Kaley Cuoco Admits Her Fling With Superman Got Her Publicity, In Case You Needed More Proof It Was Fake

Kaley Cuoco Henry Cavill July 3 2013 Los Angeles CaliforniaI’m gonna need everyone to grab their gigantic buckets of popcorn and gather round, because it’s time to read an amazing new quote from a lady by the name of Kaley Cuoco. She appears on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan, and in the interview she finally comments on that quick fling she had with Henry Cavill last summer. You know the one. They met, they went grocery shopping together, they shook hands and went their separate ways.

If you were a regular reader of Crushable at the time, you might also remember that we were so not convinced they were an actual couple. And now, months later, we have even more proof to add to our fakelationship conspiracy in the form of this quote:

“It was Superman. I had no one following me until I met Superman. I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me until like seven months ago. The recognition has been crazy.”

OH. MY. GOD. Can we break this down bit by bit, please? It’s so transparent that birds are currently flying into it thinking it’s an open door. First of all, she refers to him as Superman twice. The only way she could be more obvious how shallowly she views him is if she called him Dollar Sign or Money Bags. Then of course she reminds us how long she’s been in the business without anyone noticing her. Twenty years and not a single superhero on her arm! Oh, but of course she was so free to do anything she wanted before. Curse Superman for putting her in this publicity prison!

And then she just outright admits that she’s gotten crazy recognition. Sure, you could say that she’s simply just commenting on how the relationship changed her affected and that it was actually a real and meaningful romance that she entered into without any ulterior motives. To which I say, first of all, hahahahaha. And second of all, it’s not like this is the first sign that their relationship was invented for PR. The most obvious piece of evidence is that when Kaley announced her engagement to Ryan Sweeting, the timeline of their relationship overlapped with her Superman time. There were also blind items suggesting they were fake, and anybody who saw those photos of them canoodling over groceries after approximately ten minutes together had to be suspicious. This quote is just the icing on the conspiracy-flavored cake. Yum!

(Photo: Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News)

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    • http://batman-news.com J_Doe5686

      The last sentence sold her out! There was a couple of Blind items that pointed out that the relationship was fake. Yes, it did put her on the map of the Papparazzi world.

    • A. Pierce

      well her people had said they met at industry event. He was a fan of her show & they had dinner. Both were just off relationships so they began hanging out. Once they were outed things got too much for Cuoco & she wanted out. I always saw it as a fling. She was engaged for a year w/her previous guy. There was no way I thought this was going to last with Henry. I thought he could do better.

      • Lulis

        Obviously you do not know anything about Kaley, she was engaged four months with Josh Resnik (addic spec), not one year…Henry was on a fake relationship w/gina carano..
        Kaley not mention his name (Henry), but as superman, which means it has embarrassed her to talk about..poor

      • A. Pierce

        Well he’s back with Gina now. I guess for another round of fake relationship. Lol Exactly why does he need a fake relationship with a sitcom actress from the valley again?

    • ravissary79

      You don’t have to be smarter than a bag of hamers to realize she’s saying she DIDN’T like the attention. Their limited charisma couldn’t survive the paperazi. Perhaps the authors don’t realize it (because shallow publicity and speculation us their racket), but most people don’t like being followed and their privacy violated. That interview said she couldn’t handle it. She didn’t get more famous or more successful after dating Cahill, she just got less private.

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