10 Ways Kristen Stewart Can Revive Her Career

Kristen Stewart Paris Fashion Week July 2013

Happy 24th birthday to Kristen Stewart. This is a great opportunity to ask what the hell happened to her. Is it just me, or does her career seem to have stalled a bit since the final Twilight film came out? Not only did she not star in another movie until this year’s Camp X-Ray, which premiered at Sundance to so-so reviews, but she’s also not exactly beloved in the eyes of the public after that whole publicity stunt cheating scandal.

Since it’s Kristen’s birthday and I believe in taking a positive attitude about people on their birthdays, let’s lay out some ideas for how Kristen can revive her career and get back in the public’s good graces (although I’m not entirely sure she was ever there in the first place…), based on what seems to have worked for other young actresses. Am I a professional celebrity career fixer person? Not at all. But do I enjoy pretending to be one? Absolutely.

1. Take a break from the spotlight.

Kristen’s already done this, but it’s how she bounces back after it that makes a difference. Taking a hiatus seems to be a really helpful move for some stars. Just look at Anne Hathaway. She realized the public was sick of her and went away for a while. I don’t know about you, but now that she’s back I’m kind of relieved. For Kristen, we’re still sort of tapping our feet waiting for her hiatus to end, so hopefully she’ll be able to come back out of it. These next ideas might be helpful with that.

2. Star in smaller movies.

She’s doing this as well, although Camp X-Ray doesn’t appear to be a comeback role. Kristen seems to thrive with smaller projects, but unfortunately she doesn’t always choose the best ones. She has a lot lined up for the next year or two, however, so fingers crossed one of them does the trick.

3. Get a great starring role.

It’s great that Kristen’s getting involved in smaller movies that she feels passionate about, but for a lot of them she’s in a supporting role. Take Into the Wild or On the Road, for instance. Obviously she can’t snap her fingers and have the perfect starring indie role put in her lap, but it would definitely do great things for her. I think Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone is a great example of the type of thing to aim for. The difference is that Kristen got her big franchise out of the way first.

4. Become a director’s muse.

Again, it’s not like Kristen can just walk up to a director and make them cast her in all their movies, but having a loyal relationship with a good filmmaker could bring out some great performances. I hate to use Jennifer Lawrence for every example, but there’s not denying she has a fantastic career to emulate. Her roles in David O. Russell films have led to two of her three Oscar nods — and one win.

5. Don’t date anybody.

Just stop with the dating, both real and fake. Don’t real-date your co-star, don’t fake date your co-star. Don’t real-date your director, don’t fake-date your director. Just don’t date. Replace all that relationship drama with news about your career and your talent.

6. Stop talking about how much fame sucks.

The fact is that people don’t enjoy listening to privileged millionaires complain about being privileged millionaires. It’s not the best way to get people to like you.

7. Change her hair.

So technically Kristen has already done this too, by recently dying their hair orange, but A.) it’s for a new movie she’s in, and B.) it doesn’t look so good. If she were to make a big hair change that wasn’t required for work and actually looked stylish (a pixie cut is a popular choice), it could be great. Sometimes it takes literally seeing someone differently to see someone differently, you know?

8. Become a fashion icon.

Similar to the hair, sometimes a change in literal image can work wonders for someone’s career image. She has a contract for Chanel and has attended fashion events, but there’s still something stopping her from being a fashion icon. I think it’s the fact that she never seems to be wearing clothes she likes. It usually looks like someone told her to wear a certain dress and she’s just putting up with it. If she could wear clothes that make her happy without sacrificing style, people might be more interested in emulating her. A great example is Lupita Nyong’o. She’s a total style star, and it’s because not only does she have great taste, but you can tell it’s totally her.

9. Show she has a sense of humor.

These days, being able to make fun of yourself is a must in Hollywood, and Kristen just hasn’t shown that she knows how to do it. A fun guest spot on a late night talk show or a host gig on SNL — if they’d take the risk and have her on — could do wonders for her.

10. Smile.

I know this is what everyone always says about Kristen, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not very fun to see someone look miserable on the red carpet. Sometimes just sucking it up and putting on a happy face is worth it.

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    • Maddie

      Maybe she crawled back into whatever dark hole she popped out of..

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I read a recent interview with her that made me like her so much better… she seems like a chill person but I wish we would cool it on her whole “I hate fame” thing. Even if it’s true (I doubt it 100% is) it just sounds ungrateful

      • Mara

        Same here. I read The Gloss and they cover her sometimes and I realized she was like only 16 or 17 when Twilight started and I started to feel some empathy for her (we all say dumb shit in our teens early 20s, or many of us do). I agree about the fame thing, although I think a lot is chalked up to the fac that she just doesn’t smile….although I always felt a little bugged that RPattz could endlessly trash the Twilight movies (which were admittedly total crap) so much that I remember Buzzfeed did a supercut of it….but KStew was painted as the ungrateful one for complaining about the paps several times and the price of fame but not the actual movies. It’s kind of like how Chris Evans can whine and whine about fame and Rooney Mara does it a few times and she’s the “beyotch” in the media…Different standards for men and women in Hollywood. Sigh.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        SO true. RPatz gets to trash Twilight all the time and you rarely hear about it… when you do, it’s almost to laugh with him. Definite double standard. Not cool.

      • Jill O’Rourke
    • Mara

      Isn’t she filming a movie with Jessie Eisenberg right now? I’m pretty sure I saw photos of her filming with Julianne Moore a while back too…. She seems to have been forced/chosen to take some time off after her scandal (I still can’t believe that was blown up bigger than the Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan or Jude Law thing but then again…..twi-hards) and then went back to work and is now working steadily…or at least has a better career than poor Lily Collins.

      Then again I don’t think KStew wants to be really “famous” either. She seems like the type who would be happy to try and go back to her pre-Twilight Adventureland (which she was surprisingly good in) days and kind of disappear into indies. She must be worth a bajillion dollars too from all those Twilight movies, so she’s kind of set for life anyway.

    • elle

      I really like Kristen so I would be down with her being in more movies but I honestly winder if she actually wants the fame. She seems to just like doing whatever Indies grab her attention and then just doing her thing the rest of the time. Gotta respect that.

    • LBB

      Number 11. Learn how to act?

      • Rachel

        i cant XD… this is exactly what i was going to say! not trying to hate but she just isn’t a good actor. i mean, there are other careers out there.

    • Bee

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Please start writing articles about Rihanna needing to smile, and most of all — the dudes. Write strong-worded prose to Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling and Jamie Foxx and… never mind. She’s on her 5th movie in 10 months. She’s fine. But whomever wrote this is a bit of a jackass frankly.

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