Zac Efron Was Already Seen Using A Vaporizer, Has Apparently Learned Nothing

Zac Efron attending Academy Awards March 2014Oh Zac Efron, I don’t think you really even realize what a dangerous situation you’re in. I feel like every week the stories of his behavior escalate, and still he’s not taking his recovery seriously, at least according to this new photo of him smoking out of a vaporizer.

It was just this past Sunday that Zac was punched in the face by a transient during a very sketchy encounter in Skid Row that has been described in two different ways by Zac and his bodyguard, neither of whom were able to explain what they were doing in the area in the first place. And yet, a mere five days later,TMZ already has a photo of Zac smoking out of a vaporizer while in the car with a friend.

Let me say first of all that it’s possible Zac was smoking regular tobacco out of the vape, and regardless, marijuana has been decriminalized in California. So even if he is smoking pot, it’s possible he has a medical card that makes that legal. HOWEVER. If he is smoking weed, it’s an incredibly irresponsible choice to make.

There are many people who can smoke pot on occasion and never have it be an issue. Probably even  most people. But Zac isn’t most people — he was admittedly in rehab once, with allegations that he was actually in treatment twice, or even three times in the past two years. Bottom line, drug addicts should not be doing drugs. They should not be drinking. They should not be doing anything that will lower their inhibitions and make them more likely to relapse into old behaviors.

It’s not the pot itself that worries me, it’s Zac. He’s had sketchy injuries twice this year already, and it’s only March, so he clearly has no qualms about putting himself in dangerous situations. In order for the process of recovery to be successful, addicts have to get past the idea that they can have ‘just one’ of anything. Moderation doesn’t exist for them, so I’m really hoping that I’m wrong about all this, and Zac happens to be the only person I’ve ever encountered who legitimately smokes cigarettes via vapor. Fingers crossed.

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    • DeanaCal

      Since you are unable to determine what exactly he is using in the vaporizer, it’s really irresponsible to headline your article as if it were a known fact.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The fact that he was using a vaporizer is known, and that’s exactly what I wrote in the title.

      • DeanaCal

        I guess the point I was trying to make was that since we don’t know what was IN the vaporizer, having a headline that says “has apparently learned nothing” is misleading.

    • John Hollywood

      I think when you add it all up, there are reasonable questions to be asked here regarding Mr. Efron (an actor who I love). I hope the guy is OK!