Nick Cannon Says He’s A Racist, Doesn’t Mention Being An Idiot As Well, But It’s Implied

Nick Cannon DJing At 1Oak March 26 2014 Las Vegas Nevada

In what I’m guessing is his ongoing attempt to get people to stop calling him Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon is trying to revive his own career by stirring up controversy. Remember last week’s whole whiteface fiasco? Well today’s treat is a little confession that he is a racist. You do not need to squeegee your eyeballs because you have indeed read that correctly. And don’t worry, Nick doesn’t discriminate in his racism so he made sure to attack Asian, Indian, and White people in his embarrassing stand-up act.

Apart from not being funny, this bit is problematic for a crazy amount of reasons. Number one, has he never learned about American history ever? It’s so stupid of him to align himself with the very thing that oppressed and persecuted his own ancestors not very long ago, the effects or which are still very visible. Even as a joke, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and a burning desire to roll my eyes in my heart.

Also, has he forgotten who his immediate family is? His wife is half-white and his children with her are therefore part-white as well. That man at the butt of his ignorant “white man near a school = pedophile” joke will be his son one day. How could he not have thought of that within five seconds of his original thought that this joke would be a good idea?! But even if he had zero connection to anyone of any other race, racism in itself just enrages me. There are few things that you could do to make me think you’re an idiot faster than to reveal yourself as a racist. Although, thinking that “racist” and “prejudice” are interchangeable, as Nick does, comes pretty close.

I don’t know what the hell Nick is trying to do with these offensive comments he’s been making as of late but he’s accomplished nothing but make me extremely annoyed by him. I recommend that he go back to organizing Nickelodeon awards shows or whatever it is that he’s been doing to keep his ignorance at bay until now.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      This is proof that Nick and Mariah were made for each other. Taking race out of the question altogether, it seems both of them had an ability to play the “nice” routine for a long time until, dang it, each just couldn’t do it anymore and started to reveal who they truly are: Mariah a world class entitled diva who pays someone to hold a straw in her mouth while she drinks (google it), and Nick an immature jerk-off who can’t stop publicly insulting every woman he’s ever slept with. And between the two of them, only one of them has any true talent.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Whoa, that straw-holder thing just changed my life.

        And yeah, you’re right. I don’t know about Nick Cannon the Executive, but Nick Cannon the Comedian isn’t any good.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Even though I cannot stand Mariah as a person so much, the woman is my second-favorite female singer of all time (Sarah McLachlan first). I have actually had a neighbor call the police on me and report that I was being murdered when I was actually just trying to imitate her ‘Fly Like A Bird’ high note with my headphones on. That, and I am at this very moment taking a Crushable break from renovating my living room to look exactly like Mariah’s penthouse “Mermaid Room” (no lie, it’s gorgeous.)

        I can’t quit you, Mariah . . . much as I’d like to sometimes.

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