Anne Hathaway Went To A Deadmau5 Rave Wearing A Floor-Length Gown Because She’s Her Own Worst Enemy

Anne Hathaway Awkward

Quick question, if you had an Anne Hathaway paper doll, how would you dress it for a beachside rave in Miami at which Deadmau5 is playing? If you’re any good at paper dolls and even a little decent at Anne Hathaways, you will have said that it would definitely sport a lovely floor-sweeping number accessorized with many a glow stick. Because nothing says “look guys, I can totally ride the rave” like Anne wearing a literal gown and neon antennae.

Anne Hathaway Adam Shulman Deadmau5 Rave Miami Florida March 2014

(Photo: Cathy Gibson/Pacific Coast News)

I don’t want you to think that I get some sort of sick thrill from making a mockery of Anne Hathaway. I do, but I also know that she’s already gotten enough of that from every person ever for various reasons (like just doing Anne-like things, for example). And I will give it to her that she genuinely appears to be having a good time with her husband, recreating that one iconic Lion King scene and playing glow-catch. What we’ve got going on here is actually far more meta than I’d ever anticipated. It’s Anne Hathaway being a caricature of all that I see Anne Hathaway as. Just trying to fit in and do normal human things like dance in a field, while being a bit manically precious. Amazing.

Anne Hathaway Deadmau5 Rave Miami Florida March 2014

(Photo: Manuel Munoz/PacificCoastNews)

That’s why we shouldn’t point fingers and, say, chant “hahaha girl, what are you doing? You don’t wear that to raves! You wear LSD-inspired biker shorts and yeti boots like Vanessa Hudgens!” No, we will instead join hands and hope that Anne will continue to forever provide us with material to softly chuckle and shake our heads at. Because she’s better at mocking Anne Hathaway than anyone I know, even if all of her self-jokes do happen to be totally and completely unintentional.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      When in doubt about what to wear to a music festival as a celebrity desperately looking to fit in, just google Vanessa Hudgens.

      • Olivia Wilson

        This is the most accurate.

      • Stop the bullies

        Desperate = this comment
        Leave your house
        Worry about yourself
        Stop the bullies!

    • gdhh

      To be fair, that’s hardly an uptight I’m-better-than-you gown. It’s casual and what at least some celebrities wear on the street.

      • Olivia Wilson

        True, but I bet she stuck out like a sore thumb with it on anyway.

      • Amaranta

        To be fair, she appears to be in a fancier separate space for cool people and not with the regular people sweating in neon attire so maybe she wasn’t as out of place clothing wise. But she is still Anne Hathaway and I assume she only listens do celtic harp music so I don’t know what she was doing there.

      • Olivia Wilson

        YES, to the celtic harp music. Yes so many times.

      • Curious

        A) What raves have you gone to?
        B) this wasn’t a “rave”
        C) why do you admittedly enjoy being negative?

      • Guest

        Why? What’s the point? Don’t you have anything better to do than spew negativity?
        It’s so easy to hate. Why be easy? What hole are you trying to fill in your life?
        These are real questions. I’m curious.

    • sniffy

      It’s called a maxi-dress you idiots. I wear one to go grocery shopping.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But not to a rave.

      • Wtf

        I do not understand how people sit on their couches or desk or wherever and speak of things they were not even at. I was there. I saw her. It wasn’t a rave. It was a chill show on a lawn at the Fontainebleau in Miami. And yes people noticed her because she’s recognize-able. For the love of god, it has just become so boring reading all the postulating and negativity from the children on the sidelines who sit at home and put their thumbs up or thumbs down like we are living in Roman times. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. Has the internet become the cesspool for children who missed kindergarten and did not learn this very simple thought?
        Olivia, you have a forum of listeners! You have a voice! Wield it wisely and cut out the negative bs
        Save it for therapy. It’s toxic and the world doesn’t need any more of it. Get over yourself and stop being a pot. Please. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. I promise you.

    • Guest

      Apparently I wear gowns to the beach almost exclusively. Casual maxi-dress =/= floor length gown, no matter how many clicks you want.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Hey now, Guest, I’m in no place to tell you not to wear a gown to the beach.

      • Jen

        But you are in a place to publicly judge someone from miles away
        Someone you likely have never met
        At an event you weren’t even at
        By a picture you didn’t take
        Carry on

      • Olivia Wilson

        All I’m saying is “of course Anne wore this to a rave.” I never said that she couldn’t because I’m in no place to say that either. But I can poke fun at her choice to do so, just like I’d poke fun at a person wearing a gown to the beach.

        And, yes, I will carry on commenting on the actions of those involved in pop culture on this here pop culture blog.

    • CMc

      Lol while I am firmly in the camp that a maxi dress does not equal a sweeping floor length gown, I have been subjected to a funny look and a “Why are you so dressed up?” when wearing a maxi dress out and about. So you win this one.