Don’t You Dare Ask Rita Ora If She’s Sleeping With Jay-Z Or Beyonce Might Strike You With A Lightning Bolt

Rita Ora MTV Movie Awards April 2014

Rita Ora is denying that she Jay-Z are having an affair, just like she did last year when people brought it up. Except this time when she was asked on Power 105′s “The Breakfast Club,” she got especially offended… on behalf of Beyonce. Because apparently even bringing up a rumor that her husband is cheating on her is enough incur the wrath of the gods. And the gods are of course all Beyonce, so it’s really bad.

Rita was asked if she and Jay are “boinking,” which is honestly a word we don’t use often enough as a society and should totally make more appearances in our vernacular. Rita’s response was, “Don’t you dare disrespect Beyoncé like that ever again in your entire life!” I mean, sure it would be disrespectful to her if you were having an affair with her husband, and it might be disrespectful to you or Jay-Z if they accused you of the affair. But it’s moments like these when I’m convinced Beyonce is really some kind of powerful otherworldly being. She strikes fear in the hearts of everyone from fans to celebrities alike.

Rita continued, “That’s just straight up disrespect. You can’t even go there. That’s like not even a question.” Obviously if Rita’s not having an affair (and even if she is, although I don’t know anything) she would be adamant about denying it, and it’s good that she doesn’t want to perpetuate any rumors about Beyonce, but is anyone else getting slightly disturbed by how frightening Beyonce is to people? I mean, I know she’s fierce and does amazing things like sing through a stage kidnapping and release a surprise album overnight, and I know I refer to her as a deity all the time, but I’m only joking. If we let this go on she’ll be acting like a Regina George to more people than just Kim Kardashian.

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    • Jon

      I think after all of Jay’s previous “alleged” flings (most notably Rihanna), Beyonce has really clamped down on these type of things. Rita knows that Beyonce has the power to snap her fingers and Rita would be back in England waiting tables

      • Isabelle

        Or maybe she feels loyalty to her and really respects her. Maybe to Rita these rumors are genuinely offensive and incorrect

    • Krazilia Love

      If she is scared of anyone, it is Beyonces rabid stans. They lean towards irrational.

    • markmywords

      [..] “boinking,” which is honestly a word we don’t use often enough as a
      society and should totally make more appearances in our vernacular
      LOL! Agreed.

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