Kathy Griffin Called Demi Lovato A Douche, And Her Fans Overreacted Bigtime

Demi Lovato attending event February 2014I gotta say, I think Kathy Griffin went and poked the wrong hive of buzzing hornets when she insulted Demi Lovato. Not that she in any way deserved the tidal wave of death threats that came surging out of the internet from Lovatics, but if she’d asked me, I probably could have told her this was coming.

It’s just that when you’ve worked on the internet for as long as I have — or even for a day, to be honest — you know that the fan bases of some of these younger singers can get pretty…um…aggressive. From Beliebers to Swifties to Directioners to Mahomies to Lovatics, their reactions to casual, slightly negative comments can be a little surprising? Jarring? Horrifying? Basically any word that means, “oh my goodness”.

Just to give you some background on how this whole thing got started, Kathy was answering questions on Twitter when someone asked her who she thought the douchiest celebrity she’d ever met was:

And as you can see, she instructed Siri to respond with the name ‘Demi Lovato’, and ended up with ‘Debbie Lovato’…but that’s neither here nor there. And we don’t happen to agree that she needs to calm down about Lady Gaga getting thrown up on, but regardless.

Demi saw it somehow, and responded via her own Twitter with an old photo of herself in the foreground at and event, pointing over her shoulder at Kathy Griffin in the background and making a grossed out face. And it’s definitely related to Kathy’s tweet because check out the caption:

Demi Lovato deleted tweet about Kathy Griffin

It was only up for about five minutes before Demi deleted it, but it was all the ignition that her fans needed to start attacking Kathy hardcore. There’s been an impressively wide range of highly descriptive, violent tweets, but let’s go with some of the ones Kathy’s been retweeting on her own feed. The Greatest Hits, if you will.




Kathy Griffin really GIF


YIKES. It got so bad that even Demi herself decided to speak up, asking her fans to please take it easy and show some respect, tweeting a longform missive out to all her followers:

And even apologizing to Kathy on behalf of her fans.

See, Lovatics?? Wouldn’t it be fun to take a page out of Demi’s book and be more respectful? Even if Kathy is in the wrong, all she did was make an offhand comment — threatening her with death and ‘sue of side’ is way out of proportion.

(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      I’m not familiar with Demi Lovato’s career but she seems like a good person. I also don’t agree with her that Gaga was somehow glorifying bulimia. But Kathy Griffin – now there’s an absolute zero-talent, zero-self-esteem, self-loathing loser if I ever saw one. She was funny many years ago during the Suddenly Susan years when she actually looked and behaved like a normal human being. Now she is just a gross excuse for a person and her “career” is based around trying to constantly one-up Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler in the insulting-other-celebrities department.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        For as much as her comedy tends to go into really uncomfortable, inappropriate areas, I think I still do really like Kathy Griffin. I understand that she’s super offensive, I just have a soft spot for her in my heart.

      • Eyeballs

        She has made fun of Self harm and Done it with demi as a punchline. She said for example when she introduced Jimmy kimmel to her talk show…

        “I´ve been on his show many times” Im the one they call when demi lovato is cutting”!
        ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTgIe6icO7s )

        So its understandable that demi wouldn’t give her the time of day. And in Griffens mind thats probably being a “duche”. They were on Jay Leno back in October together. Demi Performed And the other one was interviewed. Cant see them being friendly when KG is making a carrier out of under the belt humor.

        She has also mocked DL:s fans before so Its not like They have any respect for her either. And just to be clear. The war between Fans And KG broke out many hours before Demi even tweeted her pic.
        ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_28eZAhPwVo )

        Now Demi and her fans is looked down on, meanwhile KG gets sympathy for some moody pree-teens and troll accounts tweets.
        When she is constantly in the wrong. Its reticules.

        And as for the duche part why dont you take a look at this. Its the cutest thing ever. Give it a play and see for yourself. Watch the whole thing cause its worth it.


    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I really want to know how old these fans are. I imagine that they are either 10 and don’t know any better OR 45 and alone with nothing but reruns of Sonny With A Chance to watch.

      • 91_muzik

        they were trolls. theres a lot of pop star stans on twitter that troll just to make others look bad. they’re always saying the most horrible things to celebs and always the first to reply. but demi fans don’t have to rely on just re-runs of sonny with a chance…..

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        Sonny With a Chance was kind of the best, though. I cannot possibly be the only one who found it adorable and amusing.

    • M_G

      Not only are the “Lovatics” being grossly inappropriate, but what they fail to understand is that not only does Kathy Griffin not care about their attacks, she’s probably lapping them up because they are giving her material for her next stand-up special. I understand “haters gonna hate”, but still.

      • 91_muzik

        actually, they don’t care either bc they’re just trolls wanting attention. you see a lot of them on twitter. mostly gay pop star stans. they also love it when celebs notice their hate and block them. these trolls just wanted demi’s attention and to make the rest of the fandom look bad. yeah, i read some of their other tweets lol

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I honestly don’t think Demi should’ve responded in the first place. Death threats aren’t cool. But I think Demi’s apology was super sweet

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