Justin Bieber Got Booed So Hard At The Juno Awards That Another Winner Had To Defend Him

Justin Bieber at the microphone GIFKnow how I know that Justin Bieber is slipping? Because he used to lash out like a crazed lemur when someone insulted him, and now it’s become such a common occurrence that he barely even bats an eye.

Remember when that paparazzo called him a ‘fucking little moron’ and he literally leapt out of the car at the guy and into the waiting arms of his own handlers?  Flailing around like an angry baby, threatening to ‘beat the fuck’ out of the photographer? I’m not saying that’s by any means the right way to handle things, but I just figured that was the only world he knew. I got familiar with that version of Justin and started practicing my gnat-swatting, in case I should ever come across him.

But that’s not the version of Justin who showed up at Canada’s Juno Awards last night to accept the Fan Choice Award. In fact, no version of him showed up at all, so when his name was announced as the winner, he wasn’t there to hear himself get booed. Like, there were cheers happening too, but the boos were pretttttty loud. Just listen:

It was so bad that Serena Ryder, who won for Best Songwriting, actually took time during her own acceptance speech to defend him, saying:

“I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician, and that he deserves every bit of that award, because he’s been working his ass off his entire life, And we need to support how awesome he is, I think he’s great.”

Really bro? You’re gonna let a fellow artist stand up for you like that? Don’t you have anything to say for yourself? Not even a Twitter rant about how you’re ‘all about the music’, like we got when you were booed at the Billboard Music Awards last year? Nope. Just this tweet:

Wow dude. Things are even worse than I thought.

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    • M_G

      In his defense, he was busy buying a gold “it’s-totally-not-an-engagement” ring for Selena Gomez…..does anyone have betting squares going for when these two elope in Vegas? Based on the rate they seem to be going, I would like to place my bet on Easter Sunday.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh my god, whattttt. How do you know this?

      • M_G


        This article was listed in my news feed right under a story about John Kerry’s visit to Russia regarding the Crimean crisis…..literally, this was the #2 story after that. Clearly, my news feed has it’s priorities in order.

      • Pumba the Biggest Belieber

        Justin is the sweetest man alive!!!! and ever!!!!

      • M_G

        Hello there Pumba,

        After having reading through your various trolling comments (very entertaining, by the way), I regret to inform you that, if you truly do love Justin “Toddler of the Century” Bieber, your comments do him no favors. Because you see, you are coming off as an arrogant, ignorant, attention-seeking juvenile delinquent, which is really all we’ve come to expect of Justin and his fans. When your ready to have a mature conversation about what qualifies as talent in an age marked by an ever growing cultural amalgamation, then we can talk. But be warned that any further screaming of “JUSTIN IS AMAZEBALLS! HE IS THE KINDEST SWEETEST BESTED MOST TALENTED PERSON EVA!!! Y’ALL ARE JUST RETARDED H8TERS!!!” will only serve to elicit an exacerbated sigh.

        Wishing you the very best

    • Lindsey Conklin

      ahhh that’s so embarassing. also, celine dion and justin bieber should never ever been in the same category!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Right? And how did Drake not win that?

      • Pumba The biggest belieber


    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Before I clicked on the article, I was just praying it wasn’t my lovely Sarah McLachlan who defended him. And Serena Ryder, he is NOT an amazing musician, he is a puppet with a microphone. You need to be able to actually write songs and play an instrument to be a real musician, not someone who is basically a one-boy boy band.

      And why is Robin Thicke nominated for a Juno? When did he become Canadian?

      • CMJ

        He lives in Vancouver, BC….but his dad is Canadian so he has dual citizenship.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Ahhh thanks for the tidbit!

      • guest

        NOOOOO really??? ugh that is so disappointing to hear..

      • Jenny

        Look, I greatly dislike justin Bieber’s music, but let’s give credit where it is due. He can play at LEAST 3 instruments, and he at least co writes his songs. Simply because those songs do not cater to me or you or has fans equivalent to boy and fans doesn’t make him any less of a musician.

      • Pumba the Biggest Belieber

        Thank You Jenny finally someone is not mean he plays about 7 i think (i am friends with him and his cousin!) and i love him like a brother! but i love him sooo much belieber 4eva!!!! and thanks 4 the kind words! sorta!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Which instruments, and how many of them are eggs?

      • Pumba the Biggest Belieber

        Some 1 is seriously stupid! (btw its u Elizabeth!) he is amazingly talented and u r just another (sorry bout my language) jealous bitch! and he has the looks talent and voice he plays like most instruments and is a great singer and btw he has always been Canadian! and no he is not a 1 boy boy band cause he is actually talented unlike 1D

    • http://batman-news.com J_Doe5686

      Nowadays they give awards to anyone who can afford one! JB won because his fans have a lot of free time after school, that’s why!

      • Pumba the Biggest Belieber

        No actually i am a big belieber and i am very very busy but i make time fr this lil angel of mine! :) LOVE YA JB! just ignore these retarded h8ers!

      • http://batman-news.com J_Doe5686

        I was with you until the last sentence. So NOT cool. Mental Retardation is no joke and you’re not offending me but others who are so nice and generous member of society from which you can learn a whole lot.

    • guest

      Here’s hoping that maybe he got a better PR person…


      Justin Bieber is a wonderful person he is a personal friend to me and i think u “crushables” should just leave him alone becoz (sorry bout da language) everything u say is total shit! and u r being rude mean people who only ever state the bad i dare u i seriously dare 2 post something good i mean if ya can’t manage that then u r just jerks bcoz he is amazing beautiful kind and talented and btw this website is so not crushable bcoz it is stupid and mean and the only reason i get these is coz my gmail gets things everytime u post about Justin and once again U R JERKS AND LOSERS WITH NO LIFE IF U R GONNA JUST H8!!!!!!!

      • Justin_Beiber_Talentless_Hack

        Awe, how cute! A Justin Beiber fan who can stay up past 8. My, they grow up so fast. Too bad Justin is a talentless hack whose “music” is vastly overshadowed by what a miserable human being he is. Maybe we will all get lucky and he will land in jail for life someday. Until then, thank goodness he has him army of brainwashed pre-teens to scream at him and inflate his ego.