Jessica Chastain And Tom Hiddleston Sang Karaoke For Her Birthday, So Can We Force Them To Date, Please?

Jessica Chastain birthday cake March 2014

If you’re not yet aware of Jessica Chastain’s status as a lovely precious flower you should be desperate to befriend, just take one look at her Facebook page, where she posts cute photos from her life and shows her constant appreciation for her fans and the work that she gets to do every day. Today happens to be her birthday, and yesterday she posted photos of her celebration in Toronto with friends. One of those friends happens to be fellow ray of sunshine Tom Hiddleston, who joined her for a night of karaoke.

There’s Tom down there on the left side of the photo flipping through the song book while Jessica takes over on the mic. We all know how amazing Tom is at karaoke, so I bet he totally stole show. Sadly, there is not video of that moment, but just knowing these two were hanging out is enough. Well, almost enough.

Jessica Chastain Tom Hiddleston karaoke Toronto birthday March 2014

Speaking of things that are almost enough but not totally enough, when are these two gonna date? There was a rumor they were together last year, which they denied, and then Jessica became linked to a wealthy Italian man named Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo. But come on, how cute would Jessica and Tom be? They’re both beautiful, for starters. They’re also both super talented and seem like sweethearts, from what I’ve gleaned by watching red carpet interviews and/or impromptu dance videos. And they’re already BFFs who are starring together in an upcoming movie called Crimson Peak. I’m 99% certain that Tom Hiddleston will not end up dating me anytime soon (or ever, although never say never), so he might as well date someone like Jessica.

Jessica Chastain Tom Hiddleston birthday Toronto March 2014

There’s some more evidence of Tom’s presence at the party above, in case you still didn’t believe me. Jessica has said she doesn’t want to date an actor, but whatever. That just increases my chances with Tom by like 0.00000000001%, so I’ll take it.

(Photos: Facebook)

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      She is just so freaking cute! i love her

    • Jess

      Buuuut if they start dating how can I entertain the fantasy that someday he and I will meet and get married and live happily ever after?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        It would be quite the sacrifice, I won’t lie.

    • LollyPop

      Aweee they would make a lovely couple but not happening. Jessica’s boyfriend was there at the birthday party. Tom even took pictures with Gian!

    • Jowana Bueser

      I am just so happy to know am not the only shipping them. #jessitom #hiddlestain

      And even if this ‘ship cannot happen in real life, Marvel can cast Jessica as The Enchantress opposite Loki in “Thor 3.” Make it happen, Marvel.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Letters must be written, petitions must be signed.

    • ThePsychoticToaster .

      No! Hell no!