Beyonce May Have Photoshopped Her Thighs On Instagram, Aka The Ultimate Betrayal

If we can’t trust Beyonce, who can we trust, right? She’s the person that reassures us every day that she woke up like this, and that you can too! As long as you work incredibly hard today and tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life until you’re some kind of immortal supermodel beast, just like Bey.

So it’s probably gonna sting quite a bit to know that for all her talk, Beyonce ends up stooping to the same low down tricks that the rest of the A-List world resort to: namely, Photoshop. In a series of Instagram photos that she uploaded from her current dream vacation to celebrate her sixth anniversary with Jay Z, she’s wearing striped swimsuit bottoms and a bandeau top, concentrating on hitting a golf ball.

But the part that everybody is interested in is that it looks like Beyonce may have Photoshopped her thighs to make them look thinner in one of the photos, which is shown at the top. The line of her inner left thigh is kind of wavy, see that? It could just be an illusion cause by an oddly bulging muscle at a weird distance or something, but when you look at another photo from the side versus in profile, it starts to look more obvious that some intentional slimming was done digitally. A robo-thigh gap, if you will.

C’mon man! First you’re alleged to by lying about your age, and now this? Whatever happened to loving yourself and presenting honesty? I get it, girl — we all want to look good in Instagram photos. But that’s what filters are for! And you’re already gorgeous! If you take it beyond that, what’s left to separate us real women from our sworn enemies, the Kardashians? Don’t leave me and my cellulite hanging out here alone.

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    • Kate

      I think it’s just a weird angle to be honest. If she was going to photoshop them, I’m pretty sure she would have smoothed out the muscle bulge. She’s WAY too much of a perfectionist to let that slide.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s a good point…but it could’ve been someone on her team, maybe?

      • Kate

        I think with any other celebrity, I’d believe that but I highly doubt anyone can post ANYTHING under her name without Beyonce’s approval. I mean she tried to get the Internet to take down her unflattering Super Bowl photos.

    • FemelleChevalier

      I TOTALLY agree with your suspicion. The two doesn’t match, no matter what anyone says. It’s literally impossible for the muscle in the inner thigh (in the first picture) to contract in that manner, and it’s rather abnormally prominent in my opinion. The contraction should be lateral, i.e. it should bulge outward, not inward.

      There is NO WAY that it is normal.

      • Kate

        I don’t think it’s her inner thigh, I think it’s her quad but the angle makes it look like a flat image. Plus, she’s bent at the waist with her hips jutting back which always creates the illusion of a wider thigh gap/slimmer legs. I can totally see why people are suspicious though, it does look weird

      • FemelleChevalier

        (Please bear with me O_O I don’t know how to explain in another way)

        The quadriceps is mostly oriented anteriorly and laterally (only one sub-muscle is medially-oriented and it is rather small). Hence, the bulge should be more prominent in front and at the sides. Besides, if there’s knee and hip flexion (bending), the muscles’ belly involved will contract and the prominence is observable near the patellar region (kneecap). Ergo, the picture is anatomically improbable.

        If the lighting is to blame, it is still unusual when you consider depths.

      • Alexandra

        That’s what my thighs look like when I squat ._. The muscle contracts up, so from the front my thigh looks smaller except for a blip of fat that waves outwards on the top, while from the side my thighs look bigger.

      • FemelleChevalier

        If it’s the fat/loose skin in the inner thigh, it’s still weird when we consider depth perception: bulge looks suspicious no matter what. And the fact that there’s a crescent-like wave that ends at the top of the inner thigh. It’s impossible, because there should be slight fanning, especially if we consider the ratio in comparison to the other pictures. If it’s muscle contraction, still no because it’s anatomically impossible.

        The thigh gap is not what’s weird. But the left thigh itself.

      • Alexandra

        Which crescent-like wave? Idk, to be the thighs look normal, but maybe I just have weird thighs?

      • FemelleChevalier

        What I mean is that the bulge seems prominent in a place where it shouldn’t be. And if we consider depth perception, the inner thigh seems abnormal in a medical/anatomical standpoint. Even if we consider how tight her shorts(?) is, it’s still strange.

        I’m sure yours is perfectly fine :) There are just too many curious anomalies in that picture that doesn’t add up.

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