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Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents As Managers, Which Is An Incredibly Bad Sign

Selena Gomez on her phone at an event April 2014I don’t know how many other ways I can spell this out for you guys, but I’m getting really worried about Selena Gomez. It seems like every single part of her life is in some amount of turmoil right now, and instead of pausing and taking stock of everything, she just parted ways with her managers. Who…also happen to be her parents, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

In a year when Selena has had at least one known rehab trip, we should all be extra-aware of her behavior — and from what I’ve seen, it’s nothing but chaos. She’s been breaking up and getting back together with Justin Bieber nonstop, posting a photo to all her millions of Instagram followers where she’s intended to look naked, whether or not she really is. She’s canceling the end of her tour, checking out of rehab early, hanging out with people like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and using her sexuality instead of her talent to announce new projects. It’s just a lot of worrying acts, and that’s not even touching on the blind items, which have some pretty scary insinuations about drug and alcohol abuse that can’t be confirmed.

But what we can confirm is that Selena is no longer being managed by her mom, Mandy, and her stepdad, Brian Teefey. But even though this information is new to us, according to E!, it isn’t new in general:

“This has been going on for awhile. This didn’t just happen yesterday.”

She moved on from working with them without having anyone else lined up, which is a very dangerous position for an artist to be in. It just takes all the momentum out of a career, which is a huge sacrifice to make just to get some distance between you and your parents.

According to that same source, ‘everything is fine now’, and Selena and her family are ‘all good’, but if the rumors are true that Selena’s parents hate Justin Bieber and want to give Selena an intervention, I have a feeling the troubles are just beginning.

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  • elle

    I’m definitely worried about her but I can definitely understand getting rid of your managers if your career is going in a different direction then it used to (and I feel like hers is moving from tweener to more I guess “grown up” sounding) but I definitely raised an eyebrow that she doesn’t have a manager lined up. Sounds like an impromptu deduction that she hadn’t thought through. Especially at this stage where it feels like her popularity is shrinking she NEEDS a manager.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Yeah totally, I feel like it was a last-ditch decision, like quitting your job just because you’re annoyed…and then being unemployed for the next four months while you look for another one.

  • bambi

    I blame Justin Bieber. But then, I’d blame him if the moon crashed into the earth, so…

  • M_G

    I really like Selena Gomez, but while I would LOVE to blame all of this on Justin Beiber, this sounds like it stems from her insistence on staying in a relationship with him. And that’s completely HER decision. This sounds like such the stereotypical “No, you guys are wrong! He/She LOVES me! He/She is AWESOME! I guess I am the only one who can see it…” response people have when nobody will validate their choice of boyfriend/girlfriend.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Totally. Really worrying stuff, but unfortunately all too familiar.

  • Rachel

    I don’t think her being “sexy” is a cry for help, women should be able to be a sexual as they want (also, as much as i love her, using her talent is a bit hard since she doesn’t have a lot). But she is having issues right now and I need her to get it together. I used to love her so much, but this whole Biebs situation is grating at this point. Especially since she seems to think if she doesn’t acknowledge something it isn’t a problem.

    I don’t know if she needs rehab or what, but girlfriend needs something!

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      It may not be a cry for help, but it’s a cry for attention. I think women –and anyone — should be as sexual as they want to, but she has young followers and that’s something to be aware of. And like I said, I think we should all be extra sensitive since she was in rehab this year, so it’s a crucial period for her recovery.

    • Rachel

      Yeah I definitely agree with you on the young fans. My 11-year-old sister loves her and so sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable because of all the sexy stuff she posts. I don’t feel like celebs realize just how young kids get into social media!

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Totally! Or what role models they are! I feel like to her credit, Taylor Swift does a really great job with that aspect.

    • Michel92

      Rachel, I think you may have hit on one of the big problems when you said “using her talent is a bit hard since she doesn’t have a lot.” Selena had that disastrous concert late last year when there were sound problems and she let out with the “F” word, paced around the stage, then just walked off. And people realized she’d been lip syncing. She canceled the rest of her tour after that. So can she sing live?
      She got a lot of criticism for lip syncing. If she can’t sing live, what does she have? Acting? Not a lot of roles coming in.She’s 21, I’m sure career concerns are contributing to her issues. People like her public persona, but if she can’t perform live, or get adult acting roles….what does she do? I hope things work out, but she’s at that transitional stage in her career, and I’m sure it’s stressful. She just has to keep her act together.

    • SCC

      That was one concert out of the many she had so…

      Yes she can sing live. Do you want proof? Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11h3IKhUvtQ&list=FLObmv0H8e-xC-4qkl-ZLnDg&index=54

      She has plenty of movies coming out in the next two years. Behaving Badly, Rudderless, 13 Reasons Why, Hotel Transylvania 2, and others.

    • Michel92

      Your Youtube video shows her singing a pretty ballad. But it doesn’t prove she can sing a demanding 1.5 hour concert live. And she has been accused of lip synching more than once, the last time was in December. Her studio albums sell really well. But i did say I wondered if she lost her self-confidence about singing live.
      My point isn’t to try and show she’s not a good singer, though. It’s that I’m sure that at 21, trying to transition into an adult performer could be part of her problem. I think it would be stressful, and I think if she thought things were going well, she wouldn’t be looking for a new manager.
      I really like Selena, but I’m with Alexis as far as being concerned about Selena. I don’t think she’s in a good place at all. I think when she left treatment early, against the advice of doctors–that was a bad sign.

    • SCC

      Everyone lipsyncs sometimes in their career. She doesn’t lip sync 24/7 either.
      Maybe she has lost some confidence from hate she gets but like the video I shared with you was good and she seemed confident. i see what you mean though. In 2009 when she started singing she used to really be into it.
      But if it was really that serious then they wouldn’t have let her leave. She went there voluntarily and not by force.

    • Michel92

      My main point isn’t about whether she’s a good singer or not. It’s that it’s probably stressful for her to make that transition to adult performer. Singing, acting–will she be able to maintain a successful career? This is something many performers who become famous as teenagers have to deal with, she’s not the first.

      I AM concerned about Selena. No one can be forced to stay in a treatment facility against their will, but Selena left sooner than she was supposed to, against the advice of her doctors. Whatever was going on with Selena, her close friends and family were concerned enough that they talked to her, and she agreed to go into the treatment program. So definitely, the fact that she left much sooner than she was supposed to is not a good thing. Doesn’t it make sense that if her doctors said she stay longer and she left anyway, that it’s a worrisome thing? It seems like Selena is making some bad choices right now. I personally think she should go back like the doctors advised, and do her complete treatment program.

    • Michel92

      SCC– I wrote my original response to your comment below. I just wanted to add–the story came out today from Selema’s mom that she got NO warning from Selena that she was going to fire her parents as her parents. This is VERY worrisome. It indicates she acted out of anger, without serious thought or judgment about her career.
      Also–based on my knowledge of treatment facilities–it is very common for people who deny they have a problem–they are in denial–to strike out in anger against friends and family who have tried to get them help. Selena’s rash actions seem to prove that she is doing just that.
      It always seemed like Selena had a good relationship with her parents. If she did–doesn’t it seem weird that she’d “fire” them with no warning?

    • SCC

      I understand your point but I did read an article that her parents and her had been discussing this with months. Part of the reason because Mandy, Selena’s mother, had Gracie and would be very busy with her. That wouldn’t leave her much time to manage her daughter’s career.

  • Jon

    Love this chick but because of all these recent hiccups she’s been going through, I’m starting to question her positive efforts (charity work; raising awareness for overlooked female issues, etc.) and how much of that ish was genuine..

    • Alexis Rhiannon


  • Yeah

    I heard that she just signed with Katy Perry’s managers, so good for her I guess? She has been doing a lot of questionable stuff lately though. I don’t think even she knows where her career and life are headed right now. And wasn’t she spotted with Justin in Miami a few days ago? I don’t understand why she doesn’t listen to what everyone is telling her about him. But at the same time, I don’t blame him explicitly for her behavior because she’s a grown ass woman and all the bad choices she’s made lately have been her own. It’s just such a shame because I really like her and really want her to succeed.

    • Jon

      Damn, and I’ve been saying for years how Selena was going to “the one” to break the (female) Disney curse of falling into a life of DUIs, questionable relationships, and a shitty career in general. I mean, it’s not too late but ditching JB would probably be the wisest step in the right direction.

      And PS, we don’t speak of Hilary Duff aka Lizzie. She’s too boring for us to care about her, I feel

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I think Miley might be the one to make it! She hasn’t had drug arrests or anything, people forget.

    • Jon

      True. All she had to do was exploit an entire subculture and stick out her tongue on national television. Success!

    • SCC

      Selena hasn’t had any drug arrests or anything. Neither has Demi so…your point?

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  • SCC

    You realize that her parents have a newly born daughter to take care of, right? And what’s so bad about having a professional manager? You’re so biased it’s not even funny.

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