This Description Of Justin Bieber’s Alleged Behavior At Walmart Will Convince You He Is An Actual Toddler

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Don’t you hate it when you stop by Walmart to pick up some batteries and a rotisserie chicken and fifteen discount DVDs and a keychain you’ll never use but it was on sale and you want it, and a little toddler starts throwing a tantrum or causing a ruckus and disturbing you? It’s even worse when that toddler is actually a 20-year-old pop star named Justin Bieber.

It’s been rather quiet on the Justin Bieber front lately. Sure, we’ve had a few new tattoos to judge and a couple of Selena Gomez-related Instagrams. But otherwise there hasn’t been much hooliganism to report on. Luckily Bieber must have realized he was leaving us hanging, so he allegedly acted so disruptive in a Stratford, Ontario Walmart that a local man who claims to know the Biebs had to angrily confront him. Here’s a photo Bieber took with a fan on the day in question for reference:

According to The Daily Mail, Mike Malcho saw Bieber enter the Walmart in his hometown with a huge entourage and proceed to be an annoying douche, which we all know he’s very good at. Once you hear what the Biebs allegedly did, you’ll be convinced that he’s actually a two-year-old trapped in a young adult’s body. Here’s what Malcho wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday about the incident:

“I cannot believe they allow u to behave that way and r right beside u doing it….Waltz into Walmart last night and low and behold Mr Bieber not only being a little p***k to young girls by shining flash lights in there face etc…but walking through the store like u own the place with no regards to employees or others attending the store for real purpose bouncing balls ….throwing things… opening food etc…”

So basically exactly what you saw that horribly disciplined child doing at your own local Walmart last week. I think I’ll take this opportunity to give everyone another reminder that Bieber is 20 years old. As in, a legal adult. Last I checked, legal adults are expected to be a little past shining flash lights at people and throwing things in public. Let me know if I’m wrong, though. It’s been a while since I consulted my adulthood instruction manual.

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    • jessica

      @Jill Where´s the proof that this story is real?? How do you know this person isn´t lying for attention?

      • Kate

        No one does, which is why she clearly and repeatedly clarifies the story as an account of what he “allegedly” did

      • Tanya Lynn

        Just so we are clear..This story is absolutely nothing but the truth..Mike has nothing to gain by lying or making anything up..he got no money for any of it like people are insinuating..he is an honest hard working father of three sons..I know because two of them are with me! There are several witnesses to this event and handfuls of character witnesses that will back Mike up which is far more than I can say for JB at the moment..Had Justin acted like a responsible adult that he should have been this wouldn’t have even caught the attention is has! So yes we Mike’s family and friends and even those who don’t know him are proud of him are proud of him for speaking his mind..he would have done it whether it was JB or anybody else acting in such a childish manor when it was so clearly inappropriate!

      • Kate

        Listen, I TOTALLY believe Mike’s account of his behavior! I was just responding to the criticism of the article as fact, since she was careful not to present it as such. But yeah, the Biebs has given me no reason to believe that he’s acting like a responsible adult.

    • M_G

      Uggghhh……these ridiculous antics are getting tiresome. He needs to get back in the studio and back to pretending he’s a talented musician.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        He’ll be over in a few years time, just like Miley. Lovers of actual music just have to wait it out.

      • Jenny Lee

        But it’s soooo hard.

      • vance

        keep dreamin loser.

      • M_G

        What a coincidence! That’s exactly what the world-at-large said to Justin Beiber when he demanded to be taken seriously as an artist and human being.

      • Stupid people everywhere

        He is a talented musician fool. Bieber writes most of his music and plays 4 instruments. Grow up kiddo. This story could be made up too. If he was so bad I am sure more people would complain not just one dude who doesn’t even know proper grammar.

      • M_G

        Okay then. Show me the proof. What instruments does he play? What “songs” (and I used that term loosely, considering this is the musical avant garde that brought us “Baby” and called it art) has he written? And beyond all that, how does any level of talent justify the EPIC levels of douchebaggery this punk has been displaying over the past couple of years? With any luck he’ll wind up in jail soon.

      • jon

        you’ve amounted to nothing to be a hata on him…good idea. loser.

      • M_G

        Ah! So there is absolutely no proof to back up your claims and therefore you have to resort to (unoriginal) name calling. Got it. Exactly what I’d expect from a Beiber fan. Thanks for validating my point.

      • Well…

        He plays piano, drums, guitar, as well as the trumpet. There’s home video footage of him playing them all as a child and tbh it’s common knowledge regarding to him. He’s very well known for playing drums, as well as when he did street performing with the guitar as a child. And people seem to think he wrote Baby, in which he did not. Grammy award winnind singer “The Dream” wrote it. He also wrote Umbrella for Rihanna, and Single Ladies for Beyonce, two of their most popular songs. Frank Ocean, a highly regarded musician wrote for Justin on his first ep. His biggest songs were written by a lot of musical favorites. While his personal songs such as “where are you now” discussing his father, “fall” about selena, and his most recent and probably best album “the journals” were written by him for the most part. His best, not most popular, songs are songs he’s written or cowritten and if you google that similar to how you google his misbehavior, you would know that.

      • FemelleChevalier

        There’s a difference between talented musician and a capable musician. Just because he can play instruments and write songs doesn’t mean that he’s amazing. A lot can do that; he’s not a special snowflake. He’s actually mediocre, just famous because of his tweener fanbase.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      A. Huge publicity stunt, because what does a kid with $200 mil in the bank need from Walmart – pickles and Saran Wrap?

      B. This kid is the biggest poser, next to Miley Cyrus. Does he even look in a mirror before he leaves the house in his Hitler jodpurs and gold chains? Good lord, dude, you have money hire a stylist.

      C. Stay the fuck in Canada.

      • John

        People like you make me giggle with their stupidity. He’s a normal guy doesn’t matter how much money he’s worth he can go to fucking Walmart , PR stunt ? LOL for what ? What does he get from just going to Walmart like a normal person ? Get a grip. For the record this guy could be lying his ass off, not the first time people lie about Bieber and you mainstream media puppets believe anything. A kid can go whenever the fuck he wants. He can also dress however the fuck he wants that’s HIS thing stop worrying what he wears lmao if you don’t like it don’t look ignore it. His money his cloes lol gtfo. And finally, stay in Canada ? The same whack comeback haters use for five years. What are we in 4′the grade now? Grow up. He will go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants. If you don’t like him why do you even bother what he does and talk nonsense ? Little stupid kids. I am not even a fan of the dude. I am way too old for that but you need to grow up ad use common sense.

      • M_G

        People like YOU make ME giggle with thinking they’re intelligent when really you’re just an arrogant blowhard.

      • Dee. W.

        As much as I hate to (Only because I personally cannot stand Justin…), I have to agree with John. It is NOT because he is a “star” that he cannot shop at specific places, nor dress as he wish, and so on. It is not because one is famous that one has to shop in expensive stores and dress with expensive fashion. As we already know, the kid is an idiot and going to Walmart is probably nothing more than for attention anyway (That is if the story is true). Even if he would be shopping there, who has the rights to tell him where to shop and where not to? Deep down, we all know that John’s comment is correct. And stay in Canada? The kid has been more in the US than Canada, and that comment has been being said none stop for several years. Where he wants to live is up to him… not much anyone can do about it. So really, even though the kid is a complete idiot/douchebag/irresponsible/ignorant/childish/etc ( I could keep on going), we cannot decide nor chose for him where to shop, how to dress, how to fix his hair (unfortunately!) nor where to live. Even if you hate the kid… doesn’t change any of these facts. :)

    • DosesOfReality

      April Fools!

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    • J_Doe5686

      Baby needs his mommy!