Watch Matt LeBlanc Reprise A Friends Bit, Ask Yourself When Joey Got So Old

Matt LeBlanc on The Graham Norton Show April 2014Everybody come in here and help me. I just watched Matt LeBlanc give an interview on The Graham Norton Showand all I want to do is throw open my windows and shout out, “When did Joey get so OOOOOOOOOOOOLD?” to the entire city.

At some place in my brain, I am cognitively aware that Friends was a long time ago. I know that it didn’t just now go off the air, but when we start throwing around numbers like 2004, which was the year the final episode aired and also TEN YEARS AGO, I don’t really have a concept for that.

And you know why? Because everybody looks the same! Sure, Courteney Cox is a little more stretched out, but Jennifer Aniston hasn’t aged a day since the show’s pilot in 1994. (I genuinely believe that she may have discovered the Fountain Of Youth and just isn’t telling the rest of us about it.) We saw Matthew Perry at the height of addiction during the show, so any image I see of him since looks spry and youthful, no matter his age. I don’t see David Schwimmer enough to have an opinion on his face, and Lisa Kudrow I just love so much that I’m unable to discern her individual features. I register it all as a bright, glorious light that I may bask in.

And any time I saw Matt LeBlanc, I just admired his tastefully graying hair and assumed he was the same old Joey as always. Until I heard him talk during this interview. And then everything changed. I saw his mouth moving, and I heard words related to Joey’s acting techniques (‘pretend like you’re smelling a fart’) coming out, but there was no way this voice was coming out of Joey, right? My Joey? MY JOEY. Does he smoke, or what? What is happening? We promised each other we’d never grow old!

I don’t want to overreact here, so I won’t, but I just need to know — How old am I? AM I A CRONE? IS MY FACE CRUMBLING TO PIECES IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES? CAN YOU SEE ME? AM I DUST???!?!?!?!?

Please write back. Love, Alexis.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      holy sh*tttttttttttttttttt

    • capoupascap

      I usually think he’s a silver fox and was aging pretty well so I’m hoping this is just a terrible picture/off day for him. But idk not everybody’s into fillers/botox/plastic surgery maybe he doesn’t want to do all that stuff.

    • Danica

      OMG, what happened with his voice – and face?

    • maurid

      His hair started to go grey back when season 5 or 6 was airing. He just dyed it. His voice is exactly the same as it was back in seasons 9/10. If he loses a few pounds and dyes even a small part of his hair black, he’ll look younger.

      He’s no Jennifer Aniston but thankfully he’s no Courtney Cox either.

    • Zero Tollrants

      The show is older than most of the people that comment on this blog. Chill. This is what non-fillered, non-dyed adults around 50 look like, if they are fortunate. The faux age of adults now due to all the work, is really screwing up the ideal of what it means to mature, and I’m not sure it’s a good idea, at all, to be confused about the fact you’re no longer 30, when you are 12 yrs away from Social Security eligibility.

    • markmywords

      You’re good, Alexis. No problemo. :-)
      I think Matt looks good. He obviously takes care of himself and aged alright. He’s on a show called “Episodes” and it’s hilarious. It’s about a pair of british screen writers who land a hit on tv and go to Hollywood where things are a little different. Matt’s role is playing himself and the protagonist of the amercian adaption and this guy is just a plain ass (which took me awhile to get acustomed to, because he looks like a lovely person). I highly recommend it, it’s one of my absolute favorites.

    • Ɖ♂ற *º¤Ø♥ؤº*(°◡°♡)

      He was always overrated, he’s ugly, he’s not handsome? There’s nothing handsome about a guy who looks like stallone, dark hair, dark eyes, small.

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