Nicole Kidman Refers To Sunday As Her ‘Oldest Daughter,’ Which Is Only A Little Confusing For Bella Cruise

Nicole Kidman Holding Faith Urban January 2014

For as long as I can remember, rumors have floated around that Nicole Kidman doesn’t have a good relationship with her two older children from her marriage with Tom Cruise. Yeah, that’s right, I said OLDER CHILDREN. Remember them? Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise? They’re the Cruise children who aren’t named Suri.

After Nicole and Tom divorced in 2001, Bella and Connor seemed to live with Tom full time in California. Which wouldn’t raise any red flags if stories didn’t leak out every few years about Nicole no longer being a part of their lives. You know, stories about her kids calling her by her first name and not “mommy” or “mom” or even “mother darling.” Or even more scandalously, stories about them referring to Katie Holmes as mom. Trust me, as a gossip enthusiast I loved these stories. But I also began compiling them in my head in a box called, “huh, that doesn’t seem right.” (And BTW, this post is about Nicole. So we’re not even going to touch Scientology in this post, not even subtly by talking about Look Who’s Talking Now.)

While Nicole, Connor and Isabella continue to insist that everything’s a-ok in their relationship, Nicole’s recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live seems to say otherwise. When telling Jimmy Kimmel a story about her children with Keith Urban, she referred to Sunday as her oldest daughter. Even though it’s possible she meant oldest in regards to just 6-year-old Sunday and 3-year-old Faith, it seems strange that she said oldest and not older. After all Bella Cruise is her oldest daughter as well as her oldest child. So it should be drilled into her head by now that when she says oldest, she’s talking about Bella.

And you know what, maybe I’m reading too much into this one word. Maybe it was just a slip. Or maybe I’m onto something (very sad) here and maybe Nicole Kidman really doesn’t feel the same way toward her older children as she does her daughters with Keith Urban. And maybe, if that’s true, she should keep those feelings a little more on the DL so Bella and Connor can more easily pretend like their relationship is super duper awesome.

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    • orwell

      Apparently Jenni Maier doesn’t know what Scientology is. Dear Jenni, you really should google the words “scientology” and “disconnection”.

      • Jenni

        Dear Orwell,

        So good to hear from you after all this time! Do tell me, how are the kids? The wife? Did you ever get that…situation…fixed?



    • Hes Man

      Scientology Disconnection – Nicole Kidman categorised as a suppressive person, Children were Brainwashed to believe she is a sociopath and tunred her back on the church.

      • Kelly

        Even if that is true, the children were brainwashed, not Nicole.

        You don’t stop loving your children just because they’re in a cult. You certainly don’t stop acknowledging their existence. That’s a piss poor excuse. If she wants to completely destroy any chance of reuniting with them should they leave the “religion” she’s doing a damn good job of it.

        Regardless of anything else that happened, they’ll remember that their mother doesn’t count them as her children anymore. That’s incredibly damaging.

      • Véronique Houde

        With everything I have read about scientology, I actually believe that no matter her intentions and hopes at first, scientologists and Tom’s surroundings probably made it completely IMPOSSIBLE for her to reach out to them. Especially considering that the kids were actively involved in scientology and most likely believed that someone who dropped scientology was a suppressive.

        The way that Katie Holmes acted when she wanted a divorce from Tom says a lot about what happened with Nicole. She probably knew something that most people were kept unaware of.

        Scientology really is as nasty and vindictive and crazy as you hear.

      • james911

        BS. You morons are full of conspiracy. Just make yourself better and be answerable to your maker in the last days. By the way, I’m catholic but also respect other’s faith.

      • Véronique Houde

        The beliefs of scientology (which are more of a lifestyle than a religion – but that’s a whole other thing – they wanted to get defined as a religion to be able to get away from paying taxes) are completely harmless. What is harmful is the attitude that the “church” leaders have taken about people who wanted to leave the church. Have you ever actually looked into scientology and what happens to people who want to leave? If not, please restrain from calling us names. It’s not very nice (or catholic for that matter).

      • james911

        I don’t care who they are, bitch. If you’ve been into that group before I will probably understand you. If not, then you’re just bitching around. I don’t care if I call you names if you act like a self-righteous person. Your group is even worse than that Scientology you’ve been attacking in the internet.

      • Véronique Houde

        Such anger! I wonder where that comes from!!!! What is my group in any case? And FYI, an attack is when you personally call a person a name, such as what you are doing. Stating a well-established fact as an explanation for someone’s behaviour would not be called attacking them. But really at this point, arguing further on the point is useless because I get the sense that you’re just gonna resort to even more name-calling.

        Name-calling really is what people use when they don’t know how else to express themselves in an articulate fashion.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You need to watch it with the name-calling. It’s not productive for anyone.

    • Kelly

      Aw, I like Nicole Kidman in movies, I hate to think that she’s that kind of mom.

      When my little sister was born, my mom started saying “I finally got the daughter I always wanted.”

      Yeah, we don’t talk anymore. At all.

      • Rosa

        What is wrong with your mother?

      • Natalie

        Trust me, those kinds of “mothers” do exist. Sad, but true.

      • EmmaFromÉire

        I think it’s more to do with Tom and his cult, than her being a bad mom, if it helps! Scientology calls fro dissasociating yourself with anyone perceived as negative, harmful or ‘oppressive’ and the kids seemed to be with Tom all the time after the divorce, never really with Nicole.

      • brebay

        Just because your kids disconnect doesn’t mean you do it back.

      • EmmaFromÉire

        That is shit, but they spent like ten years not talking to her, which must have hurt just as much. I’d like to think Nicole had a brain fart and was thinking in terms of babies that emerged from her body, not all of her children.

      • brebay

        I guess I can see, in a conversation about the little ones meaning “my oldest” (of the ones she’s telling a story about) a opposed to “my youngest” (of the two.) I did see an interview with her a few years ago where she said the reason she doesn’t talk about the older ones is because, they (at the time) were teenagers, and really didn’t want their mom telling stories about them on national TV, which is understandable. I think it’s tough on kids (the ones I know) in families that have bio and adopted. I think you’d always wonder whether she would have fought Tom even a little harder if you were her flesh and blood. I hope this was just in context of telling a story about the little ones (I’m not sitting through 5 minutes of it to find out.) The alternative makes me so sad, especially for Bella. I hate to say it, but its hard enough to have a movie star gorgeous mom when you’re not a kind of frumpy kid.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Scientologists are a weird bunch, so you can’t really fault Nicole. Even non-celebrity Scientologists have a hard time communicating with relatives who decided to escape—as in really escape because they will hunt you down.

        As for Bella, I don’t think she will be that hurt. It’s not like she treats Nicole as a mom, anyways.

      • Hilllll

        I agree. I truly feel NK tried everything to try to be close. When kids at 20+ time to let go and not force and don’t forget the scieno brainwashing

      • AugustW

        My mom brain farts and can’t remember which kid I am all the time. She still loves me. :)

      • Lackadaisical

        Agreed, but Isabella Cruise is 22 now and appears to have completely disowned Kidman. It was a throw away remark of Kidman’s in the middle of an interview, it really doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see Isabella as her daughter any more, just that she slipped in the middle of an interview by not mentioning the daughter she possibly hasn’t seen much in 13 years (through the daughter’s choice) to refer only to the family unit she deals with daily.

      • Ashie

        :( As a mother I could never understand how someone could say that to their child! Im so sorry you had to go through that!

      • AE Vorro

        That’s awful. I’m so sorry.

    • CW

      What makes things tricky is that Bella and Connor are Nicole’s adopted kids, whereas Sunday and Faith are her biological kids. In an ideal world, that shouldn’t make a difference, but given the divorce and all the Scientology weirdness, it probably does.

    • Kelly17

      Her accent is so strong!! It surprised me. But it’s still hard for me to visualize Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman as a married couple.

    • Hilllll

      Don’t think Bella has thought of her as mom since age 5 or whenever they divorced
      …. sad but true maybe it is how she copes obviously she considers her family just not close