Selena Gomez Won’t Stop Using Instagram To Remind Us She’s In Her Sexy Stage

Guys, what is happening over in Selena Gomez Land these days? For so long I held out hope that she’d keep a good head on her shoulders, even though I probably should have known better considering the fact that she continued to go back to Justin Bieber. But every day there’s a new strange and/or upsetting news item about her, and it’s not just the stuff getting pushed through the rumor mill. It’s also stuff she herself shares with the world, namely all these sexy photos she’s suddenly obsessed with showing us.

Last week she posted what could be interpreted as a nude photo on her Instagram. It’s possible she’s wearing something, but the implication is that she had nothing or next to nothing on. Then yesterday she posted another photo (above) of herself standing in front of a mirror with the caption “Secret project.” There were a lot of ways she could tease that project, but she chose the way that involved sticking her rear end out towards the camera in barely-there shorts. It seems to be her new favorite thing to remind us that she’s in her sexy stage, and it just screams “I need attention give me attention pay attention to me now!” Or she and Justin Bieber really don’t have each other’s phone numbers and they’ve resorted to sexting each other via social media. Either way, I’m already exhausted by it.

It’s also getting pretty tiring to watch Disney star after Disney star take the half-naked approach to proving maturity. It’s just so unoriginal and unimpressive. And considering all the other disheartening news we’ve gotten about Selena Gomez in recent months, this kind of attention-seeking isn’t very helpful. Things are looking hotter and messier for her by the day, and I just want to save her before it goes too far. The first step will probably be keeping her away from Bieber, but unfortunately I’m miles and miles away from her so I don’t have that power. I’m just one person, okay?!

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    • CMJ

      I really do thank whatever Gods that this shit was not around when I was in my early- and mid-twenties

      • Jon

        im so thankful for social media. how else could we get these “candid” shots?

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Based on that photo, I’m guessing her secret project has to do with finally clearing out her parents’ old basement like they’ve been asking.

    • L.M.S.

      I blame Bieber.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I blame him for most things in the world.

    • KlimBim

      I hope this whole post is just a joke, because Selena’s picture are fun and beautiful to look at and for the dirty thoughts of any disgusting scribblers you can make Selena not responsible.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Am I the “disgusting scribbler” in this situation? BRB, updating my resume.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You got GOOP-ified!