The Great Selena Gomez Unfollow Of 2014 Is Explained, Relationship With Justin Bieber Remains A Mystery

Selena Gomez Instagram Selfie 4-26-14

Hold onto your distressed denim, hippie headbands, and John Lennon sunglasses because the Great Selena Gomez Post-Coachella Instagram Unfollow of 2014 finally has an explanation.  And by explanation, I of course mean a “source” close to Selena offered up a vague reason Selena is behaving like a passive-aggressive teenager that only partially makes sense.  Aren’t you excited to be in on the scoop? Me too.

Here’s what E! News is reporting:

A source says the singer has had an epiphany of sorts after the 3-day outdoor concert and has decided to remove what she believes are negative influences in her life and is focusing on positive things and people. While the source would not specify what prompted the singer’s decision, we’re told Selena is currently reevaluating her friendships and relationships with certain people which is why she had an Instagram purge and is not following anyone on that social media platform.

“Forget those Jenner-bots, maybe she’s finally ready to move on from that douche bag Justin Bieber, then!” I hear you exclaim.  Except she’s still following him on Twitter, and apparently attended a church service earlier this week given by his shady pastor with one of Justin’s shady friends.  Sooo I guess she’s not reevaluating all of the negative influences in her life, but rather removing herself from all of her girlfriends who either a.) regularly tell her she can do better than him or b.) harbor some Belieber tendencies themselves.  Healthy!

I must admit that while it’s hard not to poke fun at celebrity problems sometimes, I’m more than a little worried about Selena Gomez.  Between a rehab stay, constantly being on-and-off with her toddler boyfriend, firing her parents, and posting selfies and sad lyrics on Instagram, I think she’s having a rough year.  Hopefully she finds the strength to permanently remove the biggest negative influence in her life, but I’m starting to think that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Ugh. Get it together, girl.

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    • Nope.

      At least you can see through the “a source said” nonsense, but I’ve heard those girlfriends of hers pop molly like candy and drink 24/7…greaaaat influences. But yes, of course bieber is the problem as always. So ridiculous. I think they are both more level headed when they’re in each other’s lives.

      • Jon

        Justin Bieber is definitely level headed. That is, when he’s not pissing in buckets or sucking on a stripper’s tit for all to see. Other than those instances though, he’s quite the catch

    • M_G

      I really like Selena Gomez. I think she’s talented, I think she’s a positive role model, and she is (or at least appears to be) a genuinely good person. I don’t know if this recent string of negativity stems from her relationship with Beiber, or her desire to try to break out into a more adult persona, or something else, but whatever it is, I REALLY hope she gets back on track soon.

      • Cassandra Hough

        I blame Bieber. And Coachella.

    • Mishelle Fuller

      She was one of my favorite Disney Girls… keyword, WAS. She’s turned into a mega trainwreck that is quite frankly embarrassing to watch. I actually get embarrassed for her. She’s become the one thing she never was… a drugged out, alcoholic. I always thought she was the one who would be sober, be sane, be everything everyone else wasn’t… and apparently her little douchebag of a boyfriend got to her. It all started going downhill when she met him… very sad, but she’ll find out the hard way. She has yet to hit rock bottom, and unfortunately her rockbottom is going to be very hard.

      • Isabelle

        She hasn’t done anything wrong. So what if she hangs out with people you don’t admire? Maybe she sees the good in them and actually knows them instead of judging by stories that are probably false. I think it’s presumptuous of you to say she is embarrassing to watch and has become a train wreck.

      • Mishelle Fuller

        She hasn’t done anything wrong? Legally that may correct, but morally totally incorrect. Sure, she wants to grow up and be out of the Disney spotlight, but here are better ways to do that, not with drugs and alcohol. There have been interviews from years back of her stumbling on her words, acting ditzy and wobbly… insinuating being drunk. This isn’t just a young person being young, this is straight up problem. She’s been drunk on many occasions in public since, not to mention she’s been reported to abuse prescription medication and marijuana (which some may not find bad… pot is whatever with me) and THAT is why she is trainwreck. Throw in the bad publicity she’s getting from her childish boyfriend, and she’ll be put on the back burner faster than you can say her name. She’s going down the path of Lindsay Lohan, although not as strongly. I hope she catches herself for her sake, her families sake, her baby sisters sake. We don’t need another Amy Winehouse. Yes, she’s talented (acting wise, certainly not singing.. that always baffled me), and I’m sure she’s a geniuinely sweet girl, but she’s throwing what could be an amazing career down the drain. It always starts off innocently… look at Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown… we all know what happened there. And don’t say the stories are probably false, because cameras don’t catch fake things… there are videos of these things out there. No need to get hostile or defensive.

      • Isabelle

        I’m not being hostile or defensive. Maybe Selena could go the way of Lindsay Lohan although I think she is way more down to earth than Lindsay ever was and has a much more stable family and (former) friends. Yes she’s been photographed looking at least tipsy and rumors that she has done drugs. I don’t think it’s healthy, fair or polite for us to assume things that we don’t know for a fact.

    • Isabelle

      Pettiness aside, Taylor Swift is supposedly a great friend so I’m confused as to why Selena would try to cut her out.

    • Tito Flanders

      Preparation to join a cult. That’s one of the first things cults have you do – remove any influence in your life that would make you question the cult.

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    • mich_nicole

      i heard that the jenners and beiber and poss that smith kid were involved in a gang bang of sorts…also reports of beiber and kendall on a sush date?

    • Alex Schwer

      To quote my favorite lunatic…

      “Play them the great music of the centuries and they can’t hear it. Most people’s deaths are a sham. There’s nothing left to die.”

      Don’t you think?