Harry Styles Fanfic Is Being Made Into A Movie, So Start Thinking Of Excuses To Go

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So apparently some Harry Styles fan fiction is being turned into a movie, and I’ma need you to do something for me — come up with a suitable excuse that we can all use to go see it.

Because the thing is, it’s probably gonna be pretty filthy. That’s the whole point of imagines, that you can make the people in them do whatever you want through the magic of creative writing! And with the world as your oyster like that, why wouldn’t you make Harry and Zayn Malik trade gentle caresses backstage, or let Taylor Swift plant a trail of chate kisses down Harry’s trembling chest. (Sorry, I just happened to get a ton of experience with One Direction fanfic while writing this post, and so far I haven’t been successful in erasing it from my brain.)

But this isn’t that kind of fanfic, because apparently no one is actually famous. It’s called ‘After’, and written by a woman named Anna Todd on her Wattpad, about the love story between Tessa Young and the normal high schooler Harry Styles. After Anna’s first rendition was read by over 150 million people (!!!!!), she wrote two follow-ups, ‘After 2′ and ‘After 3′, which were read by 156 million and 300 million people, respectively. Holy crap. Thus why it’s being shopped around to movie studios right now by United Talent Agency.

[Note: in the original version, this post incorrectly stated that Harry was famous in the fanfic. Thank you to the many commenters who pointed that out.]

And if that concept sounds familiar — someone taking their fanfic to another level — it’s because that’s exactly what happened with 50 Shades Of GreyThat oversexed nonsense was originally written by E.L. James as Twilight imagines; all she did was change the names from Bella and Edward when the book went to print, the same thing that Anna will have to do so that no names of famous people remain.

But I’m not too worried about all that stuff. I’m more concerned about how I’m gonna get my butt in that movie theater seat without being a weirdo. It’s not gonna be a family-friendly movie like Frozen where you can just borrow a neighbor kid to excuse going to see it fourteen times in theaters. (Would’ve totally done that if I didn’t want to be ‘that lady’ in my apartment building.) But at the same time, it’s still inherently about a relationship between a couple high schoolers. Which isn’t something I’m totally comfortable showing up for, y’know?

Bottom line: this is gonna take some serious creativity, so let me know when you come up with something.

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    • me

      they are not in high school. they are in college

    • Artic.mofo

      I really wish this would’ve just stayed in the onedirection fandom even though it has nothing to do with 1d but it does harry. Because all of you are just fucking jealous and half of you dumb idiots havent even read the goddamn story. Ana is a amazing writer and she had no idea this story was going to get as much attention as it did. But no since it did everyones giving her grief about it. Quite honestly she can write whatever the fuck she want to so shut up. If you do ‘t want to see it in theaters then oh well keep your fucking mouth shut.

    • Sarah

      there not in high school there in collage..at least they r in the book, just saying lmfao but im sad they there changing Harry’s name in the book like that was one of the reason’s why people love it!! to see Harry in the Venerable bad boy state, and for fans to imagine them self as Tess being in a steamy, hot, romantic and yet troubling relationship were we are all rooting for them to work things out cuz we all know that they belong together (the charterers) but ether way i can not wait for the movie!!! I am totally in love with the whole story, and how its to real and so raw, theirs not sugar coating, its all up front for the reader.