Beyonce Was A Total Regina George To Kim Kardashian At The Doctor’s Office, So Grab The Popcorn

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In a story that will make you go “OMG YESSSSS” with that exact number of S’s, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian allegedly had an awkward run-in at the dermatologist’s office recently, and they had very different feelings about it. So pop some popcorn, pull up a chair, and pull your best gossip ears out of storage; you’ll need them.

Beyonce and Kim were spotted leaving the same dermatologist’s office on April 11, and Radar Online reports that they randomly ran into each other there and it looked like a deleted scene from Mean Girls. In this case Beyonce was the Regina George and Kim Kardashian was… everyone else in the movie. If you think about it, though, the entire world is pretty much the everyone else to Beyonce’s Regina George. She’s a living embodiment of that “two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus” scene.

Anyway, back to real life (or probably just rumor life, whatevs). A witness told Radar that Kim was really excited about the encounter, but Beyonce was… not that.

“But Beyoncé looked like she wanted nothing to do with Kim and was really trying to stay away from her,” the source says. “Kim was basically fawning all over her!”

They apparently chatted politely, Beyonce asking about North West, because sometimes gods have to slum it with the mortals and inquire about their children and the like. Apparently Kim was super eager to talk about their babies, because OMG you have a baby and I have a baby we’re practically sisters let’s be friends come to my wedding and make me more famous ahhhh. But the source says Beyonce was basically like, “You bore me, peasant.”

“Beyoncé looked like she couldn’t have cared less …,” the source continues. “It seemed so clear that she did not want to talk with Kim and was just being polite to her. They really didn’t look at all like friends.”

According to another source (they’re everywhere), Beyonce does not want to go to Kim’s wedding, even though Jay-Z and Kanye West are BFFs. Apparently Kim doesn’t live up to Beyonce’s motto that “less is more.” I think a lot of those sparkly jumpsuits would beg to differ, but whatever.

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    • bambi

      Every crushable posts’ last sentence should be printed on t-shirts.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Make it happen!!!

    • Maitri

      Why does the world insist that Beyonce is godworthy or queenworthy? I don’t get it.

      • emilykwells2188

        I’m with you, I don’t get it either. Sure she’s beautiful and talented, but I personally don’t understand this grand pedestal she’s been placed upon… However, I will agree B is WAY out of Kim’s league.

    • laa_laa1908

      For someone who is supposed to be classy she never comes across that way… especially concerning these (alleged) run-ins with Kim K. Beyonce is so classless. Pointing out her talent and beauty is a irrelevant at this point because character trumps all that. She could benefit from a dose of humility.

    • laa_laa1908

      And if there us any truth to any of this, who is Beyonce that she can’t be associated with the Kim K’s of the world when technically she is no better than them?!? So she can parade on stage half naked (for a fee,, of course), sing songs with horrible and sometimes contradicting messages, show her goodies to the world at large all the while screaming it was done for her husband… But she can’t humble herself long enough to show interest in someone she may not care for if they run into one another in a very public setting??! How is she dubbed queen? She has no class. I don’t get it. Didn’t get it in DC days and I don’t get it now. These stories always tarnish her character. It is not difficult to ask someone how they are and mean it – whether you ‘care for’ them or not. Both of these ladies are the same type of people. Money hungry fame whores who will stop at nothing to keep the big bucks rolling in. They should be best friends.

    • Sha Har

      Beyonce doesn’t have to be friends with that woman. Thats life! No one is friends with everybody. Kim’s life is an open trashy book. It would not work anyway. Get over it people.

    • FauxRealFaux

      Do your homework folks.

      Beyoncé knew Kim K prior to Kim K dating/marrying Kanye? How? They have friends in common. Here is run-down:

      Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland (childhood friends- grew up in the same household)
      Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Lala Anthony are all good friends.
      Kelly Rowland, LaLa Anthony, and Kim K are also good friends.
      All of the above have been around each other on multiple occassions.

      Further research- you cannot find too many industry people that have met Beyoncé and have anything negative to say about her. They all say she is sweet and very hard working. So this rumor is bs.