The 8 Most Infuriating Parts Of Cosmo‘s Interview With The Ladies Of SNL

Women of Saturday Night Live posing for Cosmopolitan shoot April 2014So Cosmopolitan did an interview with the women of Saturday Night Live for their May 2014, which is totally great. I clicked over to it being ready and willing to love it, but I couldn’t quite get there on account of being kind of a little sexist.

I understand that every outlet has a different audience, but I refuse to believe that Cosmo‘s is as common denominator as they seem to be assuming. That they can’t swallow an interview with seven unique, talented individuals without putting them in pajamas and asking them to defend why they’re funny.

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive, but if you’re gonna lead into a piece with the promise of ’32 Things You Don’t Know About The Women Of SNL’, you better be prepared to ask them thirty-two different questions. And that means writing more than one set of questions for all seven of them. Especially when one of them is ‘what always makes you laugh?’ I’d love to see the interview where they ask that of the male members of the cast as well, as they traipsed adorably around set in their satin underpanties.

Just…c’mon Cosmo. I’ve seen how much effort you put into the making your man orgasm posts, so next time maybe put your back into it and gently pinch the nipples while tugging gently on the sack while you’re writing this. Maybe it might come out better. (Pun absolutely intended. P.S. A man helped me write this!!! LOLOLOL!!!)

Here are eight things that I found particularly infuriating about this interview.

  1. That the piece was titled ‘Hot And Hilarious: It’s An SNL Sleepover!’ Just a reminder that in addition to being immensely talented and successful, these women are also hot. So their audience has permission to care!
  2. …and that the entire cast was in some variation of silky lingerie. Because if you’re a lady and you’re gonna be talking our ear off about your comedy, you better be wearing no pants while you do it.
  3. The fact that I didn’t realize Cecily Strong was dating fellow cast member Mike O’Brien. That’s on me, guys, no shade to Cosmo for that.
  4. That the questions they had for Sasheer Zamata emphasized her being black over her being a comedian. Something she kind of called them out for, so props on that.
  5. When they asked Aidy Bryant what she’d say to someone who doesn’t think women are funny.
  6. When they asked Nasim Pedrad if she felt a responsibility to raise the bar for women in comedy.
  7. That they asked Noel Wells what she’d say to a person who said women weren’t as funny as men.
  8. That even in a piece in 2014 interviewing some of the most successful female comedians in the industry, WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT WHETHER WOMEN CAN BE FUNNY.

Come on you guys. You have seven goldmines of information and comedy in front of you. Surely you can do better than that.

(Photo: Cosmopolitan)

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I thought Sasheer’s comment back was brilliant. She basically was like, “Actually, they hired me because I’m a comedian, not because I’m black.”

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, good for her.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      the pictures are SO bad. here i’m holding a slice of pizza in silky pj’s…im funny and sexy?! ew. hate them

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah. We’re not idiots, we see what you’re doing.

    • Kate

      The worst part about them all being in silky pajamas is that they felt the need to hide Aidy’s entire body behind a terrifyingly large stuffed animal in her solo shot.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, what? C’mon.

      • Guest

        I thought the exact same thing! I wonder if we’re hyper aware/looking for it now with how it seems to be pointed out these days whenever a “bigger” girl is photographed (ex Melissa McCarthy and Mindy Kaling).

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I feel like this was a particularly absurd example of it though.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Maybe it was her choice, just like it came out that it was Melissa’s choice to wear a giant coat on whatever magazine cover she was on.

    • guest

      I detest that group picture. Gross. Also, I think, “When did you know you were funny?” is an awful questions and they asked it to everybody. Stupid.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Just so unoriginal.

    • JJ

      These kind of images and stereotypical “funny ladies” articles that magazines write remind of that episode of 30 Rock when Liz Lemon was suckered into doing that lame sexy female comedian photo shoot crawling on the floor with a rubber chicken in her mouth. They always come out ridiculous in the end with the funny talented women in typical sexy but awkward poses while basically forcing the women to be representatives of the whole female comedy genre. Why can’t the women just be there representing themselves? And why do have to be sexy every time? Seth Rogan or Patton Oswalt don’t have to show up and be sexy men for photoshoots. They just do normal head shots and interviews. Blurgh so much sexism.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah exactly! So dumb.

    • FemelleChevalier


      But when has this became an issue in the first place? And yes, that was an actual inquiry and I apologize for my naivety: I’m unfamiliar with this concept/stereotype (and still am). Is there a definitive historical background for this gender societal construct in America that I can read? Thanks.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      You are kind of overly-sensitive. And you were seriously expecting something different from Cosmo? Isn’t this one of those womens’ rags that runs inspiring articles like ’20 Ways To Give Him A Great BJ!’ ?

    • Farrah

      This article is rich coming from a woman who wrote a completely sexist takedown comparing two actresses to each other in order to needlessly take one down and lift the other up.

      But this Cosmo article is totally crossing the line, I mean, did it even list out point by point which one of the SNL girls we should like and which one we shouldn’t? Feminism!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hello Farrah. Just a reminder that you and I disagree about that post being sexist. I believe it’s possible to compare and contrast two performers without it automatically being an issue of gender, and you seem not to feel that way. That’s okay.

    • Ang

      I find this Crushable article really frustrating. The interviewer was a bit lazy but I thought the photoshoot was great. How is a sleepover theme offensive? Late hours and funny people goofing off. That’s SNL. They’re not wrestling in whipped cream. They’re wearing cute pajamas.