Michelle’s voice. I keep up with Blind Gossip. But I’m confused because the last thing I read about them was that Lea slept with Naya’s boyfriend and was trying to kick her out. The producers decided to rewrite the storyline so that Naya would still be in the show but not be on screen with Lea.
      My question is, wth did Lea do to get her kick out?

      • guest

        My guess is that if they have to go to that much trouble to keep her in, maybe they just decided it would be easier to let her go.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, drama slows everything down.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I saw the Lea sleeping with Big Sean thing…I honestly can’t imagine that, so I don’t know.

      • J_Doe5686

        Same here.

    • Maitri

      I can’t stand Lea Michele, she’s an ok-looking girl who seems to think she’s the hottest shit this side of Chicago, so I blame her completely for this.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I just wish Naya had had the good sense to ignore her attacks — they were never gonna fire Lea, so if one of them had to go, she should’ve realized it’s be her and not taken the bait.

      • Sunny

        You are so biased it’s ridiculous. You still hate Lea after all these years because she was supposedly mean to a waiter in some restaurant in NYC…beyond pitiful

      • M_G

        …..what the hell are you babbling about?

      • Lu

        This “writer” originally hated Lea Michele because a waiter friend of hers told her that Lea was a bitch when she was being served in some restaurant. That’s what started her vendetta against Lea.

      • M_G

        Ah. Okay. First of all, writer doesn’t need to be in quotes. Regardless of your feelings, Alexis wrote this article, ergo, she is a writer. Second, and this is the important part, everyone (you, me, Alexis, Sunny, et. al.) is allowed their personal opinion. Even if this article was titled “That Bitch Lea Michele Is At It Again”, and even if this article offered any proof of Alexis hating Lea (which is doesn’t, for the record, and if you disagree, please cite specific passages and prepare to defend your argument), Alexis is entitled to her opinion. And if the reports of the two of them cat-fighting around the set is true, Lea certainly at least had a hand in her firing, so let’s stop pretending she’s an innocent bystander.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m swooning. You’re my hero.

      • M_G

        Awe shucks……and no problem! Trolling trolls is my raison d’être……well, that, and to someday understand Charo when she’s speaking, but the former is a much more attainable goal.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahaha, dream big!

      • Nbl

        For someone who speaks as many languages as she does, you would think someone, somewhere could understand at least one. Alas, this seems to be a fevered dream of a mad man.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thanks for being such a dedicated reader, but unfortunately you’re mis-remembering. I was present at the time and observed Lea’s behaviors, just wanted to state for the sake of transparency in that post that I had not served her directly myself.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I used direct sources from the original sites reporting on this, so please explain to me how this reflects my ‘vendetta’ against Lea. I’ll admit that I don’t care for her, but that didn’t figure in, here.

        The fact that I have sentences like, ‘…Lea is the more popular and integral to the show…’ makes me think you didn’t even get past the title before you commented on the post.

      • Sunny

        You have NO direct source on this and you know it. This is all secondhand information. This originated from TMZ, then Blind Gossip, then yesterday a girl who was on the FOX/Glee set stated that someone she knows told her Naya was gone for good. It’s total crap and you know it. Since when is that enough to pin the blame on someone? The idea that Blind Gossip is now a 100% truthful source is laughable.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        When you ‘source’ information from someone, they become your source. Thus, New York Daily news is my source, which you would have discovered had you followed the link to their article that I helpfully included via the anchor text ‘source’.

        You can admit that you know the same amount as I do about this situation, right? So why do you feel justified saying that I’m wrong when all the evidence currently being reported on points to the contrary?

      • Raquel

        I’m not sure what kind of truth telling journalism you’re expecting to read on a celebrity gossip blog. Seeing as this is a blog post Alexis is entitled to her opinions. You’re the guest here. Read the articles with a grain of salt, obviously. Make your comments about the content if you must or just roll your eyes and move on to the next article like a sane person should. The fact that you want to question a gossip bloggers sources is laughable. No source is going to be 100% truthful, that’s why it’s gossip. Duh.

        Btw, I find Lea Michelle to be entirely annoying. I’ve never met her and my only basis for this opinion is that I don’t like her face or voice.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • The Redhead

      I just don’t understand the love for Lea Michele. She is right up there with Beyoncé for the world’s most annoying celebrity.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        We agree on Lea Michele, but disagree on Beyonce, sadly. Can I offer you a Jennifer Lawrence?

    • Sunny

      I admire how much you hate Lea Michele. She could save a busload of orphans from a fire and you’d still find some way to blame her for anything and everything that goes wrong on Glee. I must tweet Lea congratulations for her new accomplishment of owning FOX and Glee because clearly she must be the end all be all for decision making around there, right? Kudos! Who knew she was so powerful? Poor innocent Naya Rivera, being picked on by her mean co-star.

      • M_G

        I am truly impressed by the quality of the passive-aggressive vitriol in your comment. What it lacks in veracity, it certainly makes up for in bitchiness. Brava.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well I, for one, admire how much you hate my writing! I can report on the exact same story as every other media outlet, and you still find some way to equate my observations with a ‘vendetta’.

        You’ll notice that even though you only ever comment negatively on the pieces I write, I’ve never accused you of having a vendetta against me. I’ve been able to piece it together that you don’t particularly like me or my writing and leave it at that.

      • Sunny

        Lea Michele can do nothing right in your opinion. We are all literally operating on hearsay and secondhand information yet you somehow got it into your head that Lea Michele has to explain herself for something that may have nothing to do with her — “Lea Michele, what do you have to say for yourself?” . You found fault with her working on her album months after Cory died, found fault with her going back to work, everything she does is something terrible to you. Why is that?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Lea Michele can and has done things right, and I’ve written about those occasions in the past. She’s talented, successful, and impressively dedicated to her career. Unfortunately, sometimes those traits can translate into blind ambition, ego, and narcissism, which is how I feel about Lea.

        I don’t care for her personality, as far as I’ve been exposed to it, and you do. We both have reasons for our opinions, so why is it so important to you that I share yours? I can be impressed by her drive without admiring her for it.

      • bluesbingo

        That last sentence is mind blowing. Simply mind blowing! It applies to my feelings for Taylor Swift (ugh), Beyonce (bigger ugh) and Jennifer Lawrence (can my ugh get any bigger?).

    • FemelleChevalier

      I know I’m being biased, but the only Lea in Broadway (for me) is Lea Salonga. I never liked Lea Michele’s voice, although I can admit that she’s at least a decent actress.

      And the blind items are really interesting to read – much more interesting than the show itself, actually. Too bad for Naya, though. She played an interesting and arguably one of the best characters on the show.

    • Nicole P.

      Lea slept with Naya’s fiance. That’s why they broke up and that’s why Naya hates Lea, rightfully so.

      • Gleek101

        Lea did not sleep with Big Sean that was just a made a rumor by blind gossip who hate lea with a passion and have written many false articles about her

      • please

        EVERYTHING Blind Gossip has written about Lea proved itself to be ACURATE. Poor little stan who can’t deal with the fact that Lea Michele is an egoistical ugly famewhore little slut. You’ll get over it.

      • Gleek101

        Actually you are wrong nothing blind gossip has said is accurate its all false but people like you are stupid enough to belive it. Yiu are the famewhore slut and a nasty asshole you get over it nasty piece of shit. I can deal well but you can’t deal with the fact that you are wrong about her and so blind gossip a trash full of crap website that is 99% false and has a hatred of lea just like you do

    • MarianD

      Glee’s being going downhill for a long time. No small part to the writers pushing some characters to the front and ignoring others, in a manner that doesn’t seem to reflect who people actually like. If I had been hired to work on ensemble comedy and it turned into the Lea Michelle show (with special guest star Darrin Criss) I would be pretty pissed off to.
      - I’ve been hate watching for a couple seasons now. Naya leaving will probably make me finally stop,

    • A

      This freaking show needs to be off the air. Lea Michele (and Naya Rivera, honestly) are dragging it into the ground. They’re both terribly divarific and have no basis for behaving that way. So ridiculous.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well, Naya’s out of your hair now at least! And the next season is the last.

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    • GabbyD

      I don’t know about personalities. For all I know Naya can be an angel and Lea a bitch… but Lea is a MUCH better singer. But this is MY opinion. I love Broadway and show tunes. Although I LOVE Santana’s voice and style she butchered Don’t Rain on My Parade. It was painful to watch. Glee woudn’t be Glee without Lea. I really loved Santana though, she was my favorite character until she said those awful things to Rachel…