Betcha Can’t Give Us One Good Reason There Should Be A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

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I know the impulse is to get really excited about the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that was just announced, but I need you to reevaluate that sensation for a quick second. I have as much of the script memorized as the rest of you, but you have to ask yourself whyyyyy we’re following up a movie that was pretty much perfect when we made it the first time TWENTY YEARS AGO.

Actually, I take that back — I can tell you exactly why we’re revisiting this concept. It starts with an M and ends with an -O-N-E-Y. I didn’t realize the original was so successful, but now I’m learning that it made $219 million domestically and $222 million internationally. That’s…a lot of reasons to bring the old gal back and shake the dust out. You can’t argue with cold hard cash, at least not in Hollywood.

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Apparently a sequel has been kind of in the works since 2001 (which is still a weirdly long time after the original), when Bonnie Hunt was rumored to be working on the script. However, that project became kind of a revolving door of writers, with different names being attached to it without it gaining any momentum until it finally ran out of steam altogether.

UNTIL NOW. According to reports, original director Chris Columbus and original star Robin Williams are both signed on for this, which surprises me not at all, given Robin’s lack of traction lately. He’s been kind of straggling along in panned projects — most recently The Crazy Ones on CBS, and I’m sure he’d love to return to a franchise (hate that I have to use that word now) that represented the height of his career. He won a Golden Globe for this character, and the movie itself won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical.

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The project apparently got activated again when David Berenbaum signed on to write the script earlier this year. He’s the guy who wrote Elfso it sounds like the project is in good hands, I’m just so confused about what it would even be. Following up with Daniel at his cable access show? A more hard-hitting look at how his immense deception affected his now-adult kids? Or is he in jail? He should probably at least in a psychiatric ward, given what we saw in the first film.

Call me a pessimist, but I’m still half-hoping that this idea loses steam and turns out to be just another harebrained scheme, like the time that Daniel turned his own house into a petting zoo. I mean DANIEL. I! DANIEL!

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    • Erin

      With the risk of sounding like a traitor to my generation, I never saw what the big deal was with Mrs. Doubtfire. Why they’re doing a sequel twenty years later is beyond me.

      • elle

        I just came to say I didn’t enjoy it the first time I’m suddenly gonna enjoy it this time. Hopefully s is a Ghostbusters 3 situation: they keep saying they will make it but never will.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s what I’m hoping.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oooh interesting! You might be the first person I’ve come across who’s more ‘meh’ on it.

      • Lackadaisical

        I see Erin’s meh and raise her a dismissive shoulder shrug. It was OK, but annoyed me a little and I didn’t find it amazing. I certainly didn’t enjoy it enough to want to see a sequel or spin off at the time … or even to watch it more than once. And now I shall duck and hide from your lazerbeam death glare from having dissed a film you adore so much.

    • M_G

      “Fearing that his out-of-control antics will damage his career, Scooter Braun realizes he needs to take desperate measures with famed client Justin Beiber. Enter Euphegenia Doubtfire, a beloved, no-nonsense granny and former nanny and TV personality who Scooter believes will keep Justin in line while also helping his public image. But is it too late to save him from himself? Find out in this summer’s most anticipated sequel ‘Mrs. Doubtfire 2: You Better Beliebe It!’ starring Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire, Jonah Hill as Scooter Braun, and Kate McKinnon as Justin Beiber.”

      Now THAT is a movie I would see MULTIPLE times. :-)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re a genius. I would fall asleep to that every night.

      • Lackadaisical

        Yes. Now they must make this immediately.

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    • Jeffrey

      Need a reason? Robin Williams….Put him in anything, and I will watch it.

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