Zendaya Sings Amazing Cover Of Capital Cities ‘Safe And Sound’ For This Coca-Cola Commercial

zendaya cokeA new commercial from your favorite soft drink company will have you wanting to download a cover of “Safe and Sound” immediately. This Coca-Cola commercial features Zendaya Coleman singing a slowed-down version of Capital Cities‘ hit song alongside up-and-coming singer/songwriters Kina Grannis,Max Schneider, and Kurt Schneider. Also making an appearance in the video is a ton of Coke bottles, most of which are used as musical instruments. It’s similar to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups,” only with soda bottles in place of cups and lots and lots of red and white imagery. It’s pretty awesome and we can guarantee that this version of the song won’t leave your head for hours.

Check it out right here!


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    • Jon

      love this chick. her and bella thorne are the future

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        She’s crazy talented!

    • bowlowl

      She might be talented, but god does she have the worst fashion sense. Her kca outfit? Wanted to stick pins in my eyes.

    • Misenhammer

      All those people are so cute! They almost make me think this song isn’t stupid!