The 18 Rudest Places That Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Has Ever Done Yoga

Tina Fey rude GIF from 30 Rock(via)

If you’re familiar with Crushable at all, you know that we’re obsessed with the under-appreciated gem that is Hilaria Baldwin‘s Instagram account.

She’s married to and has a baby with Alec Baldwin, so there’s always the potential that he might pop up in a shot, but more importantly, she does a yoga pose every day, and I’ve never once regretted following her in order to see it. Because you see, in a city as cramped as Manhattan, there are very few places where there’s really room to do a full-on posture; one is a yoga studio, and the other is inside your own home.

But when you’ve set your mind to doing over three hundred of these things, you start thinking about other potential locations. And if you’re Hilaria Baldwin, you don’t really care if the locations you’ve come up with are extremely effing convenient for every human around you.

Say what you will, but not everyone wants a foot in their face while they’re trying to relax on an airplane. In fact, I think pretty much nobody wants that. But in order to really be sure, you’ll have to take a look at these eighteen Instagrams of Hilaria doing really rude, space-invasive yoga, and ask the people who were around her and inconvenienced at the time.

Okay but…how is that lady supposed to give you a pedicure?

“Sorry but…can I use that ball? Or that mirror? Or that — you know what, never mind, I’ll just go home.”

“Ignore that ringing bell and somebody pick me up! Can we turn off that alarm, or what?”

“Oooh can I come and pretend to do that menial job with you? It will be a really funny picture for all my social medias.”

Just the look on the guy’s face is killing me.

Don’t…drive your car like that.

You know things are bad when even Alec is bothered.

Eep. This one’s rude because it hurts my body to imagine how her leg must be bending to get this shot. What if her vadge turns inside out and swallows her up??? These are real fears in my brain.

Mostly just rude because now Carmen’s gonna come across this picture of her parents one day and be like, “Guyyyyyyys, uggggghhhhhhh!”

“Ma’am, we had you all the way on the airplane before we realized you weren’t a suitcase. Please don’t do that again.”

She seems to have a penchant for making the lives of anyone who works with her in a health and beauty capacity more difficult.

“Get out get out get OUT OF HERE. It’s for a picture!”

Aforementioned plane shot. Such a good way to make friends in first class.

“You can’t just lurk there in the dark like that, ma’am! Several children have already tripped over you!”

I remember the glory days of this city, when there was room for more than one person on the sidewalk.

These men may work in your building, but that doesn’t necessarily make them your employees.

Part of the caption on this one is ‘we created a major scene’. YES BECAUSE YOU’RE IN TRAFFIC. Sigh.

“If you could ride in my cab like a normal person, that would be really choice.”

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    • elle

      We get it Hilaria you are a yoga instructor and very bendy, no need to prove it on a daily basis, in ridiculous situations. Also Hilaria better be a damn good tipper for the chaos/scene she’s creating at those salons (same salon?). And can you imagine seeing that nonsense walking down the street. There is not enough side eyes in the world.

    • Guest


    • Valerie

      Her douchiness just overwhelms me. And what yoga pose is that with the fire fighters? Ugh I just can’t even.

    • itpainsme2say

      I loved this

    • Tova

      The side eye on the plane from the other passengers is wonderful.

    • Kay_Sue

      On the upside, I now completely and totally understand exactly what Alec sees in her.

      I mean, besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, and hopefully an intelligent and wonderful (but clueless) person…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahaha yup!

    • Arlene S.

      Is it me or is she always wearing the leggings with the high heeled boots in almost every shot? The pics are funny and clever, and I’m sure it takes about a minute or less to do but yeah, I can see how someone can think its obnoxious.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, it’s her yoga in public uniform.

    • Alyssa

      I cannot take this woman seriously. The more she instagrams silly yoga poses the more ridiculous she looks. The fact that her first name reminds me of the word “hilarious” is just icing on the cake.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m obsessed.

    • Danny

      It’s funny that Alec Baldwin, who’s constantly whining about his privacy, married the biggest famewhore outside the Kardashian family. It’s not going to end well.

    • Yogi

      She needs to work on practicing asteya. I would never want to take her classes.

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