Here’s The Horrifying RHOA Video That Got Porsha Williams Arrested For Battery

Kenya Moore calling Porsha Williams a dumb ho on RHOA reunion GIFWe’ve been hearing for a while now about an epic blowup during the Real Housewives Of Atlanta season six reunion show, but because of the magic of television, we’re only able to see how truly insane it was now.

I stopped watching RHOA months ago because my Sundays are already too crowded with television, but even without keeping up with the show, I knew that I’d have to tune in for the reunion, once everyone was talking about it after it filmed in March. And since Porsha Williams-Stewart had already been arrested for battery against Kenya Moore, who called 911, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what had gone down.

But oh girl. That was before I saw the video. It is SO INTENSE. And not just the fight part, either. I’ve seen little scuffles on Bravo before, but this was literally a knock-down, drag-out fight, and it got intense super fast. Kenya had been goading Porsha the whole time, as she has been for two seasons now, with behavior like waving her scepter at her, which was the moment I saw the first indication there might be a brawl.

And things only got more heated from there, with Kenya suggesting that she’d cheated on her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, and finally yelling at her through a megaphone, which is what finally sets her off at the beginning of this clip. (Be warned, it does get violent.)

Did you see that! Porsha jumped at Kenya so fast that she snatched Cynthia Bailey‘s boob right out of her dress! And that’s why you don’t continue sitting in between an instigator and someone who’s already threatened violence. It’s not safe.

Andy Cohen is trying to get between them, and frantically shouting “no no no no no no no no no!” the whole time, but Porsha already has Kenya by the hair and on the ground before anyone really realizes what’s going on. And once the actual hitting stops, somehow it becomes even more horrifying, as Porsha has apparently lost complete control of herself. She’s on the ground kicking her feet and screaming “I have embarrassed myself!” People are literally covering her mouth and restraining her, it’s intense. Really difficult to watch. Just look at the face Cynthia is making during it, and that’s what mine is doing as well.

Of course we all know how it ends, but honestly I had no idea the video was gonna be that disturbing. And nor did Andy Cohen, based on the look on his face when he goes in to talk to her.

Blegh. Just a reminder that violence is never the answer, guys. It might feel right in the moment, but afterward I guarantee you’re gonna feel exactly as awkward as I do right now, just having watched it.

(Image: realitytvgifs)

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    • M_G

      I VEHEMENTLY abhor all of the “Real Housewives” shows. It’s not even guilty pleasure “ha ha look how rich and ridiculous their lives are” entertainment (a la the Kardashians). It’s just…..awful.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, this one is particularly rough.

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    • elle

      Ugh I’m really not trying to be a Porsha Williams apologist here and I don’t even watch any Real Housewife type shows but why why why was Kenya allowed to have a megaphone and start screaming in Porshas face? I get that they want maximum drama but the fact that these two ladies already had drama and then allowing that? I’m not surprised it escalated so dramatically and violently and neither should Andy Cohen. I hope producers at Bravo are ashamed (yeah right) but if I was Porsha I think would feel really set up quite frankly. None of this is to say that I think Porsha should be left off, she absolutely should have had a warrant out for her arrest/turned herself in/be tried or plead no contest whatever will happen but…they kinda screwed with her for drama and that seems really shitty….so yeah I AM kinda coming off as an apologist here I just think Bravo acted really shitty.

    • JLH1986

      Porsha and Kenya gave Bravo exactly what they wanted. Bravo doesn’t care about those women and setting them up like that it’s very clear. That being said Porsha is a grown woman, she is not new to the Bravo game and she should have walked away. Now she has to face the consequences like an adult. I’m glad I don’t watch this show anymore because as ridiculous as it was when it first started it’s a hot mess now.

      • Alexis Rhiannon